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  1. I was under the understanding the DT25 cabinet G12H90 speaker was a custom Celestion flat Eq'd speaker, read this from this post from nickbell a product specialist


    "Using the PRE-amp models are definatly the way to go with this kind of setup. To answer your question YES the DT's speaker is taken into acount with the HD's modeling to come through as genuine as possible. Its a 12" customer made flat response speaker. With this set up taking the output options into acount makes a huge difference due to the POD HD being designed for more solutions other than live use. Holding down the View button will give you output options. Since your running into a DT, using the second output option "combo stack" will give you the speaker modeling without the mic and air modeling giving you the ideal live set up. Using the simulated out in the back is another option that is modeled after the DT's cab and will only give you that tone."



    So having Cabs ON the modelling would be expecting custom speaker to get the proper simulated cabinet sound. So using another speaker cabinet isn't wrong, but you would get the desired cabinet simulation with a different speaker connected. Or am I out to lunch on this?

  2. Last week I got my POD HD500x back from repairs thinking it was my POD not working. What is happening is when I have my JTV-69s plugged in via the VDI cable and power up the POD, when I make my first patch selection the POD reboots. After that is works fine. So the repair person suggested trying my guitar on another 500x to see if it does the same and that it does, it made that one reboot too. So it's my JTV. I then rolled back the FW from v2.0 back to v1.9 and this problem goes away. I know others have had different issues with v2.0 but I haven't read any post that have v2.0 do this. Guess I'll be staying on v1.9 till a new firmware comes out and see if the updated one fixes this issue for me.  


    Here is link to the video of what it does: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11788446/IMG_1790.MOV




  3. Peter, "Preset" would save the tuning with each individual patch you create or edit. "Global" is just that, it's tuning is setup so if you change from patch to patch it's the same on all selected. So you'd have to use the Preset to then see/use the 8/10 as you must have it in the Global setting elsewhere. Hope that makes sense.



  4. Milesargall,


    Yes you can use the HD500 patches in the HD500x. When you download the patch from CustomTone site, you just need to change the extention on the file from ".h5e" or "l6t" to ".5xe" when using POD HD 500x edit program. Hope this helps.



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