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  1. Long time Line 6 user, have been using my HD500X both at home thru a mixer/monitors and in live situations thru the house. Just brought my setup into a local store to A/B compare my guitar with a PRS I was thinking about buying. Anyways, the guy had me plug into a Friedman Smallbox w/4x12 cab. Gain cranked on the second channel and the response from the guitar volume knob was amazing! Near 3 on the guitar volume and it was clean! 10....was very dirty and bitchin. I don't get that with the HD500X. I mean it gets lower in volume and it cleans up some, but the responsiveness and dynamics aren't anything close to what I was getting from the Friedman.


    How will the DT25 compare? Being that the DT is taking over amp modeling....does this mean I'm going to get back some of the responsiveness and dynamics that I should be getting with my volume knob?

  2. Yesterday, I was working on a product that may not be released until 2017. The stuff we have coming out next year? Started working on those in 2010.





    I'd say "floor modelers" generally take top priority in Line 6's development/update pipeline, but we have a lot of other stuff to work on. For example, just getting our huge list of legacy products working properly with OS X Yosemite was a massive undertaking.


    2015's going to be big for us.


    Appreciate the response and looking forward to the releases.

  3. let me be clear... my reply was not an answer.


    it's the simple truth.... 


    you don't have to like it.... 

    noone here is saying that there wont be updates...

    begging for updates just to have them is silly....

    there's pages and pages on ideascale of people asking for specific updates (where that belongs...)

    but just generically asking that the version goes up and you get a new blinky light....



    there most likely WILL be updates to the 500 and 500x

    my responses have nothing to do with that....

    i just think that your expectations as a consumer are what is making you angry here...

    when the reality is... they can update it or not... under no obligation...


    Line 6 formed my expectations from past product support. I'm calling attention to the fact that Line 6 was putting out new features/models on a schedule of every 6 months and it's now been over two years and not a peep. I agree, some people are asking for the silliest stuff on ideascale, but seriously...they've collected over 1400 suggestions, 25,000 votes and not so much as one new amp model added in two years, when previously they were adding new features every 6 months?


    New hardware requests...got it, those will have to wait until the next hardware revision, I don't think anyone will argue there and I honestly don't think we're in need of a hardware refresh. But come on...no new amp models in two years? If that's the new precedent, so be it, but don't mistake that that will influence disenfranchised long time Line 6 customers.

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  4. This whole iOS/Windows arguement is Apples and Oranges (no pun intended) compared to what we are talking about. When updates are made to iOS and Windows, we're talking Gigabytes of changes to the operating system...bloating of the operating system that eventually cripples it or renders it useless without out hardware changes like faster processors, etc to drive it.


    We're not talking about adding a new sound engine or changing the current algorithms from HD to 3D per se. That just took place when they switched from XT/X3 to the HD. We're simply talking about adding new models that the same processor can crunch in the same manner as the original ones. So it shouldn't be an issue of the installed Operating System not being able to keep up. So long as there is some space to hold newer amp models...I really don't think we've hit that ceiling yet with respect to space.

  5. if you're not happy with what a product can do when you buy it... why buy it....

    sure it can be made better... always...that would be a bonus....

    but you shouldn't suddenly become unhappy because it's not "made better"

    it's still the same product that you happily bought....

    not rocket science...

    updates are a gift.... fixes may be a different (but noone is saying fix problem "x" here... they are saying give me "more")

    L6 and many other tech companies are historically generous with these updates...

    there will surely be updates in the future... i just dont see how that should affect your happiness with the product now.

    Not just a lame answer....but a BS answer!


    Line 6 has set a strong precedent in the past by continuing to add value to their hardware with firmware updates with new models, effects, features etc...not simply bug fixes. Future support of a product is absolutely essential in the decision making process for buyers...dismissing that is ignorant.


    I love Line 6 products and I certainly havent written them off yet. I have a hard time believing that a company that has provided such value and support to their hardware in the past, while all its competition is doing the same (adding features with firmware updates) has changed philosophies to 'we got your money sucker...don't expect lollipop out of us anymore after you open the box'.


