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  1. The Line-6 Tyler Variax batteries have an Echip to verify conformity and being s genuine Li-Ion type for the Line-6 product.


    It's not Line 6's fault, has more to do with the global CE IEC safety standards that became effective 2012 and are now enforced


    and i was thinking of buying a Helix...

    Use a Variax VDI Ethercon cable and you don't need a battery when used with any Line-6 VDI port equipped gear ( Helix, HD500, XT Live, Vetta)


    Or order the Line -6 Variax TRS 1/4" Power adapter /DI box




    Never worry about battery life again with the Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit.


    Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit Features:

    Power your Variax at gigs or in the studio without worries

    XPS A/B box works as a direct box sending your signal to your amp or mixer

    Includes 9V power adapter to power XPS and your Variax

  2. Let me know how you make out


    FWIW - I already host Line-6 Variax Patch sharing here:




    and could add a similar patch sharing area to the existing Firehawk 1500 area here:



    we use google to search "vguitarforums: Variax Gretsch" 




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    I've just purchased a JTV69 and am working my way through the forum to see what's what.  I found this page through KVR for some patches, but don't know if they'll work with the JTV models or older.


    look at top of the page

    Share And Download 2.0+ H D Models




    for all Variax users who seek user to user created Variax Workbench / Tyler Variax Workbench HD  patches,  I host them at vguitarforums here




  4. This might solve this issue of "No volume control when using "USB AUDIO" mode with Helix on  IOS devices"

    Equalizer PRO - Music Player with Volume Booster, Sound Effect and Visualizer Music
    Use the Slider on the far left for volume adjust of Music on your iPad / iPhone when connected to Helix via Apple USB Camera Adapter. 
  5. There is 7VDC voltage on the VDI Ethercon connector.

    And the "Ring" contact on the 1/4" TRS jack can be used as a remote DC Power input for powering the Variax. 

    Its conceivably possible that damage / strain on the Variax internal electronics may occur if you connect  a standard mono 1/4" TS Guitar cable while also using the VDI cable connection. There are internal voltage steering diodes to prevent shorting these two  power entry points   - but Line-6 has seen these fail, and the result is a smoked / burnt VARIAX DSP board   

    If you want to be safe while using the VDi cable, always use a 1/4" TRS cable with "open" Ring contact to connect to the Variax 1/4" TRS jack. 

    But know the Downfall of using a stock 1/4" TRS cable is that you typically are connecting to a battery powered floor stomp FX, but the floor FX will not "turn on" unless the TRS "Ring" contact is grounded. 

    So build a custom 1/4" Guitar cable with an open "Ring" connection on the TRS (Variax) side, and a normal TS plug on the Amp / FX side.     

  6. *2 For the SYNTH and BASS SYNTH, unintended sounds may occur if you play chords. In general, you should play only single notes.

    Confirmed, No alt turnings


    And synth is mono, I doubt they are even using a hex PU.


    It's a Korg DSP Design ( like all Vox gear)


    From my perspective the Vox guitar is using similar PU Modeling tech introduced in JamVox , but now in an onboard DSP.


    No USB, No Editor, No Alt Tuning, No String Splits.


    No interest here.

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