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  1. I bet if you were to call Sweetwater they'd work with you!
  2. lilguitar

    Please Add Jcm2000 With Deep Switch!

    Thanks! Waiting for a moderator to approve my account.
  3. I have to agree with the frustration....whatever the cause. Unplugging the cable from the guitar every time I set it down is not very convenient....it's like my acoustic/electric Taylor, if left plugged in the battery drains. With all the technology built into the 89F, I can't believe they haven't figure this out yet. My iPad has a Li-ion battery and its standby time is infinite (not literally, but it can sit weeks)...the volume knob should be the equivalent of the magnetic cover on my iPad...and work the same to save the battery equivalently.
  4. Got my 89F finally and love it. I've setup my Custom 1 and 2 settings and have noticed that the patches that I've directly copied from the other banks sound different using the Custom 1 and 2 than say the original location. I'm using various selections, copied exactly as they were from the Spank, Lester, and Acoustic banks specifically...yet they sound more 'alive' when playing them with the selection knob selected to the respective original location (ie Lester - position 1) vs where i have them in the Custom 1/2 locations. Can anyone explain this? Why are they not the same...it sounds as if by copying the patch to another location I am now modeling a model....if that makes any sense. Is this just the way it is, am I doing something wrong and if so how do I fix it?
  5. Appreciate the additional info fellas...was not aware.
  6. Ok thanks. It must have already been updated and that was the differences I was hearing. So does this mean I can't use Custom 1? What's the point then?
  7. lilguitar

    89f Strap Buttons

    I too have the PW Satch straps...immediately installed schaller strap locks...have em on all my guitars...worth the investment/insurance.
  8. I don't think it'll be a problem...go to your local store and try one out. I have had the JTV-89F for a few weeks now and its not a problem for me...I can't imagine your technique is wildly different, but perhaps it is...worth checking out in person to make sure.