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  1. One persons "very minimal " patch change lag


    is another persons eternity.


    and this reminds me of the old Marx Brothers line


    1: Doc, it hurts when I do this...

    2: Then don't do that.

    3: Have you had this before?

    1: Yes.

    2: Well you've got it again.


    Ive since moved to a Vypyr Pro System for my live gig needs -that has instant patch changes and easy editing a patch mid song, while Line -6 spins a reality distortion field around the Firehawk FX patch change problems

  2. I've been told by line-6 Workbench will not run on Firehawk FX, and no plans to make it occur.


    They will he too busy getting Workbench to work on their new focus, the Line-6 Helix (it does not work on Helix currently either)


    This is ridiculous that line 6 would expect customers to not update their iPhone or iPad . This product was made specifically for apple products.

    I hope we will be notified when the fix has been established. Very disappointed in the customer service.


     You do realize that musicians who create on Apple products represents only  0.001% of the installed user base for IOS products. Read many other Music apps that also do not work on IOS 9 here:





    IOS9  Status for Music Creation Apps  - At present this upgrade will break many Music Apps we use.





    iOS 9: Keep off the Grass!


    It's that time of the year again when Apple releases a new iOS, I warn people not to update production devices they rely on, and everyone ignores me or brands me a heretic. Last year's changes to IAA, and subsequently Audiobus, created a lot of unforeseen woes. To this day there are still many people plugging away on iOS 7 because they just don't want to deal with it. iOS 9 promises a lot of interesting new features though, including Split Screen multitasking, so the temptation to upgrade this time will be quite high!


    Just Say No!

    Let's get the warning out of the way. If you rely on your iOS devices for your music production you should not be updating willy-nilly. There has never been an OS update on any platform that didn't ruin someone's day. This is true across all platforms, I'm not just lollipopting on Apple here. I skipped Windows 8 entirely and will probably hold off on Windows 10 for at least 6-9 months so they have time to iron out the kinks. If you rely on a computing device: Do not frivolously update it.



    Meth: Not Even Once

    One of the most compelling iOS 9 features for musicians is the promise of split-screening two different apps side-by-side. Unfortunately you won't be doing any of that unless you are on an iPad Air 2 or an iPad Mini 4.


    There is also "Slide Over" multitasking which is a smaller split screen providing some functions from apps specifically tailored to work with it. The Slide Over functionality is limited to iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, and iPad Mini 4.


    So unless you're running on the bleeding edge hardware, or have apps updated to support Slide Over, you won't see any major benefit to updating today.


    Crack is Whack

    And it may take a while for you to see apps updated for iOS 9. As with every iOS update the reviewers at iTunes Connect are swamped, slowing down the approval process. Further gumming up the works this year, Apple didn't allow developers to submit apps built on the latest iOS 9 SDK until the 12th of this month. Developers have had less than a week to gain approval before iOS 9's release today!


    Korg is among those developers affected, and has issued a statement warning of crashes on iOS 9 for Gadget, Module, and iM1.


    Mary Jane Ruins The Brain

    Audiobus' iOS 9 update is also awaiting approval from Apple. I spoke with developer Sebastian Dittmann and he assures me that although there may be some quirks, iOS 9 should not be fatal.


    There will be some new nuisances, but these are a "feature" of iOS 9 and not Audiobus bugs. In response to abusive apps launching other apps without permission, Apple has had to implement a new system requiring user's consent. Launching other apps is a big part of what makes Audiobus' workflow so great, so Apple's new pop-up will become quickly tiresome.


    This pop-up will occur once per-app to each app connection. For instance:


    "Do you want to open Nave from Audiobus?"

    You'll recall that a function of Audiobus's app launching is that after the app succesfully launches it takes you back to Audiobus... so you'll get a new pop-up:


    "Do you want to open Audiobus from Nave?"

    Perhaps you're playing around in Nave and decide you need more reverb:


    "Do you want to open AUFX: Space from Audiobus?"

