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  1. I'm using Helix Native.  I've been pretty happy with it, but I can't dial in extreme metal tone I like.  Has anyone seen a helix preset to dial in something like Fortin Nameless?

    I recently did their trial and was very impressed with the tone.  I can't seem to dial in something quite like it on Helix.  I specifically love the Metal 7 preset.  Has anyone seen a preset or want to take a stab at building one?  Any suggestion which amp/cab I should start with?


    Any input appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I'm a long time user of an XT and also a flextone 3 amp (not in the same rig).  I recently bought a pod HD.  So far I really like it except one thing: no Insane model.  That was my favorite metal model on the XT/Flextone.  Just wondering is there anyway to install that model on the HD?  Or what is the best way to get similar tone?  Thanks!

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