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    I'm looking at the Firehawk for home practice/basic living room sound levels. I would want to set the Firehawk up as with the Amplifi TT - to either a pair of (active?) stereo speakers or through an existing stereo system.


    Just set the FireHawk FX to Line Output mode as described below and use 1/4" Phone to RCA adapter cable and feed the FireHawk FX 1/4" Outputs in stereo to the RCA Phono jack "Line Input or spare Stereo DVD Stereo Audio input on your home Stereo receiver  



  2. If you string your guitar with locking tuners with less than 3/4 wrap on binding post , I find any JTV-59 will stay in tune better, particularly the "G" string which is always a battle after Mike Bloomfield style Blues String Bending / left hand Vibrato on LP style guitars. Lubricate the nut too. (dry Ivory Soap, Big Bends Nut Sauce or the new Planet Waves Equivalent work)
    See my avatar on the left,  (my JTV-59 with B7 Bigsby) -  no way would this work and stay in tune if it didn't have the Locking Tuners installed too.

  3. We all really appreciate hearing this news from the source. Thank you Digital Igloo for providing this important Firehawk FX status update.





    Now if we could only get USB Audio Re-amping. And some rudimentary MIDI Patch Change and CC# Transmission over USB. Since Firehawk FX is USB Class Compliant with clean 24 bit audio , a firmware update could allow it to become a killer live performance Guitar interface for the thriving iPad Guitar Amp Sim FX world. ( BIAS FX, Yonac Tonestack, Mobile POD) it's so close already and a firmware update would allow Firehawk FX to compete head to head with the new Sonoma Wireworks Guitar Jack Stage


    Perhaps add it to Igor Stolarsky's " to do list " after Helix settles down. ?

    I've already submitted this on IdeaScale




    “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.â€


    An NOT targeting anyone in this thread - but I find this quote worth knowing






    But regarding Helix ship date in USA, I'm thinking it will be mid September


    Remember the Helix is built in Asia and ships to California on a Boat (not Air Cargo) - so allow time for the transit across the Pacific. 


  5. It's important to use Line -6 gear with a "VDI " (Variax Digital Interface) Ethercon port. also review the Line-6 Hardware requirements for the specific version of Variax Workbench you wish to run.




    For example, the older non "HD" version of Worbench runs on Vettta, POD XTLive , neither of those will work for running latest "WorkBench HD". Read the Line-6 docs and pay attention to the requirements &constraints of the Variax firmware you currently have installed.



    I'm reasonably certain that if digital delays didn't exist, there would be no U2, and The Edge would be selling shoes for a living... ;) 


    At least he's a multi-instrumentalist ( to a degree) 




    But remember Tommy Tedesco (studio session guitarist extraordinaire)  always said:


    "There's no Money above the 5th Fret"


     guess. Here is my relevant rant.

    Like: what do other members think/expect in the future? Is there any consensus?  :ph34r:  Does this little overview of corrected assumption(s) 


    Variax's being DSP-based, every three to five years there are new leaps in technology which allow faster processing and new features at lower price points. Will a 2015 Variax Standard still be relevant and desirable in 2020? It's like gaming systems , are you still happy with the 2001 X-Box, or 2001 Playstation, when all your buddies have the faster tech of 2012 XBox One / Playstation 3?


    Based on past example, Line-6 has demonstrated that new Variaxs will arrive every 6-7 years


    Here's my predicted "roadmap"


    2004 Variax 700 $1500

    2010 Tyler Variax $1600

    2012 Tyler Variax (HD firmware) $1600

    2015 Variax Standard $799

    2020 Variax (Super HD?)? ?

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  8. I received my first guitar (ever) this past July: JTV-89F (2013 model). I wanted it for a lot of reasons.

    Frankly if I was just learning to play guitar, I'd get a guitar that inspired me to play and spend a couple years learning and getting familiar with the instrument before buying any Variax.


    A Variax as your first guitar - It's a bit like learning to fly in the Space Shuttle as your first plane.




    On the side: the Model Tuning nob when set on "Model", then the first issue (4th test track) happens intermittently and unpredictably despite which preset Model/patch is active.


    The rumored 2020 Variax Super HD 4K will fix this ;)

  9. The VGuitarForums Variax Patch Sharing Forum grew out of my own frustration after owning Variaxs since 2004 that Line-6 never included Variax Workbench User to User Patch sharing where it belongs- at www.CustomTone.com

    I have been vocal about this lack of Variax Patch sharing since 2005. in the two predecessors of this Line-6 forum , and at Instutute of Noise Forum since 2005 After waiting seven years for Line-6 to step up and deliver a solution at CustomTone.com , I just decided to add two dedicated Variax user to user patch sharing message boards at my VGuitarforums.com (took 2 minutes to create)


    * Original Variax Workbench User to User Patch Exchange: (for Variax 300/500/700, pre "HD 2.0" Tyler Variax) 




    * Variax Workbench HD User to User Patch Exchange: (for "HD 2.0" Tyler Variax, Variax Standard) 





    VGuitarForums was created in 2008 after my own frustration with Roland/Boss not having a proper User Forum in USA.


    Sometimes you just have to roll your own solutions.


    I can understand the confusion - its a bit like owning a Camaro, then finding you have to join the Mustang User Group to get latest details on the OBDII port



    VGuitarforums  is  NOT affiliated with any manufacturer, just end users and the total number of guitarists who are also interested in DSP Modeling, DSP Alt Tuning (0.001%) tend to buy best tech available from any vendor as the need arises to get the most sounds from one guitar for todays gig.

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  10. resource? Share And Download 2.0+ H D Models?



    Yes, thats VGuitarForums, with 14.000 members and I'm the site owner.


    We have the largest repository of Variax patch sharing on the net.




    Here is the JtV89 custom bank for all JTV Owners.





    Read the sticky at top of this forum for more details on the Workbench HD Patch Exchange



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  11. If the Helix is designed with true USB Class Compliance, it's rear MIDI I/O connection and 8 inputs & eight 24 bit Audio Inputs & Outputs should all appear as available connections to iPad/ iPhone IOS Apps, using only USB Cable and Apple USB Camera Adapter.


    That's how all my other USB Class Compliant Gear works.



    They are designed to float in there with the string pressure holding them firmly in place.  That is how all Variax piezos have been.  And that is why the Graphtech Ghost saddles are a much better design.  They have the piezos potted in plastic which is the saddle.



    However, speaking from experience, the Graphtech Ghost Saddles are far more susceptible to mechanically coupled adjacent string cross-talk  - these make DSP Alt Tunings have more  flutter & warble compared to stock LR Baggs Piezo Saddles    


    Read more here


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