    And then of course...


    "Do you want to open Audiobus from AUFX: Space?"

    I want to stress that the pop-up will only occur once per each app connection. Launching a previously approved app from a previously approved app launcher will not cause the pop-up. This still seems like it will be quite annoying.


    Above the Influence

    Over the last month I've been getting reports from readers that they are unable to play videos and click on some links here on the site. After a lot of research I concluded that this only happens on iOS 7, irregardless of the browser used. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out what is causing it. I hadn't made any changes to the site code when the problems were reported. Even if I totally remove all of my custom code the site is still wonky as **** on iOS 7. I have always gone out of my way to make sure the site runs smooth on mobile, but I just can't figure out what's happening on iOS 7. I sincerely hope that iOS 9 will be a solid OS we can all update to without losing too many legacy apps.


    Onsong iOS 9 Status


    iOS 9 is Coming Tomorrow. Be Prepared!


    Apple is set to launch iOS 9 tomorrow and we at OnSong want to make sure you are prepared.  It can be unsettling to wonder "should I upgrade or not?"  To help reduce that anxiety, we want to let you know our plan and offer a few tips when considering an iOS upgrade.

    If It Ain't Broke... Throughout this past year we've worked to update OnSong to workaround iOS 8 issues as Apple has released new versions. Please be aware that operating system upgrades can cause issues in the many apps you use.  Confirm that all of your critical apps are working as expected before making the leap.


    Be prepared.  While you should never experience data loss when upgrading iOS or OnSong, there is always the potential for an unexpected problem.  We recommend that you always keep a backup of your OnSong Library and iOS device before you upgrade.


    Allow plenty of time.  Never install an iOS upgrade or OnSong update prior to a show. Give yourself plenty of time to use the software and learn about new or changed features. OnSong provides full release notes and documentation to get up to speed.  This also gives us plenty of time to answer your questions or help to get you up and running. Be sure to disable automatic updates so you have control when updates get installed.


    Be patient.  OnSong 1.999 will launch later in September after iOS 9 is released.

    This is intended to address any last minute problems that might appear in the final version.


    Follow us.  







    LINE-6  iOS 9 Status



    Apple has announced an iOS 9 release date of September 16, 2015. At this time, the following Line 6 apps are not compatible with iOS 9 and therefore will not work:


    ·   AMPLIFi Remote

    ·   Firehawk Remote

    ·   Stagescape Remote


    We highly recommend that users of these products do not upgrade their mobile device to iOS 9. We are working on software updates to provide iOS9 compatibility and intend to release them soon. Please check back at www.line6.com for the latest information on availability.



  4. Remember in "Line -6 speak ". , imminent release of Firehawk FX firmware means We will be lucky to see this by year end 2015, possibly not until spring 2016 (based upon being a Line -6 user for 17 years) at this hour, they still have much to do with implementing FW rev 1,10 features for their Helix flagship processor. Read the AMPLIFI forum for a reality check on waiting for firmware updates.



    You know somebody's gonna say factory reset and then reinstall firmware so I might as well be THAT guy

    Apart from that I'm guessing you've tried turning the master volume knob down so that the signal isn't too hot


    Thanks - Tried all that - and the Firehawk USB Recording works fantastic with my ipad - I blame the USB Audio Driver


    I'll try ASIO4ALL  


    Just asking for a sanity check - if any other Foirhawk owners are successful recording on Windows using Firehawk FX as yoru audio interface - "What Setting are you using and what DAW?


    Ive tried Reaper , Sony Vegas, Sound Forge,  ( not talking about random pops and clicks)  - nothing subtle about it.)