    The HD stuff is not legacy junk, it certainly doesnt need a hardware refresh...it's built like a tank! It makes good sense to continue to drive sales of the hardware by adding new features internally.


    Perhaps the acquisition did slow things down, but it hasn't seemed to affect Amplifi and Sonic Port VX, plenty of love there. Still getting bombarded with Relay and Stage Source marketing emails too.

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  6. Since Line 6 implemented the idea site to collect feedback from users on what features they wanted to see added....not one update or feature has been added to the HD series.


    Was this a ploy to placate users and give them a false sense that 'new' features were on the way or are we going to see some new HD models soon?


    Meanwhile, Fractal looks like they are launching an all in one board with continued updates and additions.


    Anybody still working in the HD department? It's been awfully silent.

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  7. I usually play indoors.  The HD500X indoors is reasonably lit...especially with the newly designed led rings around the switches.  


    However, I just played a gig outside in the daylight and it was not good!  This is probably typical of digital displays outdoors and I'm sure it's been said before...my bandmate thought his old digitech board was toast...turned out he just couldn't see his display.  I could at least see my HD was on if I got about 2-3 feet from it vertically (bending over at the waist). Quickly changed to the big display format (ie 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D) to make it easier for me...but more so was lucky that all the patches I needed were in one bank...I could've been in real trouble.  


    Worse...the ring LEDs were completely washed out.  This was a big surprise to me...I would've thought I'd at least see something.  It was a very bright day, and attempting to move into the shadow of a nearby monitor proved worse...the digital display was completely washed out at that point.


    I almost never play outdoors so this isn't a huge concern for me at all, but iit does pose big challenges.  Was also using my Variax 89F...completely blind as to whether the Variax was engaged or not due to it being washed out.  Luckily there were only 2-3 songs that I was using the Variax models, the rest of the time it was the mag pickups...what a headache...required me to strum the guitar a few times to ensure the setting was engaged before starting the song.

  8. I did the same as above...Hillsong and LB patches...tweaked to my liking and go direct to PA.  The fact that it only has an amp pre doesn't matter...what you hear is what you get minus any coloring that the PA or amp may add.   You'll likely have to tweak again to make final adjustments at the PA, but should be workable.

  9. I agree on the 5150 (aka "Criminal" from the XT Live). It would be nice to get the amps from the ADD-ON "MS" pack.


    What I would like to get is all the same pedals from the XT Live...i.e. Sine Chorus, a True EQ. Those should be easy to add...they have the code already, they have the aligorthms.....just add them!

    +1 on all of the above. 


    Add in the JCM2000 (ie Brit 2000 #2 from the XTL/X3)

  10. Along the same lines...I'm using my POD HD500 and JTV-89F. 


    I've noticed that the Variax has less top end/more bass overrall thruought all my patches when compared to my other guitars of the same models...Fender Strat and Les Paul.  


    This isn't just a subtle difference either.  I've had to create an entire second playlist, just for the Variax and it's not just as easy as rolling off the Bass or bumping up the Treble as that sometimes adds unwanted characteristics to the tone. 


    Additional tone loss with the volume rolled down compound/pronounces the issue.



  11. WHat I have done and do is I search CUSTOMTONE.COM for tones that I like and I tweak them from there. Some are real close, some are way off or just awful. It is a great starting point. WIth the EDITOR program and being able to tweak the signal chain...it is way easier than the old days of the XT-Live.....keep with it and post your patches and let us know so we can try them out and maybe give our feedback.


    Appreciate the offer...problem is that I'm trying to match a tone that I already have in XTL, not start over and tweak someone else’s to be content with. I'm as close as I'll ever be right now and it is useable, but the timber/tone isn't exact...sounds a tad harsh and lacking sustain and warmth.


    It doesn't help that my XTL patch uses just about everything that was left out of the HD...Brit 2000 #2 amp, Greenback 20's cab, 4-band semi-parametric EQ, Sine Chorus and Slap Plate Reverb.


