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    So I took that to mean you can insert a VST at up to 3 points in the signal chain


    If this is true - that would be impressive 




    If I connect Helix to a Mac with OSX 10.10 ( or iPad Air with Apple Lighting USB Camera Adapter) I would expect  Helix to appear as an  8 in  / 8 out audio device.



    USB Audio Inputs (From Helix to DAW)


    Input 1 = Guitar IN

    Input 2  = Mic In 

    Input 3  = Aux In 

    Input 4  = ?
    Input 5  = FX Send 1

    Input 6  = FX Send 2

    Input 7  = FX Send 3
    Input 8  = FX Send 4



    USB Audio Outputs (From DAW to Helix )


    OUT 1  = XLR OUT Left
    OUT 2  = XLR OUT Right
    OUT 3 = 1/4" Out Left 
    OUT 4 = 1/4" Out Left
    OUT 5  = FX Send 1
    OUT 6  = FX Send 2
    OUT 7  = FX Send 3
    OUT 8  = FX Send 4
     * Note this omits  SPDIF  Input and Output  -  how are these handled?
    Is the above correct? 
    Is there a Helix Beta tester who can talk about the Helix as IOS USB Class Compliant Audio  / MIDI interface with iPad?
  2. Confirmed Helix ( like many recent Line-6 Products, ( Relay G75, Firehawk FX) are not compatible with  Line-6 Monkey


    these use the new "Line-6 Updater" instead.


    Of course Tyler Variax does not use  Line-6 Updater.


    At release the Helix Variax VDI port has identical function as as Firehawk FX VDI port  = Variax preset changing and Alt Tuning selection only - no Variax Workbench, no Variax  Firmware update.


    So dont  sell your HD500 yet   ;)    

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    wow, I would have expected that to be standard... what about updating my JTV through the Helix with Monkey?



    At launch, in this regard, I expect Helix to be the same as Firehawk FX  - i.e. No - 


    There are no plans for Helix or Firehawk FX to support Line-6 Monkey  - so that means no Variax updates


    I'm learning to ask questions, and not to assume anything



    Can't wait to get rid of the cross-talk problem in alternate tunings - it was there before changing to the Ghosts, but I think they make it worse than the L R Baggs piezos - the only way in which the original piezos were better than the Ghosts IMO.



    I can confirm the Ghosts exhbit high crosstalk, and RMC Piezo Pickups have the lowest crosstalk 


    I once put Ghost Piezos on my Variax 600,  - (to get the tremolo to work during dive bombs) - but the higher mechanical adjacent string crosstalk on the Ghosts resulted in much worse Alt tuning warbles  - so i  reinstalled the original LR Baggs Piezos 



    Yes; sorry. That's what "up to 24-bit/96kHz" meant to imply.


    I ask because my Firehawk FX does not support 44.1kHz - seems to be fixed at 48kHz with its Win USB ASIO driver version 1.76 






    and I dream Line-6 on the Helix would resurrect the flexible USB audio routing and Re-Amping function of the 10 year old POD XT 




    Since Helix is USB Class Compliant Audio  / MIDi Device  - imagine in the Above USB Audio I/O Routing Block Above if replace "Computer" with "IPad running BIAS FX  or InterApp Audio Host for Ipad FX (Holderness Media, VirSyn IOS FX)"  then we have a new world of tone possibilities 

  6. When used as a USB  Audio Interface  - What are the available Bit depths and clock rates that Helix is capable of ? ( i.e. 16 bits @44.1kHz, 24 @ 48kHz , 32 bits @ 96kHz? ?   



    Is there a Sample Rate Converter on the Helix's SPDIF Input ? What bit rates are acceptable?  

    same question for the SPDIF Out


    Also Without a computer, Can I use the Helix's SPDIF Input as a separate audio source input, or use the SPDIF Send Return for external FX Loop - ? 

  7. Will Helix have any Re-Amping via USB capability ? 


    Can I change the bit depth / bit rate when used as an ASIO Audio interface? 

    Or will it be fixed at 24 bit @ 48kHz USB Audio Interface device  - (like the Firehawk FX?)



    No, there is another utility called Line 6 Updater that will handle the updates. It's the same program they use for the Firehawk FX and the new Relay units.


