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  1. I'm gonna sell my Helix. unfortunately I just don't use it. I got it to make presets but there's just not enough interest to justify keeping a pedal that I haven't turned on a dozen times. It's still sitting on the same shelf in my studio. first $1200 gets it. shipping included in the continental US. And yes, It is loaded with all of my Singtall presets.

  2. after 6 hours i gave up and decided reboot and try it again. first i pressed 6 and 12 keys while rebooting. updater didn't recognize the helix anymore even though windows did. installed the newest HX editor then tried updater again. running that update quickly now. it appears to be a usb driver issue. i didn't have to switch usb ports, but i did have to install hx edit 2.8 to get the new drivers.


    my suggestion: backup your unit using the old hx edit.  then install hx edit 2.8 but don't run it. run editor. should be good to go.

  3. I just went through and lowered the volume of all presets to make sure there is no digital clipping anywhere.  the new presets are in the folder named "lowered volume presets". the ones at higher volume are still in the pack also. you can decide how loud you want the presets to be.

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  4. I had some Helix hiccups and it effected the volume of some of the presets and in some cases effects were added that weren't supposed to be there.  If you bought the preset pack 2 please download the presets again with the same link that i sent you by email.  I also added an instruction pdf file that may be helpful.

  5. Volume 2 preset pack now available!


    This pack contains 19 Artist presets by artists such as Queen, Ozzy, Metallica, Pantera, and ZZ Top just to name a few.  It also contains 3 Custom Modded amp models PRS Archon and Bogner Blue, plus 18 custom IR’s.



    Artist Presets:

    Arch Enemy Lead.hlx
    Arch Enemy.hlx
    Boston - Peace.hlx
    Dokken - Kiss of.hlx
    Dream Theater.hlx
    Jake E Lee.hlx
    Metallica Black.hlx
    Mountain Queen.hlx
    Pantera Cowboys.hlx
    Queen - Rock You.hlx
    Randy Rhoads.hlx
    Rush Limelight.hlx
    Sonata Artica.hlx
    Vai Passion Lead.hlx
    Van Halen One.hlx
    Zakk Wylde.hlx
    ZZTOP Rio Grande.hlx
    ZZTOP TresHombre.hlx


    Amp Models:

    Archon Deep
    Archon Warm
    Bogner Blue Singtall Mod



    Archon Deep.wav
    Archon Warm.wav
    Boston Peace.wav
    Dokken Kiss.wav
    Fremen 1, 2, 3
    Helix Limelight.wav
    Metallica Black.wav
    Pantera Cowboys.wav
    Shinedown - Madness.wav
    Sonata Artica.wav
    Van Halen I.wav
    Zakk Wylde.wav
    ZZTOP Rio Grande.wav
    ZZTOP TresHombres.wav

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  6. the IR's were made by Fremen many years ago.  He shared them with me and I used one of them to make presets for the Atomic AmpliFire.  Those initial presets became factory presets! His IR's are warm old Marshall sounding.  they work with a lot of stuff.

    I loaded up his IR's in slots 1,2,3 and i mostly use 1.

    if you load one of my presets and it calls for an IR then chances are it's IR1. but try them all for a slightly different flavor.


    notice that i use the IR plus a cabinet or two mixed to get the best tone.


    i am working on separate presets for artist and studio.  this first pack was more designed for getting a good studio or live tone.  i included a couple artist presets just for fun. working on a pure artist preset pack now.

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  7. i added some free presets to my new website. feel free to try them out.  remember that i use snapshots,  sometimes 6 per preset to take advantage of different effects combinations,  so try them all out.





  8. on many of my presets i use several cabinets in combination.  i use my first IR and then two factory cabinets.  make sure you load the IR's included with the superpack.  i have them loaded in location 1, 2, and 3.  you can load then wherever you want as long as you remember to assign the correct IR to the preset then save it.

  9. if you don't hear from me within 24 hours of sending payment please use the contact form on my website to let me know.  i've at least case so far that i didn't get notification for. thank God that the guy contacted me so that i could send the download link to him.

  10. I went through all of my presets today and named all of the snapshots, plus added a few more snapshots to most of them.


    added a Van Halen One preset based on the first album tone.  this preset is a preview of the artist superpack that i'm working on.  you guys that already purchased my Singtall pack will get that preset plus all of today's updates by clicking on the download link that i emailed you when you first bought the Singtall superpack.


    thanks guys.

  11. Singtall- when you release updates to already bought or new packs altogether do you push out an email to the user base? Love your stuff so far!


    I actually don't push emails.  some people viewed it as spam because i used to push out too many updates...as if there were such a thing.  lol


    Nowadays I send out a download link that continues to work in the future.  this way i can update and load over the same file name,  and when you download the new file you get the updates. hope that makes sense.  In other words it's up to the user to download updates whenever he feels like it.

  12. I sent you an email about my 11r dropbox link.... it doesn't work any more.


    dropbox moved everything around and deleted my public folder,  so the links have moved,  but they are still available.  email me again if you haven't already gotten the new link.  thanks

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  13. my Singtall presets basically start of with snapshot 1 as a crunch tone.  then the next snapshot adds gain and delay for lead tone.  the next snapshots add other effects.  it's like getting 4 presets in each preset.

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  14. I remember the free ones you did for the AmpliFire and they were great!!  I ended up buying the full superpack but now I use the Helix and got rid of the AA3.  When everything's ready I'll definitely pick this up.  As the patches/IR's get updated over time, can we re-download to get the new stuff or separate purchase?


    good question.  i haven't decided on whether i should sell them by the preset pack or just do a superpack like i've always done with lifetime updates.  i know that the lifetime update thing really doesn't cover the time it takes to make the pack.  people expect that kind of superpack from me though because it's what i've always done.  hmmmm.  need to get more customer input i guess.

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