    Even the FX that did transfer to the HD have changed enough that it could be affecting the sound. For instance, the HD Tube Screamer now has bass/tone/treble vs just tone...do I set the Bass/Treble to 50% or 100% to mirror the old Tube Screamer? Also the closest HD Chorus I found is the Analog Chorus that has just tone vs individual bass/treble parameters from the XTL. It all adds up collectively, however I believe the missing amp, cab and EQ have much more to do with obtaining the sound than do these parameters.


    It surely doesn't help parameter labels are mis-matched (like Pre-delay for the Reverb was in % for XTL...now in MS which makes more sense, but what does 100% Pre-delay equate to in the HD...200ms? Where's the translator guide for previous users?



    The XTL compressor came in sequence after the amp and was supposedly modeled after a tube compressor which is included in the HD, but it doesn't appear to have the same characteristics. Here again, the.XTL compressor was in dB which makes sense...but now it's in percent (a step backwards). -4dB Threshold and +10dB Gain is what I had in XTL. What is that now in % for the HD...4% Threshold and 10% Level ? I really don't think so.


    Doesn't sound close any way I tweak these parameters anyway, so it doesn't matter much either way...but as you can see there are far too many things that are missing or doesn't line up correctly for me to have a legit shot at fine tuning...the lack of the amp, cab and parametric EQ are again the biggest things keeping me from obtaining the tone.


  12. the real bomber will be the tone import handling when 500x tones cannot be loaded to the 500, that is my biggest concern



    Please confirm you can import your HD500 sounds into the HD500x without problems at all...


    Funny, I was on another thread not two weeks ago and folks couldn't understand why backwards compatibility was such a big deal...well here we are...again. 


    Sounds like there is some hope, albeit it a bit tedious importing every single patch and resaving...I'll still take that any day over having to rebuild each one from scratch!


    Will still have to verify that no erronous data is missing from each patch...unless someone from Line 6 can verify that the HD500 patches will in fact carry over all previous settings/parameters just by simply renaming the file.  Fingers crossed.  continue the updates on this please.

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  13. Just a note for anyone looking to upgrade, the HD500X uses a different file format than the HD500 (.5xe for the 500X, .h5e for the 500). I went ahead and tried simply changing the extension, and they do seem to open in the new edit software. I haven't noticed any issues, but I also haven't yet had a chance to go through and make sure that they retained all of their settings. The reasoning for making a new file format was probably for the customtone gallery, but it seems like an odd move for them not to make the 500X directly backwards compatible with the older format. Luckily, I only had a handful of patches for the 500, but someone who's made a ton of patches over the last couple of years is probably going to find the process of changing the file format and testing the patches to be very tedious.


    I've been beating this drum for a while now on backwards compatibility...utterly disappointing considering the minor upgrade to the X.


    This is exactly the amateur Mickey Mouse BS that will keep users from upgrading...the fix is so simple! The common theme that resonates with what the user community wants is "ease of use". Give me Global EQ, so I don't have to EQ every patch when the room I'm in is too bassy/trebly...give me EQ in HZ to make it easier for me to understand what I'm tweaking...give me a power switch, so I can leave my POD plugged in...make the edit screen easier to navigate, make the screen bigger so its easier for me to see on stage.


    The biggest one of all...don't make me start over building all my patches again!! Is anyone at Line 6 listening?


    Please report back if you found some inconsistencies in your patch transfer...and good luck!

  14. sound significantly better than the HD so now I have no doubt that AXE II and Kemper will sound and feel significantly better than the rest

    I purchased the AXE FX II...the quality was not noticbly different than the HD500.  You could tweak a few more parameters, it was easier and more inuitive than the HD and it did have more HD amps...$2k better...or 5x the cost of the HD500 better...before buying the $700 midi foot controller...no way. 

    Even amplitube is catching up with HD and it can actually be made to sound better much quicker.

    I hope you're talking about Amplitube on a PC, which I haven't tried, but the one I have sitting on my iOS devices sux!! 


