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  1. 22 hours ago, WienerDog said:

    I’m a relatively new user of a DT25 head and also a POD HD Pro.  I’ve used the DT25 both separately and also linked to the POD HD.  Right now I think I like the DT25 stand-alone better than linked, as the amp seems to have more “umph” that way.


    Anyway, here’s my question:  the DT25 manual and some of the Line 6 videos make it seem like voicings I-IV on the amp are associated with four different feedback loop configurations.  But those configurations aren’t “fixed”, are they?  I used the DT Edit software to set up 8 amps of my choosing for the head.  And by doing that, have I changed the feedback loop configurations?  For example, for both channels A and B in the “stock” DT25, voicing III is associated with a zero negative feedback loop (like in a VOX AC30).  But if I program voicing III in channel A (using DT Edit) to be a Marshall JCM800, do I still have a zero negative feedback loop for that voicing in channel A?  Or have I changed that negative feedback loop to be like that in a Marshall?

    If you are using the DT25 separate like a usual amp, and with the 8 amps you setup, that’s what you’ll get. It will switch to whatever you had programmed in it. If on the other hand connected to the DT25 & POD via L6 link, then in the POD you’ll have to use amp models that say eg: “AC30 pre” and the amp will switch to the appropriate settings regardless of what have programmed in the amp. Hopefully that makes sense. 




  2. This is the cable I use and find it’s much like a normal guitar cable in that it feels like how a guitar cable that falls to the ground. Not sure how to describe it, but hope you know what mean. I have one cable that has the braided cloth exterior and it bunches up funny to me. This Bose one works great I think. it’s cat 5e so fits the Line 6 specs also. 


  3. On 1/10/2021 at 9:42 PM, cruisinon2 said:


    They were way behind the curve after the shutdown last spring... wouldn't surprise me if they're still playing catch up to some degree. Even their "in stock" selections are not a plentiful as usual.

    Well, for those whom need to know, Warmoth shipped my neck yesterday so the shipping 8-10 weeks is at 8 weeks. Once I get mine on, I'll post a picture or two. Cheers!



  4. On 10/20/2020 at 6:18 PM, lectricfrets said:

    Thanks for the reply.  Yes, there are more cost effective ways to warm it up for sure.  The global EQ on the HD500 for starters.  Part of my motivation is just to get a thinner neck again and stainless steel frets.  The Ibanez Wizard neck was so thin, and the stock JTV neck so chunky that it's an unwelcome change.  The extra mass of the chunky JTV neck might enhance high frequencies too.  On the other hand, as soon as I pull the trigger on a Warmoth Standard Thin neck, Yamaha/Line 6 may announce a new second generation Ultra-JTV and I'll wish I had the cash back.  Who knows.

    Did you order a custom spec neck or one that was in stock, that is if you pulled the trigger? Curious as to how long for you to get yours if you did already. I ordered a custom one with a spray finish beginning of Nov and the email order said 8-10 weeks. Not sure how back ordered they currently are. 


  5. On 1/3/2021 at 2:43 PM, ToneRanger57 said:

    Hi all I have a DT 25 Head with a DT25 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet. Is there any advantage to having another cabinet , would it do anything for my overall tone. I also have a Pod HD 500x which is connected by a Monoprice 6 Meter (20ft) 3-pin DMX Lighting & AES/EBU Cable via the L6 Link is this cable giving me full compatibility between the DT25 and the pod thanks in advance.


    This is the cable spec: 

    This cable is designed for accurate transmission of digital audio and DMX lighting control data. It features a twisted pair of 22AWG conductors wrapped in a double layer shielding composed of copper braid and aluminum foil. The two shield layers combine to provide 100% shield coverage for the conductors.

    The input end of the cable is terminated in a 3-pin male XLR connector, while the output end terminates in 3-pin female XLR connector. The cable has a nominal impedance of 110-120 ohms.

    I'm not sure on what adding another cabinet will do, others might be better suited to answer that one. As for the L6 link cable you have would work fine as DMX is a digital signal and this is what the L6 link uses, and the specs are correct with impedance of 110-120 ohms. A typical microphone cable would have a impedance of 45 ohms and should only be use in a pinch and a shorter cable the better. 



  6. On May 9, 2020 at 5:35 PM, spaceboy68 said:

    well, since nobody really answered I went ahead and purchased the m-audio uno usb midi interface and updated my dt25 combo to v. 2.0 without a hitch,

    now my ignorant question is: will I have need or future use for the midi interface enough to keep it, or can I just return it and be done with it?

    Will i need it to now access the new features of the updated dt25 combo amp? How do I do that?

    Hopefully someone will be kind enough to help, can't find this info anywhere through google.

    thank you so much

    Questions are do you want to change the existing 4 amps the DT25 does out of the box or will you see yourself wanting change say for example the high gain amp for some other amp? How long would you stick to that? Also are you using the amp stand alone or with a HD500(x) or Helix? 



  7. I replaced 2 of the 3 pickups on my JTV-69s Variax Guitar. Here are the photos of the process. 


    Also follow Partev Sarkissian's advise on pickup replacements. 


    Here is link to the photos. Hope this works. Let me know if you have any questions. 



