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  1. If you are running OSX 10.9 Mavericks - there is a new Security Setting which must be made before many third party apps can function:


    Check the security settings in OSX 10.9
    1. In "System Preferences," click "Security & Privacy." 
    2. Click the lock icon on the bottom left. When a dialog box requesting a password 
    appears, enter the administrator's password to unlock. 
    3. On the General tab, change the "Allow apps downloaded from" setting from  "Mac App Store and identified 
    developers." to "Anywhere" 
    4.  When you finish installing Line-6 Monkey and the new Workbench HD and new JTV Firmware, change the OSX Security setting back to "  "Mac App Store and identified developers." 
  2. This link has very good demos on the impact of different value caps have on tone for generic electric guitars



    This thread talks about different vol pot resistance and its impact on Tone 




    Knowing these values and tone strategy knowledge works with Line 6 Variax Workbench 

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  3. in my case - my JTV-69 Tremolo Setup Doc reflects what Line6 was using for production JTV-69's back in October 2011


    I have not seen a recent JTV-69 Tremolo to compare it too.


    Also "that internal White Nylon Clip"  attached inside under the tremolo Bar Screw is strictly for internal cable management, so the piezo saddle cables do not bind up or cause friction during whammy bar use.




    Else this happens 

    More here:






    Ironically it was the fantastic owners manuals of the Axsys and Vetta that originally drew me to Line6 products.  Sadly, those contributors have either moved on, been promoted or been out-sourced.





     Here is a link to a great article about setting up your trem, has a lot of detailed pics and is really helpful.



    FWIW - I'm the creator of this JTV-69 Tremolo Doc - if you have any further questions  - just ask


    On going JTV-69 Tremolo discussion are here too:




    I have a Pod hd500 x , what about this one works with old workbench?


    I believe those of us who own a HD500X, but still prefer using the old Tyler Variax FW1.9 (or earlier) along with the old "non HD" Workbench app are out of luck.

    Forces me to keep my older HD500 that still runs the  "non HD" Workbench app. - or use the clunky VDI -USB Hardware box and lots of cables 


    But I hope I'm wrong!

  6. April Fools!



    PickBot 3D Printer and RawTalent Compound Granulate ecosystem features:


    • Accurately models string attack and sustain of famous guitar players
    • 16 fingering models
    • 128 presets
    • Breakthrough Talent Model Infusionâ„¢ (TMI) technology
    • Prints 3 picks at once from RawTalentâ„¢ Compound Granulate (granulate sold separately in Regular and Premium packs)
    • Automatically adjusts tip thickness and weight for increased speed and articulation
    • New pick models downloadable from the cloud
    • PickPerfect auto tune technology fixes any pitch, anytime, anywhere
    • Support for AMPLIFi tone matching in a future software update
    • Requires standard USB connection to host computer
    • Two bottles of RawTalentâ„¢ granulate included
    • Rockstar-modeled pocket lint available in convenient gift-size accessory packets
    • Approachably priced at $9,999 (U.S. MSRP)




    You know what I mean. Why can't somebody make a file of the maccaferi and just email it to me so I can download it to my JTV??!! I mean...it can't be that difficult....just kidding...but wouldn't it be great though?


    There are many great sounding acoustic guitars in the 2005 Variax Acoustic 700 (Classical Nylon, Acoustic Sitar, etc)  I would love to install in the Tyler Variax  - but sadly i doubt this will ever occur. IMHO the old  2005 Variax Acoustic 700 guitar is a keeper!



    Any one know if it's possible to download the Line6 maccaferi model to a JTV 69? 



    I assume you really mean this?






    Variax Maccaferi and ( and many other superior Variax Acoustic Models programmed by Dave Frueling (now at Strymon)  are only in the Variax ACOUSTIC 300/700









    I Love mine!
    I WISH i could get same tones on my Tyler Variax - but no cigar! 
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  9. I hate to break it to you  - but the DT-50  is not very good as a clean , non distorting, wide frequency response amplification system for accurately reproducing acoustic guitar tones.

    Instead, the Line-6 L2M StageSource Powered PA Cabs that connect to the POD HD500 using L6 Link is the suggested approach gear wise for best sounding Acoustic Guitar Models with the JTV Variax / HD500 combo.





    The DT50 Tube Amp with its Celestion Guitar speakers  excels at Traditional Electric Guitar tone for Blues, Rock, Metal  - and like a typical guitar amp, it can only reproduce 65-7kHz  - not full range 20-20kHz as the Line6 L2M StageSource Powered PA Cab  -thanks to the High Frequency Horn -  missing in the DT-50 Tube Guitar Amp 

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    I don't care about amplifi or stuff for childrens. A company should never totaly leave leave his FLAGSHIP stuff to work on gadgets...





    Yup, I've definitely seen this movie...  :P



    Agreed! - i still have my 2004 Vetta Combo and Variax 500 that were "the dream rig" 10 years ago - both now abandoned.  Its getting tough to find support for any gear older than 5 years. And remember The JTV will be 5 years old later this year.

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    Do they still teach analog circuitry in an EE cirriculum?  Sometimes I worry that analog design is a vanishing skill set.


    Tell me a bout it! ;)


    I'm willing to share more Variax circuit tips  - but I want to avoid getting in hot water with Line6 / Yamaha  - but physics and electronics is my day gig and most of the circuits for A/D>D/A and piezo preamps are already out there  - just a google image search away.  


    Hmmm in another thread someone asked about tapping off the ghost system and if a buffer was required. Maybe the fact that the models seem 6db hot, would allow just tapping off and the possible signal loss could be handled by lowering by less than 5-6db in worbench?



    If it were me, and swapping out the LR BAggs Piezo saddles for higher output Graphtech - it all depends on the player.

    If you are steve vai and use a very light swept pick attack - or if you can actually play a guitar with a full floating floyd rose during your most aggressive solos and not suffer the "boing-boing"of the bridge bouncing on every note  - then you might be OK and not have to resort to the measure explained below:  


    In my case I have a very aggressive right hand, based on growing up playing non tremolo Gibsons with P90's and Acoustic Guitars with heavy strings. My right hand can deliver a tremendous amount of dynamic range.

     (evidence here)



    I would study the fixed gain opamp input section on the Variax  DSP Board , and swap out 6 SMT Gain set feedback resistors for different values to lower the input gain right at the input - because once the signal is clipping and distorting - lowering the gain down stream post A/D in the DSP is a futile effort that is never going to tame transient spikes or make the signals  clean again..




    But remember swapping to Graphtech piezo saddles with higher output signal also means higher susceptibility to adjacent string crosstalk   - this really clobbers DSP generated alt tunings - so higher piezo saddle output signal is often not a good thing  

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