    All I get is major distortion 

  6. I have FireHawk FX and latest Windows USB ASIO Audio Driver 1.76


    FireHawk FX works great as an IOS Audio Interface with iPad Air +CCK or ipHone 6 Plus + CCK (Apple USB Camera Connection Adapter) 


    But its a different story on Windows 7, and Windows 8.1


    I can not record into any DAW or Monitor any Sound with  terrible distortion


    It appears the FireHawk FX's  Windows USB ASIO Audio Driver is fixed at 48kHz but all I get is distortion.


    Can others Windows users report their FireHawk FX  ASIO Driver experiences? Is it working for you?


    I'm using Windows 8.1 64 bit Pro on Acer R7, 12GB RAM connected to USB 2.0 port.


    All my other USB interfaces ( Focusrite Scarlett, Steinberg UR44, HD500X, GT-100, are flawless ) - Firehawk FX is the exception 



       no HD effects



    Actually the M13 has the "HD" FX - they even stated that the HD500 employs "M13 Class FX" - 




    But for me it is limited by only having 4 buttons that can be used for FX, no pedal, 




    I count 4 x 3 = 12 





    he only foot controlled that is comparable with the Helix is the RJM and it cost MORE than the Helix and has ZERO sounds and effects!




    While the Fractal AX-8 will be here soon 










    AX8: Fractal Audio quotes
    • "When I designed the AX-8 I designed a product based on my 25 years playing as a pro and what I used 99% of the time during a gig. Even with the Axe-Fx II 99% of the time I dial up an amp, a cab and a few effects. What I care about most is a great tone. The Axe-Fx amp modeling algorithms are the best in the world. I wanted to design something portable and affordable enough to get those algorithms into the hands of a lot more players." source
    • "They are very cool. They're not an Axe-Fx but they're close. Same amp and cab modeling. Stripped down effects section and smaller grid (4x8 vs 4x12). Two 450 MHz DSPs; one for amp modeling the other for effects/housekeeping. Uses the same silent switch technology as the MFC-101 Mark III and FX-8. Switches are assignable per patch via our new "Switch Assign Matrix" feature." source
    • "It's pretty much "Axe-Fx Lite". There are send/return blocks so you can make series routings that are longer than 8. All the advanced parameters are available in the amp block, you access them via the traditional edit menu. The dedicated Bass, Mid, etc. knobs can be accessed at any time. And it sounds like an Axe-Fx, so there's that." source
    • "The switches are multi-function. They operate as preset, scene, looper or bypass switches. There are four expression pedal inputs. There is a stereo effects loop. The dedicated knobs control only those parameters for which they are indicated. There are five soft knobs under the display that are used for adjusting other parameters." source
    • "The AX-8 has two ADSP-21469s and two microcontrollers. It will only do one amp model at a time. Our amp modeling algorithms use up the entirety of one DSP. The second DSP is running at over 90% utilization. That's how detailed our algorithms are." source
    • "I'll just say a few things: source
      • It is not an Axe-Fx. It won't be able to do two amps or two cabs. It won't have things like the Vocoder and other esoteric blocks. It's a stripped down floor version at an aggressive price.
      • It will have G3 modeling and user IR slots. It has two dual-core DSPs, one for amp modeling the other for effects. These DSPs are slower than the ones in the Axe-Fx so it won't be able to do two instance of amps.
      • There will be block compatibility between the Axe-Fx and the AX-8 meaning you can copy blocks from your Axe-Fx presets into the AX-8.
      • It has USB, XLR outs for FOH, 1/4" outputs for local monitoring and an FX loop. Four expression pedal inputs. AC powered, no wall-wart."
    • "Footswitches are freely assignable. There is a footswitch assign menu." source
    • "There will be no pay-to-play stuff. All amp models from the Axe-Fx II will be included as well as all the Drives, etc." source
    • "It has SPDIF." source
    • "It does not have a headphone output but the outputs should be able to drive phones with ease. You'd just need a Y-cable adapter." source
    • "Both the AX-8 and FX-8 are made in the USA." source
    • "It does not have a headphone output but the outputs should be able to drive phones with ease. You'd just need a Y-cable adapter." source
    • "The AX-8 isn't exactly featherweight either though. It has a heavy steel chassis and aluminum end-caps. It's pretty heavy but very durable." source
    • "The DSPs used in the Axe-Fx are far too costly and require exotic cooling that is not suitable for a floor application. The AX-8 covers the needs of 99% of performing guitar players." source
    • "The Axe-Fx II can run multiple instances of amps, cabs and most effects. The AX-8 cannot. The processors used in the AX-8 are not nearly as powerful as the processors used in the Axe-Fx II. They are also significantly less expensive." source
    • "AX-8 and Axe-Fx II share the same code base so any updates to the Axe-Fx II apply to the AX-8." http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/103735-axe-fx-ii-quantum-rev-1-00-public-beta-13.html#post1241527[ source]
  9. Not all USB is equal

