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  1. On November 9, 2019 at 8:51 PM, Segomil said:


    In the sound setting (in Win10) there is no 48hz - 24 bits option anymore...only 16 bits 44 - 48hz & 44hz-24 bits ... i reinstalled the last drivers for the HD500X but it's still the same options !

    Why ? ,, the HD500X is yet a 24 bits - 96 hz interface ?! ... 

    The sound of my recording audios have change (in a  bad way)... this is why i looked all the setting of the HD500X ! ... My Cubase 10 setup is at 48HZ-24 bits as always ! 
    I changed the USB cable without succes + the drivers !
    Is this a dream or there is never had a 48hz-24bits as option in the Windows sound settting ?


    You issue may be related to what driver you are using. Got this info from the manual. 


    • Default Sample Rate & Bit Depth: Use this option to set the default sample rate & bit depth that (non-ASIO®) applications will use when using POD HD500X as the audio interface. 

    These options are only applicable for when an application utilizes the POD HD500X device via the Windows® DirectSound® driver. They will be non-selectable when in use via the ASIO® driver. 


    Hope this helps.



  2. On 10/29/2019 at 9:50 PM, dustinjonayers said:

    I just bought a DigiTech Freq-Out pedal but can't figure out how to connect it to my dream rig.  I'm using the VDI cable from the Variax to the POD and POD to the DT25.  And I'm already using the effects send on the POD to a DI box to a powered frfr speaker for the acoustic models.  How do I hook-up my DigiTech pedal?

    Welcome. Since you are using the effects send already and are also using the VDI cable, I don't see any other way of connecting your DigiTech pedal. I know this will sound like I'm plugging Line 6, but you might consider upgrading to a Helix as it has multiple effects sends/returns. Then you'd be able to connect your Free-Out pedal. 



  3. On August 2, 2019 at 10:27 AM, cruisinon2 said:

    Plus, it both mystifies and slightly aggravates me that Warmoth will drill holes for free, but charges an extra $15 to not drill them. I wouldn't expect a discount or anything... but an upcharge for doing less work just smells funny, lol. ;)

    I've wondered that myself, it's less work for them. But guess we have to live with it. 



  4. 8 hours ago, cruisinon2 said:


    This ship sailed long ago. It's a business decision, nothing more. There are two hurdles:


    1) Only a small percentage of guitar players actually get on stage on front of an audience, thus creating the need for a wireless, and


    2) Variax is hardly a household name.


    Until a significant percentage of the guitar playing world has one sitting next to their Strat and Tele, there simply won't be enough of a demand for a wireless for them to bother with the expense of developing one and bringing it to market... that might change one day, but till then it's a waste of resources.

    Agreed. Here is another product you'd think would be out by now. A wireless guitar pack with in ear monitors for those playing the same guitar all the time. 



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  5. On 10/14/2019 at 6:53 PM, amsdenj said:

    Assuming you are referring to Helix, controllable input impedance is only available on the 1/4" guitar input, it has no effect on VDI input.

    That was my point, the VDI is a set value and the Guitar Z input is changeable so unless we know what the default # of the VDI impedance one can't make a proper comparison of both ways of connecting the guitar. 



  6. Dave, the Lt2 would be last in the connections using L6 Link. 


    as per 2-18 of the POD HD 500x manual:


    *Note: It is necessary to always place the StageSource speaker(s) last in the L6 LINK signal chain (e.g. - POD HD500X > DT50 > StageSource L3). For more about using the L6 LINK connection, DT Series amps & StageSource speakers, please see the additional documentation available at http://line6.com/support/manuals/.

  7. On 6/21/2013 at 12:08 PM, guilhordas said:

    someone can tell me if changing paramentros IN-Z guitar in the pod, for those who have Variax, change anything? here seems to not change anything . people say that my sound (Variax / pod hd / mixer) is a bit sharp(treble), and I was wondering if changing this changes anything





    from the advanced guide page 2-4:


     Guitar In-Z (Knob 3) - Select the input impedance of the Guitar input. This feature affects tone and feel because your guitar pickups are being loaded as they would be by an effect pedal or a tube amplifier.


    Note: The Guitar In-Z setting affects the GUITAR IN input only. Please see the Impedance Rating s table at the end of this section to reference the input impedance of each individual model.



    I don't mean to hijack your post :


    The reason I found this post was because I was looking up Variax and Guitar in-Z to clarify what the POD HD 500x Advanced Guide was stating.

