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  1. I'm here for the same question:
    I just bought a focusrite 4i4, and I Have a POD HD500X.
    I guess run the signal through the ¼" output of the pod or the cannon cable should be the same, if the jack cable is not so long.
    I mean, in terms of using the cabinet simulator, should be the same.
    Using the ¼" line output we should turn to LINE the output of the POD and LINE the input of the daw.

    Which is the best configuration to select into the Utilities panel of the POD output page?
    Should I use the Studio/Direct mode?
    reading the manual, should be the best solution: "Typically the best option when connecting “Direct” to a mixing console or recording device. This signal includes “Studio” Cab Models, Mic Model and an “AIR” convolution to best emulate a mic’ed amp within a room."


    Now I don't use cab simulator on my patches, because I run the POD with a Line6 AMP DT25, so for a Studio/Direct mode do I need to setup patches to use while recording? instead of the patches used when used with the DT25?

    ALSO, I have a DI Box with a Cabinet Simulator function, I used it when we go live and you cannot bring the amp, and the sound guy ask you to go direct into the PA.

    I know that maybe I can reach the same result linkin the balanced output of the pod to the PA system, but as before...maybe I should have a set of cloned patches to do that with cabinet simulator...that's why I'm more fast linking a DI with a 4x12 simulator IR.
    Don't know it's pretty confusing..
    what do you think guys?

  2. Ok guys, last time we tried with Cubase, but now we used Ableton, the behavior of the pod is the same: random behavior 


    So this is a video of what is happening, devices and software are:

    PC with Windows 10
    Ableton live 9.6
    Audio device: Tascam US 16x08
    Midi cable: brand new 15 meters (49 feet)
    Pod HD 500x

    We are NOT sending a Bank change to choose the setlist, we want to program change inside the current setlist, this is what happened:

    Video audio is Italian but I added subtitles


  3. Hi guys,


    yesterday I spent two hours with my drummer, trying to understand how to get this aim. Nothing to do.

    We saw some online videos on youtube on how to do, but on the video seems easier than the reality.

    We linked the pod midi input to the midi output of the sound device, Cubase see the audio device, we created a new midi track and followed the instructions.


    On the left, we selected Bank 0, then we added some program change with some values, the values was the "velocity" parameter.
    The pod started changing patches but randomly, if we put velocity to 0, I got patch 1A, if we raise the velocity number by number, the POD starts changing randomly the patches like this:

    1A, 1C, 2A, 2C, etc. randomly it returns on 1A. Can't understand witch value link to a specific patch, do you guys know how do handle this?


    thank you.

  4. Hello all. I’m new to this forum so hopefully I’m going about this in the right way.


    Do here is my question, I use a stray with a graph tech ghost system in the bridge for gigs. I recently got a hd500 and a dt25 and I want to run them using L6link.


    I’m wondering if it’s possible to send the piezo signal to the aux input route it to the PA through an XLR on the back of the pod and run the electric through the link cable.


    Hope that makes sense.


    Also when I move delays and reverbs to after my ap model on the pod they stop working. Again this is when I’m using L6 link.




    yes you can,


    i have a majesty with magnets pickups and a piezo, a stereo cable that ends with two mono jack Y form.

    One into guitar input, one into aux input. then into the right channel in the signal path you put a loop fx, to 100% if i don't get wrong, so the 100% of that signal (piezo) go out through the send FX output, i use that to send into the PA the piezo, with a jack -> xlr cable.


    with the mixer at the end of the chain you are able to set the volume of both channels.

  5. Hello guys,


    i have this frustrating noise with the DT25, i'm so tired to hear this noise when i stop playing for a while.

    Tubes are new matched EH EL84, biased at 23 and 27, but i had this problem also before changing the tubes. I thought that changing the tubes the problem disappear, but it has not.

    You can see the behaviour in this video:



    do you have any suggestion?


    thank you.

  6. as I said before, when I need to send the acoustic signal to the PA or a FR system I use a standard jack cable connected to the SEND output (on the rear panel of the POD) and to make it work as I want I put the FX LOOP block where I want to deviate the signal into the path (or full patch) dedicated to the acoustic tone,..


    the el. guitar tone goes instead to the external amp through the jack cable connected to the standard output, or as in your case through the L6 link to the DT amp


    that means that if you don't connect any standard jack on the R output, the piezo signal goes automatically through the L6Link?

  7. I didn't read all the posts in this thread, I gave just a very quick look..


    hopefully helpful, what I could say is that every time I need to send the electric guitar signal to an external guitar amp, and the acoustic signal to a flat response system, I take advantage of the POD FX LOOP SEND output (which could eventually work also as stereo with a TRS jack cable), thus I put a FX LOOP FX block into the dedicated acoustic path or full patch to deviate the acoustic signal toward the FR system (instead of going towards the standard outputs connected to the amp) connected to the the SEND output


    what should be the difference between your method and mine? just what connector is used? balanced out cannon vs jack send output?

  8. i said a fool, unfortunately (or luckily) the OUTPUT L6Link Left/right is not a global parameter, but is a patch parameter. This means that i cannot do exactly what i said before, but i do need to change all the mixers in the patches to channel A all left, channel B all right and set the output to left to the DT AMP and right to the PA.
    This because if i keep the channels A on the mixer to center, also distorted sounds and crunch would go both through the AMP and the PA, and i don't want that.

  9. Correct, if you have Firmware (flash memory) 1.0. I indeed works as you described. Unless you updated your DT it likely has 1.0. I would bet any DT you buy likely has 1.0 installed. You have to get MIDI to USB cable and then you can see the version as it was on my video at the end on Line 6 Monkey.


    do you think it worth to update? what are the changes over this reverb working?

  10. does it sound good by just simply using low power mode ??


    i don't know if low volume mode exclude tubes or what else, i just know that the volume is easier to tune, the paste of the sound is different unfortunately, but this is the only way i can play at home.


    Volume is 50% on the pod and 50% in the amp.

    Volume depends also from the channel volume and mixer in the patch itself.

  11. Correct, at least on the latest firmware for the DT. It was integrated at one point but is not longer, sorry I don't know which firmware version number it switched. So if you Reverb on the HD500 patch and you turn the verb knob up on Channel A it adds a second reverb internal to the DT.


    nope, the reverb on the amp is the amount of reberb (mix) you set in the patch.

    This helps you to keep the reverb you set in the patch (type, pre delay, etc) and set the mix manually proportionally based on the location you are playing into.

  12. I set my patches for live use. Rehearsal with the full band for me is at typically stage volume. For practicing at home, I use a similar but different set of patches for playing over headphones. The up side to having this second set of headphone patches is I can switch over to them and go direct to our PA in the event my DT fails for some reason at a show.


    Similar to Palico, but at home i play with the same configuration of rehearsal/stage but in Low Volume mode

  13. ok, i bought that Y cable and it works for anyone who wants to know.

    now i want try to do this:

    put the right channel on the mixer of the clean patch all to RIGHT.

    So when the L6Link is configured for OUTPUT: LEFT/RIGHT i can hear the acoustic piezo through the amp
    If i set the OUTPUT L6Link to only LEFT, the right channel (piezo) should go out only through the Direct OUT Cannon (the right one) on the back of the pod, so i can send into a PA when i'm live

    This settings should easily work when i need to hear the piezo through the DT25, or exclude and send into a PA with just 1 change in the general option panel :)


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