    The big deal about Helix and Firehawk FX USB is these are "USB CLASS COMPLIANT" which means these work as 24bit @ 48K Audio interfaces for iPhone/ iPad and Linux with Jack Audio.
    No need for a special audio driver


    Helix even supports 8 inputs  / 8 outputs on iPad 


    HD500X does not do that.

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  10. Pre-curser to Firehawk FX Remote control 


    6 years ago Line-6 and Daddario had iPhone remote control for Variax and Vetta  

    Demo of the new MIDI Mobilizer and Planet Waves Rig Remote Application featured at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2009

  11. I own lots of gear  - including  lots of Line-6


    Ive had a Firehawk FX since June 2015



    Compare HD500X vs Firehawk



    I have  current  Firehawk FX Firmware  1.10  - which added:

    New Live Edit mode—adjust nearly all amp, cab, and effects parameters without a mobile device (or even taking your hands off the guitar)

    New one-button looper (20 seconds)

    New channel volume from stepped encoder

    Improved Bluetooth performance

    Removed artifacts when switching patches; we're still working on making it faster

    Volume pedal now behaves properly when switching patches


    1st thing I did was install the ASIO Driver on one of Windows 7 machines, install the Line-6 updater 1.03 app, launched and updated the Firehawk FX  to Firmware 1.10.


    Ive been using my Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones, and JTV-69 Guitar, and Installed the Firehawk Remote IOS app on my iPhone 6 Plus  - the patch change delay is not bad -  much faster patch to patch changes compared to Roland GR-55) and zero audio dropouts when changing patches while streaming music backing tracks over bluetooth into the Firehawk.

    (The FireHawk's Audio over Bluetooth wireless transfer exhibits the lowest latency I have ever experienced for a Bluetooth Connection!)


    The LCD Display is very crisp and legible from all off axis viewing angles, and I really like that there is a dedicated Reverb knob  and FX Tweak knob, without need to dive into menus if working without the Firehawk Remote Editor running an iPhone/iPad. Many factory Preset Tones are quite usable for a gig.


    When no Tablet or iPhone  / iPad is available, the latest FireHawk FX firmware 1.10 added a "Live Edit" mode  - which allows adjusting all FX parameters in stand alone mode using the Expression pedal / data wheel.

    Firehawk FX Factory presets PDF


    Its very lean on I/O compared to HD500/HD500X, (Missing the L6 Link, 3.5mm TRS Aux Input, No Mic Input)  - but having access to the nice Firehawk Remote Editor on my iPhone or ipad makes for a fast  / easy setup  / teardown and minimal cables.



    Re patch change time,  It changes patches faster than the GR-55, but see more details below    - one thing to say its a joy the Firehawk FX does NOT mute the backing audio tracks on every Patch change  if you are streaming them via Bluetooth or USB from your iphone /ipad

    ( many examples of competing gear employs a "mute circuit" on the final output that mutes All audio for 150-200 milliseconds on every patch change while the DSP loads new patch data, and that can ruin a "one man band" live gig/


    For creating tones and learning songs, I already I prefer Firehawk  over my HD500. Firehawk is whisper quiet, excellent dynamic range  - no Hum, even when I used the Normal Mag Single coil PUs on my JTV-69, and I'm in a rather noisy EMF environment in an industrial building.

