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  1. On 5/30/2022 at 4:43 PM, danceboogie said:

    Yes, I've just done all this and no joy.


    I went through the spctl process and went into the system information and disabled software and still see the line6.driver.xtaudio showing under that area before re-installing the drivers. So, the process must not have worked. I reinstalled the drivers anyway, just in case and that didn't work. So, uninstalled, redo the process to no avail.


    Anyone else find success?

    MacOS is the issue. You need to use an older version of OS. That’s why I kept my old MacBook Pro with High Sierra v10.13. With Line 6 support of older products and newer software it was inevitable. 


  2. On 5/10/2022 at 5:09 PM, psarkissian said:

    If I recall, there should be something I prepared for the Admin that's got post in the Forum Knowledge Base.


    That's great! But it should also be in this more specific forum page. It's more important than the pinned "Share And Download 2.0+ H D Models" in my eyes seeing how many ask this question as opposed to shared models. Just a thought. 



  3. 3 hours ago, tomneeson said:

    I got my POD HD500X in January 2020, anticipating some theater work I'd booked for the upcoming spring season. Obviously that didn't pan out what with the world ending and all, so it's mainly just sat on my classroom floor as a pedalboard for my teaching setup. I'm booked to play a production of Shrek The Musical this summer, and I'd really like to get the most out of the POD in terms of I/O for my pit setup. I've played a few shows with a more traditional guitar->pedalboard->amp setup, but for this show I'd like to try and do as much "in the box" as I can. My big question is whether I can use multiple instruments at once with a minimum of cable swapping between songs. The show calls for several electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, and a few oddball sounds, but my setup is going to consist of one electric guitar, one acoustic-electric, and a ukulele. Is there a way to run all three simultaneously with a basic pedalboard setup on the POD? Or should I explore some kind of dedicated DI for the acoustic and/or uke? 


    Seeing as you'd like to have 3 sources plugged in at the same time this could be tricky. You are able to use the guitar input and aux input and mic input at the same time but would require some programming choices on what path they use if I'm correct. Not sure if the mic input would be able to be used for any of your instruments. Sounds to me like you need a switcher box before the POD like an A/B pedal. Hope that helps. 



  4. On 12/30/2021 at 8:34 AM, jakeman19 said:

    I've looked on Celestion website and it doesn't show a G12H-90 or a G12P-80. Unless you are looking at one of the many G12H types and I don't see any G12P-80 only in some impulse responses and that's G12P Seventy 80. 



    I got this response from Celestion: 

    Sorry – as these are custom speakers, the information isn’t published.


    If you like you can look at the curve for the Seventy 80, which will be very close to the G12P-80. There’s nothing like for like in terms of the G12H-90, though.


    Any other insight Partev?



  5. 22 hours ago, psarkissian said:

    Those specs should show up in a search on their sight, that's how I know about the difference.


    I've looked on Celestion website and it doesn't show a G12H-90 or a G12P-80. Unless you are looking at one of the many G12H types and I don't see any G12P-80 only in some impulse responses and that's G12P Seventy 80. 



  6. 9 hours ago, psarkissian said:

    Yes, Electro-Harmonix 12AX7EH, medium, is fine. It's just more than you need, their premium version.

    The "medium" has to do with the soft/medium/hard aspect, has to do with the proportion of inert gas

    verses vacuum in the tube.


    Normally, it wouldn't matter,... for an "all analog" tube that is. And this is not an all analog tube amp.


    Thanks Partev. Another question is if a PSVANE ECC83 would also be one that is OK? This is one they have sourced for me. 



  7. @psarkissian


    I've been trying to source the pre-amp tube for my DT25 112 up here is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada through my authorized service centre Long & McQuade. Maybe because of supply issues they are finding hard to get the 12AX7 Chinese made tubes. They keep saying it shouldn't matter but I keep telling them about your recommendations you've made here. Would 12AX7 Electro-Harmonics be OK or is it for sure the Chinese made one required? Thanks for all you do & rock on good sir!



  8. 40 minutes ago, cruisinon2 said:


    Companies exist to make money. As long as people are still forking over cash for a product, they'll continue to sell it. However,  long term support and/or perpetual development of an old product line is a pipe dream. They simply can't devote endless resources to everything forever.


    The HD500X is about as old as the Variax at this point, and there hasn't been an update for that thing in years either... yet it's still on the shelves, too. Why? Because people are still buying it. 

    So if they still sell it they should still support it with up to date software, mine and a lot of others opinions.


  9. On 4/29/2021 at 2:14 PM, bobcoss said:

    Sorry about my enthusiasm.  My reply was meant to encourage Jakeman19 to go ahead and get the Helix.  He seems to be on the fence because of the integration.


    Thank you for figuring out the existing behavior for DT control.  

    So it controls the DT fine, but I'm curious can you have post amp effects like you could with POD HD500x via the L6 link? Not sure how this works. 



