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  1. Brazzy, you maybe correct that it's a setting with his software/Focusrite interface settings. Here is how I have mine setup, JTV-69s into POD HD500x via VDI, POD to DT25 via L6 cable. DT25 is in LVM and in Standby on. Master Volume on DT25 is at 2 o'clock. My mistake with my earlier post, I going into a Mackie Onyx800R, channel gain is set to 30dB and it sounds good into ProTools.

  2. I had this error of 8000000A also when trying to update. I also registered my DT25 and tried again, nope. Then I read the instructions on the Flash Memory download page:



    • Connect your MIDI interface to your computer via USB cable 
    • Connect the DT25 MIDI Output to your MIDI interface Input, and connect the DT25 MIDI Input to your MIDI interface Output 
    • Launch the Line 6 Monkey with the DT25 connected via the MIDI interface and powered on 
    • Select the Flash Memory line item and click the Update Selection button to install the flash memory update into the DT25 
    • The device will receive the firmware data and the unit will be updated to the latest Firmware


    My mistake was using only one midi cable. Once I connected the other Midi cable to the DT25 Midi Out to the Midi In on my Midiman 1x1 connected to my Mac the update worked. When the update is being done all lights on the DT25 amp are on. 

    After the update the Monkey shows the updated firmware as 2.0, this didn't show anything before it updated, just the usual warrning Triangle with the ! in the middle. 


    Hope this helps someone. 



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