    HD modeling is quite good and mite be good enough to fool most listeners, but POD farm and Pod 2.0 can fool most listener also!

    That's the thing...I think HD modeling today is quite good too and that the discernable differences here on out between products are going to exponentially smaller and smaller.  I agree with you that Line 6 needs to step it up...the devil is in the details with fixing the stuff that drives us all crazy...lack of global eq'ing, weird labeled parameters in %, ease of making changes...and all the other stuff that folks find irritating...function wise and interface wise.  Hopefully the Line 6 Ideas site will bring about some of these changes. 

  15. I can't believe that the HD Pro didn't initially come out with more processing power...this seems like a kick in the junk for those guys.  


    So if this HD500X is to freshen things up for new customers...how much longer do we all have to wait?  Haven't seen a Firmware update for months with the HD500, so what....another 6 months?  


    The peasants are largely unimpressed and restless...

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  16. Quality work man, this is so much better than the hunt and peck or trial by error approach that we've be subjected to, allowing  us a peek behind a curtain that should never had existed.


    And props to you for all the time you invested in this lil research project, but even bigger props for sharing with the community! 

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  17. Appreciate the discussion.  I've spent literally 15-16 hours collectively trying to dial in this lead tone from my XTL.  Just one tone...that's excessive, frustrating and exhaustive.  I spent another 5 hours straight yesterday and I am perhaps the closest I've ever been...not quite enough for me to switch, but I'm more hopeful and really want to move on with it.


    I continue this struggle because I want to like the HD, unfortuneately there is likely a new product coming out around the corner and Line 6 won't make it easy for folks upgrading.

  18. what some people doesn't realize is that the HD series is a totally different class quality compared to the previous modelers

    the new quality HD models need much more memory and dsp/cpu resources than the older ones

    This makes no sense...the DSP/CPU can handle the bigger more in-depth algorithms of the HD models, but  some how can no longer keep up with processing the smaller/less in-depth ones of the past.  This is exactly what I'm pointing out...we've upgraded from a Intel 2 core to 4 core, but can't run the old modeling equations because the processor is too fast??


    hardware memory and powerful cpu cost money

    so for the price you pay for the HD you get some of the best models avaible but not as much models as with the previous modelers..

    Memory may cost money, but these algorithms are not that big (the older ones especially) and if the old CPU was capable of running the older amp models, the new one surely can too.


    if you need more you should pay more and you could buy an axe-fx or a kemper, which have about the same sound quality but offer much more models.. all this seems quite logic to me.. if the best quality is not so important for you and you prefer the quantity, you can still use the XT

    With the AXE-FX II you're not just paying for more....you're paying for more HD models.  I'm not asking for 56 more HD models, just that they include the ones that they haven't upgraded yet...that R&D has already been done, it costs them nothing to include in the unit. 


    PS. putting together HD models and SD models as you call them in the same device IMO would give as result a weird hybrid thing and personally I wouldn't like it at all, I prefer much more to get just a few top quality things for the money I pay for


    from what I know none of the previous Line6 modelers has ever been backward compatible, so no disappointed expectation in this regard

    The X3 had all the same amps as the XT...albeit you couldn't just import the your patches.  It might only be weird had you never owned the previous gear and were starting from scratch.  For the rest of us 2/3rds of the amps are gone and we've been told to 'shut up and deal with it'.  That's not going to win back customers.


    I get it...folks either just joined the Line 6 club and started from scratch and therefore don't get it or they were one of the lucky ones who was already using one of the amp models that received an HD upgrade.  If so, they will never know how frustrating it is to try to model an amp which has specific characteristics to it.  How many people asked for the Soldano?  Where is the JCM 2000...where is the 5150?!  Give us the old ones then...because right now we have nothing.  It could all have been avoided if the engineers had built the HD with backwards compatibility in mind.



    i wonder what the percentage of hd user, who are satisfied with the performance of the hd, to the users who are disappointed with the performance of the hd. 

