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  1. The RealZap wrote>

    I pinned a permanent link on the forum to keep the fun from getting lost in a single thread.

    Please update the pinned link above to the new working URL link here:
    Please use this URL link to add new patches - simply hit "New Topic"  (see tab on upper right) - and post a description of your patch and add it as an attachment

  2. Hmmm, I uploaded 5 more files there late last night and they show up in my uploads list as "approved" but they do not appear for download... weird.



    many are already downloading them - as seen here:










    Also couldn't figure out how to delete a duplicate that I uploaded... removed the file and labeled it "deleted" but is there a way to remove it completely?



    Let me review the SMF User Settings -



    Here at my end  - I do see your most recent upload has been renamed "Deleted" - but actually contains a file named  " Eddie Cochran Bridge + Neck.whd "


    Shall I delete this - or Rename it?

  3. Thought Id share this tip from a fellow Tyler Variax HD user



    Heres a tip ive posted elsewhere in regards to the JTV and new firmware.

    It gives you 2 additional bonus acoustic guitars. [with the new Tyler Variax HD 2.0 firmware] You actually could do this trick in the past version of Workbench in a somewhat convoluted manner, but the new version makes it very easy.

    Take the two acoustic 12 string bodies and turn off the parallel tuning option in workbench. Save each to a custom bank and you now have 2 additional acoustic guitars that are different from the other 3 6 string acoustic bodies.

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  4. http://www.tdpri.com/forum/tele-technical/108759-please-explain-how-value-tone-pot-capacitor-interact.html


    TDOWNS Wrote

    Ok. You just had to ask. So, I spent a little time with PSPICE today so you can see the electrical response of the tone pot. The pickup is a Tele bridge. The conditions are as follows:

        Pickup inductance = 3.2H
        Pickup resistance = 7.4K
        Pickup interwinding capacitance = 160pF
        Volume pot = 500K (set at max CW)
        Tone Pot = 500K but 442K actual
        Tone cap = 0.05µF
        Cable = 20ft
        Amp input impedance = 1MEG
        Amp input capacitance = 100pF

    The labels on the graph are TONE KNOB SETTING (0 thru 10)/RESISTANCE. Remember it is a audio (non-linear) pot. The resistance values for the 0 through 10 positions are based on experimental data I collected on audio pots a few years ago.

    Notice the resonance peak with no tone pot connected aka the no-load pot. You can now see how the TBX would give you everything between the max CCW and almost open.

    I doubt some of you would experience the same no-load response as plotted because every amp input impedance is not as high as 1 meg. If the amp input impedance is more like 500K, that no-load response will be less pronounced. But, a Fender Twin is 1MEG input impedance.

    Look at the curve for the 500K pot set on "8". Having a 250K pot (277K on the plot) is like a 500K pot turned down to "8".

    Regarding the tone cap value, it matters most at a setting of "0". With the 0.05µF cap, the resonance is moved down to 300Hz. At other points on the dial, it is simply destroying the resonance at ~3.5kHz. If you used a smaller cap value, that resonance would be higher than 300Hz.

  5. Im in the USA and the typical convention is to use microfarads - while nanofarads is used more in the UK / EU






    For those who want to know here is a conversion chart to make sense of the Workbench HD cap values


    1.1nF = .0011 uF (microfarads)


    2.2nF = .0022 uF (microfarads)


    4.7nF = .0047 uF (microfarads)


    11nF = .011 uF (microfarads)


    22nF = .022 uF (microfarads)  =  Typical Gibson Tone Cap with 500K Tone pot)


    47nF = .047 uF (microfarads)=  Typical Fender Tone Cap with 250K Tone pot)


    (.1uF) 100nF = .1 uF (microfarads)

  6. Line6Hugo -

    Thank you very much posting this important update and  for letting us know that Line-6 is aware of the issue and working on a fix! 




    Our development team has been made aware of this problem.  We have logged a bug and hope for a fix in a future update.  In the meantime the workaround within Workbench HD is to switch pickup 3 (with identical settings as pickup 1) with pickup 1.  Switching pickup 3 with pickup 2 will also work. The problem occurs only when you make an adjustment using both pickups 1+2.





  7. Slightly off-topic, (well, miles off-topic) and I don't want to hijack the thread, but I bought the triple-shot rings myself and when I went to install them, the screw-holes didn't quite line-up. Did you have to drill into your 59 to make this fit?


    Indeed yes -  I did have to drill new mounting holes for the Tripleshot rings. (Factory Line6 Tyler JTV-59 pickup rings are slightly larger than Gibson, and identical to Godin xTSA PU rings - FWIW)


    I found the factory holes on my JTV-59 to a bit random, On the bridge PU ring, I only have to drill three new holes - yet the end result both Tripleshot rings now line up and look "correct" to my eyes.


    Some of his work is here:



    More Guitar Electronics resources (click link on left then British flag for English)







    Response Effects of Guitar Pickup Position and Width (see attached)


    By J. Donald Tillman



    See Also:


    Response Effects of Guitar Pickup Mixing



    Pickup Response Demonstration Applet (Java)


  8. For me, one of the advantages of active guitars is they don't have this issue.

    But then you are stuck using an "EMG" like tone without any warmth all the time.


    Myself - I really like both my Tyler Variax's (JTV-59 and JTV-69 ) - but truth be told I only use the Variax modeling for Alt tunings - or those times when the first set at my live gig must be low volume "acoustic" set.


