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  1. Thanks, will try reaper and pro tools first. Final question, I'm experimenting on a Windows 10 64 bit machine at the moment but also have a 32 bit elsewhere- am I right in thinking that one won't be compatible with helix? Also I have a pod hd300 I'd not realised was also an audio unterface- is this suitable if I bypass all internal processing?

  2. If it's the 64-bit version of Cubase 5, I believe it should work... Cubase 5 is a bit long in the tooth now, but I believe it can load VST2 plug-ins. Not sure about VST3, though.


    I still think that Reaper is one of the best deals out there right now. It's not free, but it's harder to think of a better deal for $60.


    If you want free, you can get the free version of Pro Tools, Pro Tools First. It supports aax plug-ins. It has certain limitations (which I'm entirely sure of), but if you're just doing limited recording, it might be worth checking out.

    Thanks for the help

  3. Plug-in only right now, so yes, you'll need to have some sort of plug-in loader for it to work. A DAW is going to be the most common way to do that. There are all sort of inexpensive or free DAWs out there now, though.

    Can you please recommend a suitable free DAW that I may try the Trial version with when available? I actually have Cubase 5 - would that be suitable?

  4. Will a DAW be required to use this or will the plug in work as a stand-alone application on any pc with an audio interface such as a scarlet solo? I see some audio interfaces include things like cakewalk - would it work with that? Thanks

  5. Assuming you can find drivers for that old audio interface to use with your current pc, then it should work.


    Only problem would be inherent latency depending on your interface. Which you speak of a UX1, and it will have some latency. Going through a DAW like your Cubase can lower it using ASIO, but its still very much there.

    Thanks, I guess I'll experiment when the 15 day trial is live.

  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I've not used a pc based amp system since a Toneport ux1 which I recorded with Cubase lite (or cubasis or Cubase le, something like that). What would I need to be able to use this new helix plug in? Could I dig out the old toneport as an input and install helix into cubase ? Sorry not very pc savvy these days, generally prefer hardware but I only use at home so if this is a cost effective way of having the helix quality tones using pc and interface I already own I'd be very interested.


    Thanks for the advice and sorry if my ignorance is hilarious.

  7. At its most basic, Chorus is created when you shift the pitch and time of the signal slightly and mix with the dry signal so that the two are slightly out of time and off pitch with each other thus causing a chorussing effect to the ear. If you listen to only the shifted signal (100% wet) with no dry signal then you won't get a chorus, but instead a slightly delayed and out of tune single signal. I wonder if this is why 100% wet sounds wrong to op? Phase is mixed in a similar way I believe, you need to hear both the original signal and the wet signal together so somewhere between 1% and 99% to taste but with the most variation between the two signals will be heard when both at an equal mix, I.e. 50%. Makes perfect sense if you are aware what the effect is doing.

  8. It seems Paul Hindmarsh is recording a demo using Helix, but only to test the sound of the Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups. He says he has no plans of doing a real Helix demo. Strange! Regarding Pete Thorn, he's a user on The Gear Page forum.  As I was saying before, maybe asking directly on that forum "could" lead to a demo by him... or not :)

    I have tried just that.

  9. I'd rather ProGuitarShop and Ola Englund.

    Why not all of the above? All these guys make awesome demos in their own style and would be better than one demonstrator trying to show myriad styles outside of his/her own specialism. Pete Thorn is simply more to my taste than Englund or the like. Also unlike sweetwater or similar he would be a little less biased as he is not trying to sell you one, as he is not a retailer.

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  10. Of all the demos, walkthroughs and demonstrators I've ever come across, Pete Thorn never fails to blow me away with his in depth, knowledgeable and downright musical gear tests. If anyone can really show us what helix is capable of it would be this guy.


    Please, please, please line 6 speak to Peter about getting him to try out a Helix. No offence to line 6 demonstrators, your guys are great but this guy is in another league.


    All IMHO of course.

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    Thank you for the post. I agree "100%". (Oh no, it's rubbing off on me!)


    We will all hear the comparisons eventually. I really like my Line6 equipment and Line6 as a company. I would love to see them grab the bull by the horns and be the first to knock the socks off of our ears in terms of tone. I believe they have already impressed many with the UI and routing aspects so far. With 2.45 times the processing power and their code writing skills to squeeze the most out of the available DSP, I would be surprised if we were not truly impressed with the realism. I just wanted to hear more on June 11th by the folks who know the Helix better than anyone else.


    Sorry about your hearing. My hearing is not what it used to be either. It is not fun getting older. I find myself having to ask others to repeat themselves more than I ever did before. 
    Some may not agree with me, but I think Paul Hindmarsh's tone using the U-vibe in the demo video sounded great. I just want to hear more.
    P.S. - Doesn't everyone wear socks on their ears when it's cold out?


    Still waiting for a Paul Hindmarsh demo, unless you have seen a vid the rest of us haven't. Sean Halley is the guy in the only vids so far other than sweetwaters 'review'. Really looking forward to hearing what Paul can do with this though, his demos are much more playing than talking, unlike what they've shown us so far

  12. Done!

    So apparently the idea is 'in review' which according to the below info pulled from the ideascale help pages could be very promising:


    Each idea in your community has a status that shows community members the progress of Idea as it is considered and/or implemented.

    What statuses can an idea have?

    • Inbound: Default status for Ideas created by un-authenticated widget users. These ideas are queued up to be either approved by the Member himself after authentication or by an authenticated Moderator.
    • Active: Default status for Ideas created by authenticated Members. Ideas in this state are visible in most screens.
    • In Review: Idea is being reviewed & will possibly be implemented.
    • In Progress: Idea is actively being worked on.
    • Complete: Idea has been implemented.
    • Closed: Idea will not be considered. The Idea is hidden from community members entirely.
    • Off-Topic: Idea is not relevant in the context of this community. The Idea is viewable and searchable, but not part of the main list of ideas (Popular, recent, etc).
  13. What I'd really like to see released, to compliment the helix, is a stagesource spec speaker with the appearance of a traditional guitar amp - a powered frfr guitar cab like the Gemini 2 but more dt50 styled and at an affordable price . I'm sure a stagesource l2m would work great but it looks nothing like a guitar cab. The blueamps cabs look interesting but like the Gemini are just too damn pricey.

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