    You would have to go deeper than that and determine if they were upgrading from previous Line 6 gear or something else, or first timer.  How about those that never made the switch or went with BOSS or something else...or those that just kept their old gear waiting for something better...that'll never be captured because none of them are on this forum.  The sales figures might be a bit telling compared to previous models, but too many variables.


    This shouldn't even be a discussion.  Get the HD and be prepared to spend time learning how to use it.  Like hurghanico posted "It's not a toy for children, it's a serious tool to build your tones".  At first I went crazy trying to understand how to get the tones I wanted, but once the light bulb went on I couldn't be happier.


    You're getting 100 effects, over 22 amps, and a bunch of mics and cabs that you can route and configure any way you want.  Then on top of that it can be inserted multiple diffreant ways into whatever amp(s) you're using.  Yeah it takes a while to get it sounding right.  Yeah they'res a quirk or two like Input1 and 2 being set to differant things and the EQ interface that kind'a sucks.  But there's a lot of helpful people on this forum to get you through that.

    Typical response 'shut up and color'.  Learn how to use it, really?  I'm not a noob, I've been using Line 6 stuff for years now, the learning curve is behind me.  My point is that it would not have been that hard to include the amps they abadoned, that use much less processing power, along side the HD ones that they upgraded.  The JCM800 doesn't do it for me...sorry, its a bridge too far for the sound I'm looking for, even despite all the good mics, cabs, compression.  Perhaps its the crappy EQ choices that are hindering me in the HD, but its frustrating when I could get a sound I liked with an 'inferior' piece of hardware made by the same company.  

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  19. I agree with the original post. The HD is a step backwards in a lot of ways despite some awesome sounding and better modeled amps, albeit only a handful that are available. The effects are the same as the M13, so why not at the very least include all the SD amp versions that were left out of the XTL/X3?


    If I used POD Farm in the studio and wanted to take those sounds with me on the road with the HD...no can do, not compatible. So I'm forced to hang on to two pedalboards right now...the XT and the HD500 because the HD simply can't hang by itself? Thats ridiculous. We bag on the purist because they collect countless pedals, cabs and amps...and here I am starting a collection of pedalboards by the same company because they can't figure out (or didn't have the foresight) to be backwards compatible? Microsoft Office has been backwards compatible for decades and they are still improving/adding features...it should be the same with Line 6. Xbox, Sony...heck even Atari was backwards compatible with its new platforms...its software running on hardware, updated by a patch or firmware. No ones even asking for the new models to run on the old platform, but come on...the old models should damn well be able run on the new platform, it's an algorithm....just like the M13 effects that they choose to keep. It can be done.


    Some people have chosen to simply not spend the money on the HD because so many features are missing, lost or not available. If it weren't for me finding a store going out of business and getting a ridiculous deal on the HD500 I wouldn't have it right now, because I did try it a year earlier and took it back for those exact reasons. A handful of better modeled amps along side of the M13 effects is not a big enough selling point for many folks to switch. There could be much more added value there...and Line 6, whether they admit it or not...they abandoned many of its users (ie potential repeat business customers) by disregarding the importance of compatibility across the board. This has become even more important in our current economical environment. Folks are going to be much more critical as to what they are getting and giving up before shelling out cash.

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  20. I have the 89F, been playing for about 3 months now and absolutely love it. Never used any other Variax's before this, although I did test out a 59 & 69 at GC. I have many guitars, but my main one before this was an Ibanez JS1000 and the neck on the 89F was a very very easy transition for me. I never use the tremolo much, but the other day I decided to install it and go bezerko on it. All I can say is wow! That sucker stayed in tune fantastically...took a bit to get use to the tension as its different than my JS or Peavey Wolfgang even, but EVH dive bombs to the pickups and back didn't phase the 89F trem at all...very very impressed!


    I think the 89F is a heavy guitar and is probably going to be comparable to what your using now, so don't expect anything lighter.


    Love the modeling, the alt tunings, the mag pups...but especially for me the neck.

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