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  1. Well that's just downright awesome! I've come across a number of attempts at making an electric pickup sound like an acoustic, and IMO, that's far and away the best I've heard.


    Do you know if that's a commercial IR, or one he did? Is the patch available anywhere?


    Are you by any chance @cambersands?

    Hi Zooey this is my recording and my patch, using one of the taylor Ir's that have been freely available for a while, not sure where I originally found them as I got them for an atomic amplifire I toyed with a while back. Lot's of eq and fx too. If you pm me your email address or message me on fb (the vid is on the helix group) I'll forward the patch and IR to you. 'Cambersands' is shorthand for the title of the piece this excerpt is from 'On Camber Sands' by Gordon Giltrap.

  2. SO, my Helix can let my PRS and Strats make excellent impressions of Acoustic guitars, using readily available Acoustic IR's - is there something similar that can say, make my Custom 24 sound like a 335 or lucille or other hollowbody, or maybe a tele etc. Kind of Variax ability from any guitar using Helix - Can't be that different from how the Acoustic ones work can it? Maybe Line 6 could adapt the Models they already have for Variax into Helix useable IR's?   Failing that, how would I make my Custom 24 sound more like Lucille or a similar guitar? Fancy playing some B.B.  Thanks

  3. Fwiw hank used various different delay units through the decades INCLUDING a Charlie hall programmed unit. Always sounded like him regardless but lots of variation

  4. Are there particular songs you are trying to get? Eftp covers a lot of different settings based on a lot of different original delays for various songs. I have a few patches I've been working on that are getting close for atlantis/theme for young lovers, one for apache and a generic one that's ok for things like riders. Pm me your email and I'll forward what I have see if it's close enough for you. Works for me but I don't get all Anal about perfectly capturing the sound of a particular recording. I do feel they are broadly in the right ball park and based them on settings I had in a zoom g2n with eftp. Haven't gotten around to transferring many settings.

  5. This used to happen to me all the time, even with my standard pedal board. I'd get all plugged in and no sound. Unplug and replug in the G10, and I'd be ready to go. I wish the G10 worked with my Variax. It's collecting dust since I got my JTV.

    Why would it not work with jtv?
  6. There is a usb issolater you can buy. Can't remember the name of it...I've been using it for about a year now. Sucks cause you need the expensive multi channel one.

    Tape over the Ground pin on the usb connector is a free diy hack to lift the ground. Haven't had any problems as a result. But with the expense of the Helix this SHOULD NOT be necessary. Was very frustrated untl I found the hack.

  7. Do you have the USB connected to your computer? If so, disconnect it and see if the noise goes away. I have this exact same issue when using USB due to ground loops.

    Me too. You can diy a fix for this by putting tape over the ground contact on the Usb lead (furthest left as you look at the pins). Some digital computer noise still creeps in from time to time but no ground hum/hiss



  8. I do 4cm with a jvm 410h...

    It has a parallel Loop that has a mix adjustment that allows you to make it serial, works great!

    Unfortunately no mix on mine, it is what it is. Thanks anyway
  9. Doable or am I out of luck?


    I'd like to use real preamp with fx from helix for some patches and modelled preamp for others. I know this is possible with regular serial loops but how could I make it work with Parallel? Right now I'm simply going straight into the fx return for all modelled pres but I do like the original amp also (lionheart) and its a shame not to use it.


    I'm thinking a 3 cable method might be my best compromise -



    Send-Front of amp

    1/4 out-fx return.


    Route patches to send only when I want my amp and 1/4 only when I want models.


    Downside with this is all fx will have to be before my amp for those patches.


    Is this my best solution or can someone more knowledgeable offer any insight?


    Thanks in advance.

  10. I got fed up of waiting and scored a good deal on an LT  - maybe that was their plan all along lol.


    £719.10 including 12 months Interest free credit. Sounds great in the return of my Laney Lionheart (which also sounds great alone BTW) Happy days :-)

  11. IMHO if you say 'Spring' you get peoples' hopes up and fail to deliver as quickly as they expect since it has now been spring for quite some time with no release. It would be better to say' We aim to release by the Summer' then everyone is happy if it turns up before June 21.

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  12. Quick question I can't find an obvious answer to- are these patches just as useable if I play into fx return on my amp and simply bypass the irs or would I be wasting my money? Any free downloads to test a few examples before purchase? I'm aware of the 'starter pack' but if I purchased that then wanted the big pack would I get the €15 of the big pack?

  13. I'm guessing, but I don't think the license will be tied to Helix in any way, but to the computer it's being used on.

    I've read 4 device licence, but the discount should also be for any registered Helix. I guess they'll need some way of preventing customers buying a Helix, registering, getting the discount and then returning the hardware.

  14. After seeing all the successive posts and clarifications I see how good a question this was. It never occurred to me that the new Helix Native app was going to be offered strictly as a plugin, at least initially. Glad you got this straightened out. Would be great to see it offered as both a plugin and a standalone but I can see DI's point about where to focus resources.

    I think savihost might be useful if you want a really low resource and quick way to use. It basically makes any plugins standalone outside of a resource hungry DAW. Although reaper is so quick and easy anyway.
  15. Having fun with reaper since it was mentioned here. I have 2 machines, one running only 32bit windows unfortunately. I'm experimenting with jbridge to allow the use of 64 bit plug ins with 32 bit os and daw. Really hope it will be a way to use helix native on this machine at home as well as the 64 bit one at my business address. Seriously considering purchasing a new pc but would like to experiment with what is possible first.

    Minimum spec would be helpful

  16. If you are asking if there will be a version that does not require the purchase of a Helix to run, the answer is 'yes'.  The version of those without a valid Helix registered is currently planned to list for $400. Registered Helix owners can purchase it for $100.

    I believe the question is will there be an option to use as a standalone app when not using a DAW.

  17. My family Pc is very much in need of replacing. Assuming I have nothing necessary to run helix native other than a guitar and a mic what hardware and software would I need to effectively run helix native to get the same performance and sound quality to just using the rack or floor version? I would want a desktop Pc to be also suitable for general family multimedia use.


    Any suggestions for cost effective but suitable complete rig would be appreciated - suggestions for each of the below, plus anything I've missed.


    Pc (I know only that 64bit is a necessity)

    Audio interface (I have pod hd300 and amplifi tt would either be suitable?)

    Daw (I was hoping to use protocols first but this won't run third party plugins not from their marketplace)

    Helix native



    Uk BTW





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