    I understand the in-Z is for the Guitar input on the HD 500x but what I'd like to know is if I use my magnetic pickups on my JTV using the VDI connection, why would this In-Z not effect the mags through the VDI connection? Even changing the input 1 to Variax Mag doesn't make any difference. So if I want to use my magnetic pickups where these impedances can be changed I'd have to connect via the guitar in on the POD, which seems counter intuitive if using the VDI cable.  


    Thoughts anyone?



  8. On 7/25/2018 at 1:31 AM, kenmac1 said:

    How hard could it be for them to write it into a patch / update? and make the Helix workable with these monster amps?  

    That is what I figured, and yes extremely short sighted.  Old school guitarists want to hear / see a decent valve rig on stage.  Whether it is purely a placebo or what I am notes debatable, but when I spent the money buying all this stuff, and the previous models were totally integrated, I think dumping the idea is retarded at best.  So basically I have the choices of going back to a HD rig, or getting rid of the DT..., and after they spent so much time and money convincing us how this Dream rig concept was really the best of both worlds.   The amp itself is fantastic, and I guess I could just try to connect one of my midi controllers to it and use it that way, but then I lose all the Helix gizmos.   They definitely dropped the ball on this one, because having all the Helix sounds available through the DT would pretty well blow any other rig out of the water I think.  They obviously think we all have money to burn,  "Oh they can afford to throw these expensive toys in the back room, and buy the latest FRFR system, to accommodate our newest (probably also short sighted) direction."  We use valve amps for a very good reason, we crave that warmth and the feeling we get when the air is thumping out at us.  Sure we might be able to get a similar experience with a FRFR system, but you can't gig with just an FRFR, you need the Helix... to go with it, where as I can walk out the door with just a two channel amp and not be worried about the lack of fx.


    With the new v2.8 firmware update they've added L6 connectivity and control. I'm still trying to find out to what extent that is without having to go out and get a Helix. Don't want to make the purchase if it's not going to work like it does with the POD HD 500x. Check out the DT amps part of the forum as they have a few post on it there. 



  9. This is a common thing we all run into when trying to match the non pre sounds to the pre amp sounds. It takes a bit of tweaking. When changing from non pre to pre amp you always have to match the drive, bass, mid, treble, presents, volume etc. because they change to a default setting or at least they never seem to match from one to the other. This is annoying. Yes, the tube in the preamp would not be used if you don't choose pre model. The back end, power amp side, does use the tubes. I find it easiest to use the Pod HD Edit software as it makes it easier to see the change in values. There are also some deeper editing you can do like sag etc but I haven't played to much with that. What you might also consider is if you like the way the Pod sounds without preamp, you might want to look at a Full Range, Flat Responce, FRFR, amp instead of a DT. Just a thought. In the end remember if sounds good it is good. Some here just don't bother changing to the pre as what sound they are getting works for them so they don't tweak anything that much. 



  10. On 9/7/2018 at 4:19 PM, kdenney13 said:

    I know this is a old thread but I am having trouble with the preset tempo actually saving to the preset. I have the same patch loaded on to 5 different presets, this way I can set the delay for each song and just go from song to song. The problem in that when I go back to preset that I set before the tempo reads the right temp but it now actually lining up with the click. Anyone else?

    If you haven't done this already, make sure on the SETUP view on page 6 of 12 that you have Tempo Sync:3 set to PRESET and NOT GLOBAL. 



  11. Line 6  moderators, please pin this topic of Variax users trying to update them via Helix ISN'T supported at this time. I've seen all to many posts here and on multiple Facebook pages of people asking why trying to update their Variax guitars(or Workbench) using a Helix doesn't work. Yes, it was missed in Helix and may come in a future firmware update in which at that time you could then delete the Pinned post. 



  12. 17 minutes ago, arislaf said:

    I changed the middle to a red velvet, and the bridge to a blue velvet, to have the most close dimarzio tone to the mark knopflers pups.

    You are welcome! Just have in mind to save your bundle before you put my sounds.

    Again Thanks for the reminder of the saving of the bundle. Knopfler fan also. This guitar makes it easy to change from one artist sound to another if you tweak things enough. 



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  13. 2 minutes ago, arislaf said:

    FS1 is my neck pup on my 69S. It is dark, but i like it.

    PS on case you are interested, i modeled the tone of the pup.

    Get it here. https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0

    Did you also change out the middle PUP for a Custom Shop Fat 50? And Neck? I only did bridge and middle as the Edge sound, whom I'm trying copy, only uses 2nd position most of the time.  I don't seem to find the FS-1 dark, seems sparkly to me comparing it to my Signature Edge Guitar. 

    Might have to play around with the pickup heights to compensate for this. Thanks for the link on the modelled tone. Will be interested to hear the difference with the one I created. I've never posted it cause I was never satisfied with it compared the real thing. 



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