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  1. Thanks for pointing that out.  I figured it wouldn't take long for someone to prove me wrong. ;)  So one can have 2 discreet signal paths. Interesting.  In my mind I don't see how to do it, but don't bother telling me. You've already been kind enough.  I'll figure it out.

  2. I don't use it. I'm curious as to how people use a pedal targeted for guitar as a mic effects processor.  I mean I can't imagine that the presets I setup for guitar would be at all useful for vocals.  Maybe a clean setting, but that's it.  Now if I could setup the 500X such that there are separate circuitry for the mic path and the guitar path, THAT would present interesting possibilities !

  3. Get an exorcist.  Your unit is possessed if the dials are changing all by themselves.  Do you live near a giant magnet factory that might be affecting your computer circuitry?  Seriously, the unit sounds broken.


    Actually I had this problem on my Line6 Vetta 2.  It turned out the volume (my band is not quiet) and resulting vibration was causing the knobs to turn. To fix I put a rubber grommet on the pot shaft so that the pot knob rests on the grommet and the increased friction made turning the knob much more difficult.

  4. Try them all and see what you like best.  I chose Studio/Direct. 


    Did you discover what I discovered, that when you use the Spider that way that you have no volume controls on the amp?  That's why I stopped using my Spider 75 that way and went with a small mixer.  Actually I even tried using the amp normally and just using the cleanest preset I could find with EQ that does not affect the original signal.

  5. If it helps you at all... 

    You can assign more than one effect to a foot switch. That way, if you are, as example, turning off distortion and turning on chorus at the same time - you can do that with one button.

    Thanks, but no, that doesn't help. I have in 1 bank, 4 rhythm presets and by pressing F4 (which turns on extra volume and effects), each rhythm preset turns into a solo preset. The issue is that sometimes I need to switch instantaneously, for example, between rhythm preset 1D and solo preset 1C (which requires that after I press 1C, I also press FS4 to get into solo mode on the 1C preset). But I think I'm OK.

  6. Thanks for your help, Phil.  I do a LOT of preset switching when I perform so this pedalboard is turning out not to be what I wanted. Should have done more research. 


    I've been able to get most of my preset needs functional in a single bank with 4 presets + 1 block toggle (for soloing i.e. FS4 is my solo toggle switch).


    The #1 problem right now is that in any given moment I need to be able to switch between 2 presets and immediately toggle on/off one block in the swtiched-to preset. Too much foot work especially when I'm singing at the same time.  So I think my workaround is to setup multiple banks with the exact presets I need which will mean a lot of preset duplication.  But hey, that's what 64 presets are for !

  7. Well, first off, it's FS5 - FS8 that you're changing the function of, there is no "FS1 - FS8" mode. The options for those four footswitches are either "A,B,C,D", which means they will always give you immediate access to the four presets in the bank you're currently in, or "FS5 - FS8". In this mode, you can use all eight footswitches to turn blocks on and off in the preset (also called Pedalboard Mode in the manual).

    OK, thanks, Phil.  So how does one select a preset in FS5-FS8 mode once the Bank buttons are used to select a bank?  Or does Pedalboard Mode change how the Bank buttons work such that they select presets, not banks?

  8. I just don't understand this that I found in the "Edit Pilot's Guide": 


    "Note: POD HD500X footswitches FS5 through FS8 can be configured to either “Pedalboard Mode†(where
    they can be assigned to toggle Models On/Off) or “Presets Mode†(where they recall the current Bank’s A, B,
    C or D Presets)."


    So FS1-8 mode, or Pedalboard Mode, means that all 8 footswitches are used to toggle on/off effects, amps or preamps, right?  If that's true, then how does one select a preset once a bank is selected?

  9. You are using the word bank and preset, which leads me to think you are not using them to mean the same thing. 

    Could you tell us more about what you think a bank and a preset are? --- because, as you see above, you have two people giving two opposite answers. 


    I, myself, almost said yes it could be done to the work bank until I kept reading and saw you use the word preset, Now I am just confused. 




    I am leaning more towards - no, it can't be done. But I would like some clarity on the question before I give a definite answer. 

    I don't mean to imply that bank and preset mean the same thing.  Using the terminology in a way I hope makes sense... In ABCD mode, one bank contains 4 presets, each preset assigned to one of FS5-8, and the remaining FS1-4 are used to toggle on/off specific effects in the selected preset.  A preset is a collection of amps + preamps + effects, strung together visually in the VIEW mode and assigned to a footswitch FS5-8.  Does that make sense?


    After thinking more about it, I'm hoping I can use FS1-8 mode and assign 8 different presets to each of FS1-8 and then while in say bank 1, I can call up any of those 8 presets by pressing any of FS1-8.  Possible?  Or is the 500X hard-architected not to allow anything except assigning effects toggling to FS1-4 ?


