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    You are likely suffering from a common defect.  Pull the knob off gently and try pushing the metal shaft with your thumb.  If that toggles the mode reliably then drop a small disc of thin cardboard (like from a cereal box) in the knob and push it back on.  The problem is that the knob itself hits the bottom of the cavity before it's had a chance to push the shaft far enough to engage the mode switch.





    The strings on the Variax are actually breaking at the fret where the bend is being performed, as oppose to at the saddle. For example, I was doing whole step bends fretting at the 15th and 10th frets respectively in both instances, when the string literally broke right under my fingers.


    Actually what you describe is a result of frets that are rough and need polishing. My Tyler JTV-59 required a fret polish, because i could detect rough tops of frets during vibratos and string bending on many frets. 


    Take your guitar to a luthier and have the frets polished.

  3. The JTV-69 single coil PU's are constructed like vintage Fender Strat PU's with 6 separate slug magnets with the typical high magnetic flux that can "pull" the lower strings (like a real '61 Fender Strat btw) so its important not to set the JTV-69 single coil PU height too close to the higher mass low E, A, D, strings, else a "pseudo chorus" pitch fluctuating effect will be heard due to the high mag flux and string oscillation.

    (see it here) 



    I have D'Addario .010-.046 Strings on my 2011 Korean JTV-69 (S-S-H) and these are my PU clearance between the strings and the top of the PU Pole piece.


                       Bass Side        Treble Side            


    Neck PU:     0.248" inch       0.20" inch 


    Middle PU:   0.214 inch       0.1825" inch


    Bridge PU:   0.11" inch        0.11" inch



    To my ears this produces a balanced "wobble free" Strat Tone, with plenty of bite for Blues 

  4. When the Variax is set for a modeled tone, and the Volume pot is moved rapidly, there is a "zipper noise" like sound. Every Variax I own (5) does this exact same sound when the Volume pot is moved. This "zipper noise" is more apparent when using the Variax with a High Gain Amplifier or High Gain HD-500 preset.


    I just live with it.


    Using the Normal Pickups on Tyler Variax eliminates this "Vol Pot zipper noise".

  5. Remember the Audience "listens with their eyes", if they "see" an Acoustic guitar - they "hear" an acoustic guitar.


    The Variax 700 Acoustic complies with this requirement  - Although the Acoustic Modeling works OK on the Tyler Variax  ( my favorite is the old Tyler 1.81 Firmware) JTV-59 does not look like an acoustic and it leaves the audience playing "where's Waldo" looking for "Who is playing the Acoustic Guitar?"


    Dont get me started with describing my "confused audience" live gig experience using the Fishman Tripleplay driving pianos with a MacbookPro.


    You know, I was thinking. What might solve a lot of problems would be a low profile bridge cover.


    I could never play ANY guitar that i'm not allowed to control the dampening of the unplayed Strings or do palm Muting at Bridge. IMHO - its no longer a guitar when the bridge is obscured by a cover.  


    But I'm also the same guy who removes the Bridge Cover on my National Resophonic  /and Dobros too.




  7. I LOVE Mine!


    I use my Variax Acoustic 700 to play several gigs every week. In my world its a lifesaver. Folks listen with their eyes, and plugged into the PA, everyone thinks I'm also playing a "pure acoustic" instrument, as I sit in with Bluegrass  / Celtic / New Age bands on the Central Cal Coast.


    By contrast If I showed up to these same events with my JTV-59, the "traditionalists" and the Promotor (who pays the band)  would not let me near the stage.

    This sums up the current situation




    In 2003, Variax produced two upscale versions. One was an acoustic guitar called the Variax Acoustic 700. This instrument came with a basswood neck, a mahogany body and a solid cedar top. The top was later replaced with solid spruce.

    Variax_Acoustic_300_Steel_Front_View_Hi_ Variax Acoustic 300

    Line 6 also came out with the less expensive Acoustic Model 300. This guitar came with steel strings and was available as a nylon string instrument. These acoustic/electric guitars featured modeling technology allow the guitar to sound like over a dozen acoustic instruments as well as play in alternate tunings, all done through the Variax control. The acoustic line-up was discontinued in 2010. (Big Mistake!)
  8. Frankly I think most HD 2.0 users would be happier if you could simply duplicate all 5 sounds of a REAL Strat  - and be sure to retain the same Sustain of a Real Strat , which even the FW1.9 Spank lacked - to a much lesser degree than this HD 2.0 "Spank' version with its severe ADSR "Gated" version of "Spank" with no sustain longer than 5 seconds - as Line6 implemented in HD 2.0.




  9. I rolled back both my JTV-59 and JTV-69 - and cant understand the excitement over HD 2.0 (I cant hear anything in HD 2.0  that I would consider as "improved" over FW1.9) 


    Im getting MUCH better sounds and usability with FW 1.9, and I can still use my HD-500 and a USB cable (or my Vetta +MIDI cable) to run WorkBench on the road. No need for the flaky one trick pony USB Workbench interface which is the only way to run HD 2.0 Workbench.

  10. My JTV-59 loaded with HD 2.0 firmware has this same "Noise Gate " phenomena - specifically noticeable on all "Spank" (Strat) positions. Its so non useable, with zero sustain!


    Something is very wrong when I cant get any note in the Spank position to last longer than 3 seconds when playing Really Loud with my HD-500 on the Bogner® Uberschall Amp Sim and with all Noise Gates disabled,   Sounds like I stuffed dampening sponges under the strings. Really hate it. 


    I reverted back to firmware 1.9 - and got my tone (and sustain) back.

  11. These days 75% of my gigs are acoustic  - and my Trusty Variax 700 Acoustic is my goto guitar - the crowd listens with their eyes, and "see" an acoustic guitar - meanwhile as a player, Im able to play anything I could on a real LP  - without the typical limitations of playing a real Acoustic. 




    I find  the audience reacts to the visual appeal of your instrument, and its mass cultural acceptance for the type of music you are performing.
     Since the Variax Acoustic 700 "looks" like an acoustic guitar, the crowd accepts and even enjoys its sound at gigs.

    Conversely,  I could be playing the  exact gig and the exact same music and sound 90% the same - when i play my Tyler Variax JTV-69 "Super Strat", but the same crowd will not react the same, since they figure I'm playing an electric guitar.
    I live in Wine country, and many gigs must have a "celtic" acoustic flavor - even if I'm playing "unplugged" surf instrumental tunes.

    All I know is, at the outdoor patio "wine tasting room" gigs,  The tip jar fills faster when i show up with what appears to be an acoustic guitar.   

    If I break out the JTV-69 Super Strat at these "sedate gigs", they grimace and hold their ears - BEFORE I play a single note , figuring I'll do something stupid like play a sex pistols  / ramones  / metalica medley.



    With the Variax Acoustc 700,  the Audience "sees" an Acoustic guitar, and automatically assumes they will hear soft new age natural tones, yet when I close my eyes, this guitar feels exactly like I'm playing one of these (see below) - so I'm right at home.




    Couldn't manage to upload the presets to CustomTone so far. Will try it later ...



    CustomTone still does not provide support for sharing the Variax Workbench Patches


    See this thread for info on where to post Workbench patches (all versions)




    Tyler Variax WorkBench HD Patch Exchange


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