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  1. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, take the guitar to a TRUSTED guitar tech who can re-cut the notches in the string saddles.  You may have to raise the bridge slightly to compensate for the deeper grooves in the saddles after the re-cut.  But like moondancer said, it is likely sharp edges in the cuts on the saddles... or poor quality strings.  Or you're an animal when you bend ;) .


    One last thought... I don't know if recutting the saddles is safe because I don't know if that will affect the piezo pickups in the saddles.  Make sure your guitar tech understands the Variax.

  2. Hi! I've been playing Yes since 1972 and I'm from Long Island. How are you?

    I guess more and more closet Yes guitar players are appearing and that's a healthy sign for the guitar. I'm interested if by 335 you meant 345 but it was a typo.

    Cool. 1972 was the same year I got turned on to Yes. In 1973 I learned everything on "Yessongs", falling asleep to "Edge" many a night (I so love that bird-river-cosmos intro).  Joined my 1st Yes tribute (well, we also covered Kansas, Toto, Genesis, Styx and composed our own songs) in 1977, Roslyn, NY.  We played all over Long Island.  Ah the heydays of live music !


    I meant 335.  It's a 2000 1959-reissue ES-335 natural finish.  I would start your own thread on the Howe guitar about which you asked.

  3. I think I know the answer to this question but want to air it out anyway.


    As soon as I got my JTV59 I raised the magnetic pickups because I've always liked the hotter signal with the pickups close to the strings.  However, now the output signal of almost all of the JTV models is significantly lower than with the mag pickups.  So it seems I have to edit all the models to make them louder which is going to be quite a pain.  I do switch between magnetic and piezo pickups during a performance but use the same set of amp presets (so I don't want to create separate amp presets for magnetic and piezo pickups although that may be the easiest solution).


    Has anyone else encountered this problem and solved it some other way?  My amp is a Vetta 2 so if there's a solution I can implement on the amp, wonderful.  Thanks.


    Also, for those of you who have a Vetta 2 and use a Variax, what is the "Variax W/L" setting assigned to the left-most knob in System Setup, page 2?  The Vetta 2 manual does not list this feature.

  4. I didn't have the 59 even 24 hours before I put locking tuners on it.

    I LOVE the grover rotomatic locking tuners. They make at least one set which is a direct drop in replacement.

    The ones I have, I believe, are considered the "minis". They are a little smaller than the ones that come on the 59, but they look nice.


    Well worth the investment. Just push the strings through the holes and bring it to pitch. No slack required, and no manual locking mechanism.

    I have heard the planet waves are good, but I've been a fan of grovers for many years, and I don't like the thumb screw on the back side of the planet waves.

    Any chance you can get the exact Grover model number please?  Are they these:

  5. You selected Chime-4 or Chime-2 (the 12-string presets), created an open E tuning and put both of them in a preset ?  I'd appreciate step by step instructions on how you did that, presumably with Workbench.  I tried that and no matter what I tried, I'd get either the 12-string in EADGBE tuning, or an open E tuning with 6-string.  I couldn't get both.  The only way I can do it is by manually selecting them on the guitar using both knobs (I created an open E tuning and assigned it to a position on the alternate tuning knob).

  6. There is a lot that needs to be in the manual, especially in the area of using Workbench.  For example, the Help in Workbench does not address all the buttons and menus that appear on the application.  I don't find them to be intuitive.  If I were a documentation designer I would include a step by step guide on how to edit models and alternate tunings, how to save them, back them up, restore them, etc.  I mean in detail.

  7. I've already read the manual and online threads.  My observations are from experience.  I think what's going on here is that the 12-string already has an alternate tuning programmed with it which is the octave to the E,A,D and G strings and that's why I cannot PROGRAM an open E tuning on top of it.  I'll try and see, but I'm guessing that normally alternate tunings can be stored (and recalled via Vetta) with guitar models.

  8. So, I thought from what I've read (Page 8-11 in Vetta 2 manual) that, using the VDI cable to connect the JTV to the Vetta 2, I can control the settings on my JTV59 from my Vetta amp, but that seems to be only partly true and it doesn't always work.


    I want to be able to call up a preset on my Vetta and have it tell my JTV59 what guitar model and tuning to use.  I thought that if I set the JTV the way I want it (guitar model and alternate tuning) and save the current preset on the Vetta, recalling that preset on the Vetta would call up unconditionally  the settings in the JTV.  What I find is 2 things:  1) Before selecting a Vetta preset, the modeling on the JTV has to be turned on (modeling knob has to be lit) for the Vetta to select the guitar model i.e. the Vetta doesn't turn on the guitar modeling if it's off when I select the Vetta preset.  2) The alternate tuning preset is neither turned on nor called up when I recall the Vetta preset.  Even if I have the alternate tuning enabled (knob is lit) the alternate tuning that was set when I saved the Vetta preset is not called up. 


    For those Vetta presets I want to control the JTV, I have the preset's Amp/Cab Details page 3 set to the guitar model I want, and I have Control = ON which is the global setting to allow the Vetta to control the JTV.  Am I missing something?  Thanks in advance for any guidance.


    Oh and also, in each Vetta preset's Amp/Cab page 3 details, it says I have a "Variax acoustic" connected to the amp.  Is that normal since my JTV59 is not a Variax acoustic?  Or is that just because Vetta firmware hasn't been updated since the Stone Age?


    By the way, I call up Vetta presets with a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI pedal.




    Found some answers, though from 2010, in this thread:


    I guess this is the answer (from seddo1966, Jan 2012):  "you change the model of the JTV you want to store, by using the vetta model knob, not the JTV knob. And the Altered Tuning knob on the JTV59 must be on Model. I 've also found out that i can only store ALTERED TUNINGS on any of the 5 JTV59's Custom 1 and Custom 2 settings. All the Custom 1 and 2 Altered tunings, i've chosen, will save in any vetta patch."


    UPDATE 2.......

    I tried creating a guitar model that is a 12-string combined with an open E tuning and I couldn't do it.  What ended up happening was I got a 12-string guitar that plays an open E and a normal tuning at the same time.  Talk about dissonance !  Anyone know how to pull that off?

  9. Line6 Monkey is used for firmware updates, not Line6 Edit.  Other users in this forum are using Pod XT Live so the answer to compatibility would be yes.  I suggest you do some reading around this forum - there's a wealth of knowledge out there.


    There is also Variax Workbench which is used to edit your JTV's guitar models, add alternate tunings, and lots of other fun stuff.


    Here's a good place to start:


    Note that although the Documents section speaks of a 1.8 firmware upgrade, 1.9 is the latest as Line6 Monkey will tell you.

  10. Got it - thanks.  Nice playing!  BTW, where in "Upstate NY" are you?  I'm your neighbor in Burlington, VT.

    I'm in Poughkeepsie.  Thanks for the compliment.  A lot of work that Steve Howe !  I used the JTV59 for the first time at rehearsal this past weekend and it worked out great !  Sitar, acoustic, Rick 360-12, ES335 and ES175 (which was a little too thin sounding) all worked great.  Goodbye guitar switching !

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