    Thanks - (been there, done that with Firehawk FX already )

  9.  Firehawk FX USB Driver is  Nothing like the HD500X - no controls I can find  - only a slider bar for latency - no other indicators, or controls.   


    Is the Firehawk FX fixed at 24 bit @ 48kHz when used as an ASIO Audio interface?


    thats what it appear to be  - might explain my distortion as I was working with a 44.1kHz project. 

  10. I spent more time trying to get the Firehawk FX to function as a a clean distortion free ASIO Audio device on Windows 8.1 ( Acer R7 laptop with USB 2.0 port that works flawless with all my other USB ASIO audio interfaces) .


    No luck


    There needs to be a better Line 6 USB driver uninstaller  - I attempted to uninstall the latest USB driver 1.76, and install the older 1.70 USB driver - but I still have terrible kazoo distortion. Where my Line-6 Monkey? oh that's right, Firehawk is not supported!

  11. I own both of those  - 


    I prefer the GT-100, because I can easily tweak the FX with its dual LCD displays and good User controls   -= its nearly point and shoot - No scratching my head and and spinning an encoder, to play "where's waldo" as I navigate folders on a stage lit bleached out poor contrast solid white HD500X LCD, just to adjust the tremolo depth mid song 

  12. One things is true - times are tough all over, and I know I sound cranky lately, but after dropping $400 on the Firehawk and it reveals itself to be a toy - I suppose Ive reached my threshold of pain.   - and have to sharpen my abilities to apply more caution before clicking "Buy it now" when I make my Line-6 purchases -( I live over 100 miles from the nearest Line-6 dealer and buy online )- and be prepared to fully check it out for any bugs, oversold features that didnt make the production firmware release, and seek happiness by sending the unit back within the dealer's return for refund time period.    



    Recent developments in cloud-computing and other areas (perhaps including presumably increased [Yamaha] Line 6 DSP-/V-guitar market-share) should lead to improvements, eventually, in this regard.


    Good luck with that - I'm NOT too happy about the path Line-6 is on- (and glad they are not my employer). Witness what Yamaha has done to Steinberg. I recently purchased a Steinberg UR44 Audio interface - but its apparent Yamaha cut bulk of the Steinberg Staff a couple years ago, and the USB Driver support for this box designed in China is non existent. Nothing works.


    We know Yamaha also recently purchased Line-6. hopefully this is not a sign of things to come, but I'm not holding my breath - I advise  download any Line-6 apps USB Drivers  for Line-6 gear now while you still can before the Yamaha bean counters do to Line -6 as they have already have done to Steinberg.


    Read about  FireHawk FX experience at failure here:




  14. You can use a PC for recording with the Firehawk..

    I actually tried this over the weekend, it's dreadful ( nothing like my HD500X) Firehawk FX experiwnce has been a major stumble from Line-6 - a real step down in quality control, lack of attention to details -it feels like a rush job and the engineering team must be too busy with Helix to fix this. Feels like Yamaha has cut some needed QC - but at this rate Line-6 is heading down the same drain as Steinberg ( another recent nightmare with a UR44 )

  15. Order the Line-6 XPS a/b switch / power adapter and a quality TRS Srereo guitar cable : this will power all Variaxs at gigs and let's you route the acoustic sims to the PA ( XLR OUT) while the 1/4" out feeds a guitar amp





    Power Your Variax!

    Keep your Variax running with the Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit. Not only does this kit power your Line 6 Variax, it also functions as a direct box. The supplied 15' Planet Waves 1/4" TRS cable powers your Variax and sends the guitar's signal to the XPS A/B box. The XPS sports a 1/4" and an XLR output. Send the 1/4" signal to your amp and the XLR to the main board. By hitting the A/B button you can switch where your signal is sent to. This is perfect for acoustic guitar models that will sound better running straight through the mixer as opposed to your guitar amp. This kit adds flexibility and unlimited power to any Variax. Never worry about battery life again with the Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit.


    Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit Features:

    Power your Variax at gigs or in the studio without worries

    XPS A/B box works as a direct box sending your signal to your amp or mixer

    Includes 9V power adapter to power XPS and your Variax

    15' Planet waves TRS guitar cable included

    Keep your Variax powered with the Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit!

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