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  1. Order Spare Variax Parts here from FullCompass







    Line 6 30-51-0381
    Line 6 JTV Tremelo Arm

    OUR PART #  30-51-0381


    $14.50  here





    But know that the JTV-69 employs two types of Tremolo Arms  - the current models have internal Threads





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  2. Actually most simply use one VDI cable - the "normal mag PU's (P-90's) signal on your JTV-59P will be sent down the VDI Ethercon cable , then you create specific HD500 patches which assign the desired input. 


    Read the Advanced Guide for HD500 for details.



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  3. On my JTV-59 ( with low output ) I have same low output with either 1/4" analog out or the digital VDI (AES/EBU) connection to the HD500X     


    I suspect there is only half dozen techs/ engineers at Line6 who understand the issue of why some Tyler Variax have low output level, compared to others  - and its related to a "Bill of Material change" for the value of the Gain set resistor(s) on the 1st shipment of  Tyler Variax's PCB board.


    I figure they determined it would be way too costly to issue "free fix" RMA's - and only squeaky wheels might get a Support Ticket  - just my opinion.   

  4. my 2 cents - 


    I own a  late 2011 era JTV-69 with good output level 


    I also own a 1st generation JTV-59 ( see avatar on left) , that had the PU toggle switch failure, was repaired under warranty  by Line 6 last year, with a supposedly "clean bill of health" - but I can confirm my JTV-59 is about 20% lower volume than my JTV-69  - and I attribute this to differences in the D/A Gain structure of the final output opamp stage on the DSP board. When I connect both my Tyler Variax (JTV-69 and JTV-59), both with latest Variax Firmware 2.10 to Variax Workbench HD 2.10  - both have their String volume  levels set to 100%  - yet my JTV-59 continues to have noticeable lower output compared to my JTV-69, with the typical resulting inability for the JTV-59 to drive external Tube amps into high gain clipping and distortion for Lead solos - compared to my JTV-69, which has a higher gain output signal.     

  5. What Model Variax are you using? 

    Yes - feedback can occur in some situations, my Variax 700 was very prone to feedback, solved it by reducing the length of printed flex cable from the piezos to the DSP PCB board and adding small ferrite cores to pass this cable through.


    I should state none of my Tyler Variax's  suffer "feedback" problems. But on the JTV-59 often this can be induced by a "micropivoting bridge" - and this is solved by inserting a small block under the bridge to prevent any movement.



    I've always been well satisfied with Yammy products, and I've owned and worked with a lot of them. 


    I'm not a fan of the new Yamaha relationship. 

    Too bad in 2014 bulk of Yamaha  Electric Guitars imported into USA have sub par quality in 2014. Most Yamaha dealers want to sell Yamaha Synths, but Yamaha Dealership terms dictate their dealers must also order quite a few  of the cheap Yamaha Pacifica strats too.  Too often, most 2014 Fender Squier's have better quality than  a new Yamaha Pacifica.




  7. Line6 JTV-69 Specs state the Nut Width is 1 5/8" inch ( 1.6250") Here is the "too narrow" Nut Width of my 2010 JTV-69 (1.6150")




    Here is the Nut Width of my 2006 Variax 600 ( 1.6515") 




    Here is the Straight Fretboard edge on my 2006 Variax 600




    Here is the "Bowed - curved inward Fretboard edge on my 2010 JTV-69 - (Which Line6 Warranty replaced back in 2011 with a Guitar with a straighter fretboard edge.) Problem here was the Low "E" was always falling off the edge of the fretboard , due to lack available fret under the Low E string below the 5th fret !  For New Buyers - its this specific view you want to check on your Tyler JTV-69(s)  - verify the guitar for consideration has a Straight Neck that looks more like the Variax 600 Neck above 


  8. On Mavericks - be sure you have changed your OSX GateKeeper to "Lower Security Settings"."










    I hear nothing good about Mavericks with respect to my DAW and plugins, not going near that.



    Agreed! I use OSX 10.8 for my Macs  - I have one Mac running  OSX 10.9 Mavericks as a "test bed" -and mostly to run latest FinalCut X for video editing.


    But for Audio, there are countless reports of probelms for DAW/ Audio  / Mainstage users  - I suspect things will get worse for OSX Audio folks when Yosemite is released   



  9. Back to the Topic of this thread  


    One thing I experience is when using Variax Mode, my JTV-69 (which is my 3rd after 3 RMA returns back in 2012) sounds much better than my 2010 1st release Restock JTV-59. On my JTV-59 the Variax Modeling output is 20% lower volume compared to my newer JTV-69 , which impacts the gain of everything down stream  (Amp Distortion, Tone etc), and no amount of twiddling the Workbench HD Edit solves this. (Yes my String levels in Workbench HD are on "10" 

    Also when I tried the HD 2.0 FW last year, the new Tele Full HB Model sounded like straight clean piezos - with HD 2.10 it finally sounds like a Johnny Lang Tele.  
    I have the orignal Variax Schematic  - but no access to the Tyler Variax schematic. 
    I want to dive in and make a schematic of the mag PU circuit and its associated final output path - and compare the JTV-59 to the JTV-69  - they each sound very different here with measurable different voltage output levels  - its not simply due to the different physical characteristics of the wood or scale length. It could be related to the very different style of piezo saddles on each though (hmm?)  
    I suspect upon review of the schematic, there is a final output mix resistor network circuit on the internal electronics   - perhaps the resistor values used there  have changed over the years, between intial 2010 Variax release compared to what they now use today on their 2014 Variax DSP board BOM (bill of materials). This might explain why some dealers are selling older "NOS" Tyler Variaxs for $799 - its cheaper for Line6 to inform dealers to sell off their older inventory at a discount  - rather than do RMAs for every guitar and have a Line 6 Technician swap the values on 3 internal surface mount resistors on the DSP board. 

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