    I see that phil_m just posted that the 500X cannot do this.  Bummer.  So what good is FS1-8 mode then?  I don't understand what I can do in that mode.

  10. impossible..


    each POD HD bank is made of a fixed number of 4 presets (A-B-C-D), it can't be changed to allocate 8 presets..


    the only purpose of the FS 5-8 mode is to allow to use all the 8 FS for FX switching, one for each FX slot, useful for complex patches made with many FX which need to be switched on/off depending on the needs..


    using instead an external midi pedal board properly programmed and connected to the POD midi port, you should be able to call any preset stored in any bank as you wish

    I think you misunderstand my objective.  I'm not trying to rearchitect how many presets one bank can store.  I don't care if the presets are named ABCD, WXYZ or John,Paul,George and Ringo.  I just want to be able to use all 8 footswitches to call up 8 different presets while remaining in the same bank.  I guess you're saying it's not possible.

  11. Yes, you should be able to do this in FS1-8 mode. Let me ask you something, what would you expect FS5-8 to do if you haven't assigned anything to them yet? I'm not trying to be a smart-alec but I need a little more info to steer you in the right direction. A footswitch won't do anything unless they're assigned to something.

    What I want to do is assign a full set of amps + preamps + effects (aka preset) to FS5-8 just like I can with FS1-4 in ABCD mode.

  12. I couldn't find any threads that address this question.


    I want to setup my 500X so that each bank has 8 presets such that I can use the bank up/down buttons to select banks, and have footswitches 1-8 setup to select 8 individual presets within each bank. This way I can switch among 8 different presets without ever having to change banks. Is that possible? 


    I guess another way to ask is once I've selected a bank, can I assign an entire preset to each of the 8 footswitches as opposed to assigning a single effect to a footswitch which is what I can do with FS1-4 in ABCD footswitch mode?


    I tried using footswitch mode FS1-FS8, but for the life of me I can't figure out how the footswitches work in that mode as 5-8 seem to do nothing and 1-4 seem only to toggle effects on and off. The manual doesn't help to clarify this scenario i.e. I don't understand what "pedalboard mode" and "preset mode" mean.  Maybe 5-8 do nothing because in FS1-8 mode I haven't assigned anything to them yet?


    I came from a Behringer FCB1010 which has 10 presets per bank and that worked great for me. I don't want to have to lug 2 pedal boards around though.  Thanks in advance for any advice.

  13. Does the Orange amp's 1/4" jack process MIDI data?  I've never heard of a device's MIDI implementation that uses a 1/4" jack instead of a MIDI cable.  MIDI data cables have 5 pins although I believe only 3 pins are used to transmit data.  You would need a spec document for your amp to see which MIDI messages it understands. It is not necessarily true that all devices are designed to receive all MIDI messages.  If your amp does process "program change" messages then you're in luck.

  14. A similar question was asked in another thread and the answer was to hold the TUNER button while turning on the amp. Doing so puts the amp in preamp-bypass mode which means the preset volume, bass, mid, presence, reverb and treble controls are bypassed. That's how you get a pure amp with no coloring, hence letting all your 500X presets do their magic.  Works great for me.

  15. Another question from me about a feature that is not addressed in the manuals and probably means "not possible".  Is there a way to make footswitches 5-8 to recall presets like FS1-4 does in ABCD mode?  I know some versions of the FBV pedals could do this setup. 


    I'm migrating from a Behringer FCB1010 where I setup my presets in banks of 10 so that I could easily switch between solo and rhythm guitar presets. With only banks of 4 presets I would have to switch banks which means more foot work, throwing off my timing.  I know I could setup FS5-8 to toggle into solo modes, but my solo modes are not only altering volume parameters and I'd have to toggle more than one foot switch to emulate my setup on the FCB1010.


    Maybe the solution is to assign multiple effects to a single foot switch?  For example, if going into solo mode means increasing volume and drive, and adding delay, I guess I could assign those 3 effects to a single foot switch?

  16. After working a few days with the 500X I've noticed that many of the factory presets are similar to the Vetta 2 factory presets, most just named differently.  That's a pleasant revelation, making it easier to setup my 25 or so presets that I use in my cover band.  I'm a LIne6 guy from way back in the AX2 days.

  17. I searched but didn't find anything. I would bet the answer is no, but is it possible to load presets from a Vetta 2 into a Pod HD500X?  Some of the amps and effects seem to be the same.  I'm guessing because the 500X' DSP may be different than that in the Vetta 2's, it's not possible.  If not, it'll be a fun Xmas vacation programming new presets !  Happy Horridays, Everyone !

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