  10. On 1/19/2021 at 8:03 AM, stooxie said:

    So through some experimentation I have found the following in terms of stereo assignment via L6:


    1 unit: collapsed into mono

    2 units: Unit 1 is left, unit 2 is right

    3 units: Units 1 and 2 are left and 3 is right

    4 units: Units 1 and 2 are left and 3 and 4 are right.


    However, only units 1 and 2 will have their power amp settings controlled by the Helix. It would be awesome if there was an option to get the Helix to control all of them. It would also be awesome if the Helix could select which type of on-board reverb the DT uses.





    Not that I’m going to be any help, but I’ve only looked at this with my POD HD500x experimenting for someone else whom asked a question about it a couple of weeks ago. Would be interested if someone whom does know how this would work with Helix. I haven’t switch to a helix because of the L6 limited integration until their recent change with the firmware update and even now it’s still not as integrated as it is with the HD series. Line 6 has left us DT users in limbo in this integration with Helix unless someone chimes in to say otherwise. 
    I’m curious.



  11. On 4/17/2021 at 10:57 AM, Jessehendrixp1 said:

    I have a question about the dt 2.0 firmware update.......... I picked up a 1to 1 midi usb interface today because I want to do the firmware update...... However since I have the pod hd500x I don't want to change anything with the amp as far as how it is set up stock right now.......... I am happy with the 4 voicings/ 2 channel set up it has as just the amp and if I want something different I use the pod500x, but I would like the option to change things in the future if I decide to do so without the pod....... My question is.... If I do the firmware update will it change any of the sounds/settings or anything until I actually go in and change it around via an editor program or midi controller........ Just asking incase it would be in my best interest to just leave it as is

    It doesn’t change anything if you don’t edit anything. If you want to experiment though, just remember what amps settings you had before you start, that way you can can put it back if you need to. This editor doesn’t have a way of saving settings from I remember.


  12. 2 hours ago, Jessehendrixp1 said:

    Yes thank you that does help but it think I need to explain my left/right/amp a / amp b question alittle better........ As far as the choices there if I pick left or right or both.......( I usually pick both so I have both the chains going to my single dt amp).......... Whatever I do to the chains gets ran through the dt effects etc........ But what exactly does it do if I don't choose the left or right or both and choose either amp a, amp b, or both....... Does it just emulate the models of the amps without any effect(s)? Or does it maybe run the chain up to wherever you have the amp model set and stop it there (so basically no post effects)...... Thanks for the input it helps alot

    So I did a quick test again to see what it does. If you choose Left or Right, Left/Right it includes the effects you have after the amp in your path(chain). If you choose amp A or amp B, amp a/b then it will not include the effects after the amp in the path(chain). As I said before the top path(chain) will be DT configuration bottom path(chain) will be simulated. 

    "But what exactly does it do if I don't choose the left or right or both and choose either amp a, amp b, or both....... Does it just emulate the models of the amps without any effect(s)?" It will configure the DT to what you have in the top chain, bottom will be simulated and no effects after the amps will come through. What every you have before each amp will still go through the DT or simulated amps. 

    I think this is how it work for a wet/dry or wet/dry/wet setup. If you had a second DT amp you could do a wet/dry rig by choosing Left/Right for one, and the other you'd choose Amp A/B.

    If you had a third DT amp you could got wet/dry/wet by choosing Left on one DT, Amp A/B on the second, and Right on the third. 

    In these cases the DT's will configure to what you have on either chain. 



  13. On 10/18/2020 at 4:42 AM, fairleas said:

    Hi all. I'm currently playing with using my JTV59 and HD500X into my Soundsource and DT25 in a wet/dry set up. All connected via the L6 Link. The dry side is the DT25 and the wet side is the Soundsource. This means compressors, overdrives and FX loop before the split and all the other effects in side B after an appropriate amp. The mixer at the end is used to pan the two signal paths hard left and right into the two different physical amps.

    I'm having trouble (to my ears) with getting an amp model in the dry side that sounds as good as the DT25 does on its own. I've turned off cab sims and just used the pre amp versions of the amps but it seems to lack something.

    Any ideas on what I'm probably doing wrong? Should I just disable the amp model on the HD500 and just use its built in tones? I have the V2 software in there and have MIDI control of the assorted parameters.



    I'd be thinking for best results you'd have to use the pre amp selection for the DT25 and the SoundSource would be a full amp model including cab sims. That's why it's sounding like it's lacking something on the SoundSource side of things. 



  14. On 4/2/2021 at 8:16 PM, Jessehendrixp1 said:

    I hope this is in the right forum it kinda portains to the dt50 also so I thought here was appropriate sorry if I am wrong..........