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  8. On 1/19/2020 at 6:47 AM, Dragstar74 said:

    sono tre giorni che provo a scaricare tutto il pacchetto per la variax standard e non riesco a completare.(line6 Monkey 1.76 oppure 1.77)

    qualcuno può spiegare perchè lo rendono così complicato?

    neanche se dovessimo accedere a delle informazioni bancarie o del governo.



    How are you connected to the Variax Standard? It works best if you use the Line 6 interface supplied with the guitar,



  9. On 1/4/2020 at 10:22 AM, mrbuggo said:

    Hello, I'm attempting to make the best pickup height adjustments on my JTV-69s with stock pickups as I find them to be reasonably good-sounding as is. I'm aware that height differences are often simply a matter of personal preference, but I want to avoid the risk of impacting the Piezo pickups sensitivity if the pickups are set poorly.

    Accordingly, can anyone tell me something about the stock 69s pickups, such as:

    • are the magnets AlNiCo (II, V, or other?) or Ceramic?
    • what is the average output impedance (I believe they may be in the 6.5k range).
    • any ideal height measurement found to be ideal.
    • anything else that might be useful to know.

    With kind thanks in advance for your reply.

    I've swapped out some of my pickups in my JTV-69s

    According  to Sweetwater's specs on them, they are Alnico, not sure II, IV, V.

    Bridge pickup impedance is 7.18k, Middle is 6.29K, and Neck is 6.16K 

    Before I swapped out I measured the heights neck pickup: Low E side-.1885" High E-.2330", Middle: Low E-.2100" High E-.2405", Bridge Low E-.2025" High E-.3195"

    Hope this helps you. 



  10. On 8/7/2019 at 11:40 AM, rdegennaro2 said:

    Where can i find DTedit? I need to know what firmware my DT25 is running on. It's now working with the new Helix 2.80 or 2.81 updates and the Monkey is not recognizing the DT25.

    DT Edit is pinned on the top of this forum. If Monkey is not recognizing the DT25 it's possible using DT Edit might show the same results not seeing the DT25



  11. 14 minutes ago, turbowater said:


    je voudrai branche une pedale wah  externe et un loopper jamman exterrne sur mon pod hd500x et pourvoir les placer ou je veux dans ma chaine d’effet 

    es ce possible? Quel sont dans. Ce ca s les connectiques a utiliser?


    merci d’avance 


    You would have to use the effects loop of the pod 500x, you can then put the effects loop anywhere in your effect change. 



  12. On December 21, 2019 at 2:35 AM, thereddesert said:

    I just bought a POD HD PRO X rack system with a FBV3 foot controller.   How do I change the pedal from volume to wah? 


    You have to push down on the toe of the expression pedal to switch from Volume to wah or back to volume( or what ever you've selected the exp pedal to control)

    also note you'd have to have a wah in your list of effects for this to work. 






  13. 5 hours ago, mara17 said:

    POH HD Model Gallery  https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c087052430f5d6523b/application/pdf/POD HD Series Model Gallery - English ( Rev E ).pdf

    In that model gallery it says:


    However, in HD500X having only 5 bands, and highest is 2.2kHz. Am I missing something how to use it, or is it really that way?

    Kind of lame, but yes it's limited to only 5 band. Some would say it's all you really need for the frequency range of a guitar sound, but to fully shape it EQ wise with one instance, block, it seems limited. Guess it was all they could squeeze into the programming back then. 



  14. On 11/19/2019 at 4:04 PM, Violavide said:


    My JTV-59 won't turn on. Old user of the product. Doubt if the battery is also not connected to the workbench? I'm very sad and I don't know what to do.


    I checked with the multimeter and the battery and charger are working. Normal charge. Why doesn't she turn on the selector light? Very sad. She has no single, flawless scratch. I treat it as a precious and delicate crystal.


    You should start a new topic as this one is dealing with pickups and not dead guitars. Better chance of people seeing your questions/issue. 



  15. @srl01 I think @cruisinon2 might be complicating this more than I thought your original post was, or maybe I'm not understanding things. 


    If you want to have the JTV/Standard variax as a acoustic guitar(modelled) on one path and on the other path the JTV/Standard pickups going into an amp model that is possible on a POD HD500(x) or Helix( I don't have one of those but it's more powerful routing wise than the HD500 so I'm sure it's possible on it).

    You would have to have both tuned the same as in no funky DADGAD tunings on the acoustic as this wouldn't sound right. 


    If you want to have a Les Paul on one path and a Fender Strat on the other, then cruision2's comment is correct that this can't be done. It would always have to be Magnetic pickups on one path and the Variax modelled guitar of choice on the other. 


    Hope this makes sense. Any questions, let me know. 



  16. On November 29, 2019 at 2:07 PM, pianoguyy said:


    You can say that, but I got an email from L6 saying.... I don't remember what it said. 

    But, to paraphrase, it said don't do it. 



    Interesting. So why would it state on the download page it's supported and I have both running fine on my MacBook with OS X. 




  17. On 10/25/2019 at 5:46 PM, Glowzinski85 said:

    I want to upgrade Mac OS.  It is 64 bit only.  I see that two Line 6 programs will not work.  


    Line 6 monkey




    Line 6 license manager


    How can I upgrade these so they will work?


    I don't think should be an issue as when I looked up these 2 for download is just states on the right what versions of OS X the current version is supported. If you've tried it and it's not working then give us some more details to try to help you out. 



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