    The Tone Matching tool actually works rather well, I was surprised that when I played arcane tunes in my iTunes library, the Line-6 Firehawk Tone match tool would suggest 6 or 8 patches from the cloud, and in seconds I was in the ball park for playing along with the tune.                  


    On my Firehawk FX - some patches do take a bit longer (but never more than 250milliseconds) and occasionally I hear a momentary burst jump in volume, which is tolerable for some, and not for others


    But know this about Line-6 Firehawk FX


    * No compatibility with Line-6 Monkey


    * Its clear the Firehawk is just a AMPLIFI FX100 with a bit more switches and Variax VDI input.


    * No compatibility with Variax Workbench HD


    * No MIDI control over USB


    * No PC /Mac Editor


    * USB Audio is USB Class Compliant   I have much easier time using Firehawk FX as Audio interface on my iPad+CCK  -  but very different experience with the Windows ASIO Driver that is fixed at 48kHz  - and I had to give up due to noise and distortion from the ASIO Driver and not use Firehawk FX with Reaper or Sony Vegas or Protools. Might improve if I try ASIO4ALL.


    * If changing preset to preset , if both presets include delay, but the new preset has a much shorter delay time, there is a noticeable high volume "Chirp" during patch changes that occur only if you are playing guitar during the patch change.



    My typical worst case Firehawk FX Patch change noise occurs under these conditions


    1 ) Select the factory preset "03C Move Like Jagger"


    2) Strum a chord and let ring, and while the chord is still ringing, select factory preset "03D Tighten Up"


    3) I always get a very loud high volume burst of chip noise duration 80 milliseconds   = maybe I can pretend I'm Steve Stevens doing Rebel Yell laser gun sound FX blasts on patch changes.



    Same  very loud burst of noise during patch change also occurs frequently on other presets too


    like changing from "04C Day Tripper" to "04D 4 What Its Worth"


    Line 6 says they will have another firmware update to address the chirp on patch change  - but not expecting it until December 2015.



    My work around for bird chirps on patch change is  just be sure to stop playing guitar and mute all strings before changing presets at the gig



    I have a POD HD and the line 6 pedal has about a 1/4" of travel before it starts working. Would this still be an issue with the Helix?


    FWIW  - the Roland EV-5 with TRS cable connection to HD500X works immediately and smoothly


    Many "poo-poo" the EV-5 - but mines been flawless for 19 years ( got it for my 1996 Boss GT-5)

    and Dweezil loves them






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  13. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line6-helix.1586637/page-389


    My gut says Helix is already here in USA - but wont be available until another round of final firmware consolidation / optimization is completed to improve the Helix patch switching time to make it faster- or is close enough for rock & roll
    Line-6 Digital Igloo wrote>

    Already mentioned that Helices are indeed sitting in Newark, CA and Amsterdam, NL warehouses waiting for 1.00 firmware. Still no official numbers—and there probably won't be, as switching time is highly contingent on preset complexity; if you switch from a preset with 32 effects and 64 controller assignments to another preset with 32 different effects and 64 different controller assignments, you'll likely notice a small lag. If you switch from a normal preset to another normal preset, switching should be very fast. If one's really sensitive to that sort of thing, it's easy to build more than one tone within the same preset and assign a Split > A/B parameter to a footswitch, with or without shared spillover delays and reverbs. Just built a template for that last night.
    I interpret 
    " I got some good news 10 minutes ago"
    "The Helix Firmware engineers think they might be ready with the official "1.00" release candidate"
    Line-6 Digital Igloo wrote>

    Let's just say I'm trying to get as much done as possible before flying to Kona {vacation} on Thursday.
    Of course, this is the MI industry; anything can—and does—happen. But we're pretty confident right now.
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