    Ok so I got the hd500x for my dt50 and Ive read everything and studied and played with it and feel like I have a pretty good understanding of how everything works and all but there are a few things I'm alittle cloudy about....... In the 500x setup menu on page 9/12: l6 audio, what is the difference between left and right vs amp a and amp b........ and could someone explain what happens if I am using line 6 link and put two amp models in the chain but am only using one dt50 amp? I understand the dt50 topologies will use the amp a model but then what is exactly going on with the other one? Is it cancelled out and no point of running two amp models really with a single dt or does it still add a simulation with no topologies and converted to mono? I thought at first if you turned off the amp a model it would switch to amp b but it doesn't it switches to b channel on the dt50 itself which doesn't use 500x amp models it uses the stock ones as far as I can tell....


    Thanks for the answers in advance 

    Welcome to the forum. To answer what I know and just quickly setup on my setup, JTV69s--->(POD HD500x--->DT25 via L6). 

    "In the 500x setup menu on page 9/12: l6 audio, what is the difference between left and right vs amp a and amp b"

    Depending on how many DT series amps(you can connect 4 if you want) the POD changes to DT on this screen. Just an FYI if you didn't know you can also connect the SoundSource speakers via L6 link. If you connect one of these I believe it would say AMP but here I'm not sure as I've never connected one. Having said that, you then can let the POD know what DT amp or SoundSource speaker to have what feed. I believe there a spot as to where on the path in the POD you are "tapping" the signal that will send to that DT amp. 

    "and could someone explain what happens if I am using line 6 link and put two amp models in the chain but am only using one dt50 amp?"

    On the top path on the patch you are creating, that amp will configure the DT to the appropriate amp, and the on the bottom path that amp will be a simulation(I believe) is send to the DT in mono. I setup a quick patch to play with this and when I changed the amp model on the POD the DT changed as normal, but when I switched the bottom path amp the simulation changed the DT didn't follow. If you turned the volume of the amp in the top path and change the bottom path amp you'll hear what I mean. 

    Hope that helps. 



  15. 3 minutes ago, guyatone said:

    I have done a reset, several times. It does reset properly, both channels are back to voicing I. I just can’t get the DT50 to react to any MIDI signal. Not from Line 6 Monkey, not from a hardware controller, not from DTEdit, not from Pure Data. The optocoupler is working, there isn’t really anything else between it and the MCU, so I’m leaning towards firmware issues. Besides the “pinch” reset and the channel B safe mode, are there any other diagnostic/reset possibilities that I have from the outside, other than breaking out the soldering iron and adding a JTAG connector?

    Sorry, I've got nothing at this point. 



  16. 1 hour ago, guyatone said:

    I'm pretty sure he would. However, the closest Line 6 service point is not only more than two hours away, but I'd also have to cross two international borders to get there.


    I took out the I/O board earlier today, hooked up my bench power supply and meter and was able to verify that the optocoupler is working - MIDI signals coming in through the DIN connector read correctly at the PCB connector.


    I've seen people refer to "safe mode" in this forum, including someone writing that they were able to use DTEdit when the amp was started up in safe mode. Safe mode, when I try it, leads to an amp that gets stuck with both Class A/AB lights on and does not respond to any switches, MIDI signals or guitar input. Is that the intended behavior or does my amp have a software problem?

    So I was able to connect to my DT25 via the DTedit software and YES it does show up in Line 6 Monkey. I did have to redo my MIDI setup on my Mac for the M-Audio 1x1 to be seen by the DTedit software. Have you tried doing a reset on the DT25? Other than that, the board level stuff is beyond my expertise. 

  17. On 3/19/2021 at 4:16 PM, guyatone said:

    I recently purchased a used DT50. When trying to find out if needed a firmware update, I was unable to get Line 6 Monkey to recognise the amp. I tried a different MIDI interface, with no success. I am able to receive MIDI signals from the DT50, for example, the channel selector sends CC19, but I cannot get the DT50 to recognise the same CC when I send it via MIDI controller to it.


    Now, I know my way around the insides of a tube amp (discharging caps, etc), and would like to diagnose further why the MIDI input isn't working rather than having to send it in for (costly?) repair. Looking at the I/O PCB, it looks like the optocoupler is a likely candidate - are those known to fail? Other than this and the connectors between the I/O and the digital board, are there any other components that I should be checking?

    I’m sure psarkissian would advise against poking around. Having said that, I’m not at home with my amp now but when I get home I’ll double check. I don’t know for sure if monkey would see the amp, it’s been a long while since I connected to mine. 


  18. 11 minutes ago, Jessehendrixp1 said:

    Ok so I feel alittle rediculous posting yet another ( probably dumb question) but the person I bought the amp from has given me the opportunity to return if I feel it doesn't work properly so I just want to make sure it's alot of money for me..... I'm pretty sure this is my last concern....... Ive noticed when I turn on the on switch, the board will light up and all but the voicing selector, class ab/a switch, and the pentode/triode switch has no lights...... Then I'm going to say 5-10 seconds or so passes and I can hear a click and they will light up and function correctly...... Is this normal opporation? Does it have to do with it warming up maybe?

    I have a DT25 but the startup should the same and what you described is normal operation. If you did get the DT50 212 for $550 that’s a pretty good price I think. Good luck and rock on dude.



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