    90% of the time I use GFS Rectotrons (poor mans TV Jones Filtertron sound) + a pair of Duncan Tripleshot rings to dial in my tone.(Sereis / parallel/ or select which single coil is active) IMHO - Variax still has difficulty nailing many palm bridge Muting tones that a guitar with normal passive mag pickups can easily achieve





    All details on this guitar here:


  9. I've always relied on the effect to clean up my guitar when backed down for rhythm parts.  Since it's a standard feature on a lot of production guitars, I'm probably not the only person who likes it.


    Count me in  - I also enjoy the effect of the 150pf cap across the two hot leads on my 500K volume pot. On some of my guitars I can switch this cap in or out as needed.


    In the past i have used a guitar with P90's with a volume pot bypass cap mod, and set the Vol on "7" (= brighter tone) + a EHX  LPB-2 Booster to achieve a Roy BuchananTele lead tone from my LP Junior.


    The volume pot bypass cap  is also good for nailing funk rhythm parts too.

  10. I just signed up for the V-guitar site, when my membership is approved I will try to upload some stuff.



    You are now a member of VGuitarforums


    Despite the name, over the past 6 years, VGuitarfourms has become more of a hangout for all Guitarists who want to break out into new sonic territory - using any gear. 


    I'm "Elantric" over there BTW - welcome!


    If you need help - just PM me.

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  11. Sorry- looks like the old ION Forum File sharing database does not work anymore for uploads of Variax HD Workbench user created patches Line6 really should step up and add "Tyler Variax HD" Workbench file sharing area in CustomTone. Until then - I have added a Tyler Variax HD" Workbench file sharing area at my VGuitarforums here:

    EDIT: here is the link to the working file sharing area



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  12. One additional note -   When applying the HD 2.0 update, be sure the Volume Pot on the Guitar is not set to "Zero" as this forces the Tyler Variax's into Sleep mode.


    Details here:






    On a James Tyler Variax guitar, ensure that the Volume knob on the guitar is NOT set to the '0' position as it will put the guitar into Power Save Mode.  Make sure that the Volume knob is set higher than 0 when updating or editing the JTV guitar.

  13. Hello - P.B. Sarkissian,

    There are two JTV-59's with Bigsby B7 Tremolos I know of.


    Yes - I recently did send mine in for an RMA repair of the Toggle Swtich to Line-6 in Calabasas.


    Thank you for making a great repair - this guitar works flawlessly now!


    Prior to the RMA trip - I re-installed the factory pickups, but below I detail all the mods / upgrades i made - I love this guitar!



    I initially saw Anthony Lees guitar at Harmony Central Forum a couple weeks ago and decided to do the same with my JTV-69






    I just finished these mods late last night, but so far I'm in love. Its one of those situation where "on paper" it appears there are too many liabilities, like managing the upper harmonic "ping" that could occur on the "non-speaking" string length between the bridge and the tailpiece - but in this case the Bigsby B7 has that additional Roller Bar that maintains a good downward pressure force on the Piezo bridge, and during my test drive late last night -All stock Variax Features and sounds work just like a stock JTV-59 - i.e. I do not hear any anomalies !


    Modifications so far


    1) Upgraded to GFS Locking Tuners $32 - these are actually from the same Asian supplier that Line 6 uses and bolt right on -




    2) Mounted a slightly modified Bigsby B7 Tremolo Tailpiece (Ebay $107) ( inspired by Anthony Lee's JTV-59 with Bigsby)



    To make this work with the JTV-59 , I modified the Bigsby B7 by sawing off the mount on the upper right - this conflicted with the JTV-59 Bridge.

    Then I drilled a new countersunk mounting screw hole directly under the Bigsby Spring.


    3) I'm more of a Gretsch 6120 tone freak, and prefer clean tones, so I swapped out the stock Line6 pickups for a pair of GFS Rectotron Liverpool PUs ( Ebay $50 for the pair)



    4) Mounted the pickups to a pair of Seymour Duncan Tripleshot rings - Can choose from Series. Parallel, or select which coil is active in single coil mode.



    Might ask why add all these magnetic coil select solutions to a JTV-59 Variax? I'm rather anal about my tone, and clean Palm Muting tone is essential for my Surf Band, and despite the progress, none of these Guitar Modelling solutions we discuss today can duplicate the exact tone I need to achieve clean Palm Muting tone - (think Astronauts "Baja) for the sound I use regularly




    5) I'm half way done with my JTV-59 Mods - Next I'll mount the Fishman Tripleplay wireless Guitar to MIDI PU and mount the FTP controller on top of the Bigsby Logo on the tailpiece



  14. On older computers there is a mix of USB 1.0 and USB 2.0, - Be sure you always use a USB 2.0 Port, and always use the same physical port you used when you first installed the Line 6 HD-500X USB Driver. If you swap to a different USB port on your computer - expect to re-install the Line 6 HD-500X USB Driver.



    Re your Error message  - yes I got that too for the first few attempts at connecting the HD-500X   - suggest close all apps, shut down, restart the Computer , then connect the HD-500X with USB, (to the same port you installed the USB Driver), Launch Monkey 1.63 - confirm Monkey can locate your HD-500X




    Only after Monkey applies all updates, then close Monkey and Retry HD-500X Edit. On my HP HDX-18i Dual Core Win7 laptop  -  Mine took three retries of HD-500X Edit  (with 30 second wait between each attempt) before HD-500X Edit made a successful connection and Sync.

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