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  1. I just connected my new HD500X to my two studio monitors via XLR.  I am getting no sound to the speakers.  I can't find my headphone adapter so I can't test if audio is going out at all.  


    Just to confirm, I don't need any device between my 500X and my speakers right?  XLR cables go directly from pedal to speaker?  


    Is there a setting on the 500X where I have to specify XLR instead of 1/4 line?  I just went through the setup guide and found nothing.  


    I just tested, 1/4 gives sound.  XLR does not.  


    Thanks for any help

  2. This is looking more promising.  


    I've only ever played with amps.  Never even owned a speaker, as I don't play live or anything.  Seems like if you want ultimate versatility and customization, then multi-effects, amp mods, and a speaker is the way to go.  Makes sense.  It just seems weird though.  

  3. Maybe plateau is a better word.  Look at smart phones.  5 - 10 years ago, every new phone that came out was revolutionary.  It was worth it to buy them and deal with the bugs and wonkiness because it was brand new.  Now basically every phone does the same thing and it's flattened out.  They are very reliable, easy to use, and predictable.  You expect that now.  You wouldn't want to have to go back and deal with those challenges in your phone now.  


    That's where I'm at with the HD500x.  I know it's old and I can tell that I will be dealing with configuring something that SHOULD and WILL be much easier very soon.  And not because of some technological leap, but just from upgrading a few things with technology that is already common.  It's nothing new, and will also plateau soon.  I CAN get enjoyable tones out of something like the HD500X, I just don't want to pay $400 plus buy a speaker, and be monkeying around with something four years old.  Probably sounds strange to somebody who's been using it for years, but hey, it's money and time.    

  4. The technology is there.  The models and effects are easily combine.  The user interface or app is easy to build.  Somebody just needs to combine them and we wait for the price to drop.  As far as solving problems, I think we are at a peak not a valley with these devices.  For me, nothing I'm looking for is unreasonable, or cutting edge.   

  5. Yeah, sounds like a good idea.  So right now I have a 100watt amp.  If I get an frfr, how much do I need to spend do you think, to have good sound and plenty of power?  And what size speaker do I need?  Anything else about frfr's that i need to know?  Thanks!  

  6. Exactly, that's why I said an effects \ amp modeler coupled with an frfr would be where this is all going.  I would rather not use my amp because as you said, it will have an effect on the sound I'm trying to model.  However, aren't these devices coupled with an frfr really an amp, in the end?  Kind of weird.  It comes full circle.  


    Seems like these things go in cycles.  Somebody builds an all in one amp with lots of effects and mods, then people build better pedals and devices to use external to the amp.  Then again, somebody creates a new amp and includes all the new stuff in the amp.  An all in one package.


    I'm not happy with my amp anymore anyways.  I will keep it for playing with friends, but i'm ready to try something new.  And something even more dynamic and flexible.   


    I'm not at the point anymore where I want to buy an amp and lots of pedals.  It's too expensive and inconvenient.  The mods and effects are getting better and better (firehawk, hd500x).  However the 500x and configuring it is very dated, and the firehawk is more of a lateral move in many ways, and limited in others.  I think the next thing to come along will solve those problems.  And yes, I get that there are always new gadgets and you can never be completely happy, but it's obvious the hd500x is amazing and just fixing a couple things would take it to another level.  The next iteration of devices like these, I think I would be very happy with.  

  7. Thanks for all the help and not thrashing me.  Great info.  I think we are all looking for efficiency, in one area or another.  Some people want to be able to efficiently create and edit tones.  Some people want to efficiently get a preset tone and not have to create or edit.  These devices try to provide both at a great price point.  I just want to find one that leans to my side.  I wish I had more time and creativity.   I can learn any device, but I'm tired of being an early adopter and putting too much work into something that will be infinitely easier tomorrow.  


    Like, I bought the Line 6 Spider Jam 3 about 6 - 7 years ago.  Amazing!  But after using it a year or so, the weaknesses become excruciating.  Now I have the Vox Plantronix VT120+.  Great for what it is.  But it's getting weak compared to what is coming out, and it's muffled sound is killing me now.  


    I think the HD500x or Firehawk type device paired with an frfr studio monitor would be pretty hard to beat, yes?  isn't that where this is all going next?     

  8. I saw the Firehawk in an article recently and looked into it.  Don't like having to use bluetooth and a phone or tablet to control it.  Also then heard it doesn't have as many amps \ effects as the HD500x.  Also missing some features like dual amp.  I don't even know what that is but everybody misses it so it must be important.


    So now I'm looking at the HD500x.  


    I play 99% of the time in my home by myself.  Once in a great while with some friends just for fun.  I work in technology so I am able, but I am not the type to sit for hours playing around with tones.  I usually just want to jam along with a song I've been learning.  So if I'm playing a GnR song, I will want to use a preset, or download one, and get to playing.  I don't want to build my own Slash sounding patch.  I don't have the patience or skill for that.  I do have the patience to find cool patches online, download them, save them, etc.  I probably won't record anything, and I will be playing through an amp.  


    So that's me.  Here are some concerns I have with the HD500x:


    It's old.  Yes I've read old does not necessarily mean not as good as current stuff.  I do agree somewhat, but something better could be right around the corner and would fix some of my other concerns.  


    It's hard to program, I've read.  Again, I mostly just want to save patches and load them, not edit or build them.  Is this difficult to do as well, or is editing the patches mainly the difficult thing to do on the 500x?


    I will be playing through an amp.  I don't have speakers or monitors or anything.  If it doesn't sound good through my amp I will take it back.  My amp doesn't have effects loop.  Hopefully it has some kind of bypass or something.  I have the Vox Valvetronix VT120+.


    So does this sound like a good device for me?  Could I easily download a patch that sounds like Slash, Frusiante, etc. and be up and running pretty quickly or am I going to be spending hours trying to master this old clunky device with a small interface?  I just basically don't want to have to "master" this thing to be able to do the simple things I like to do.

    Thanks for the help!  


  9. I'm at work but I don't think my amp has an effects loop input.  I'm at work now but I don't remember seeing it.  Valvetronix vt120+.  


    Man...  seems like God doesn't want me to buy this thing.  

  10. Sounds like a speaker is the easy way to go.  I'm looking at PA Speakers on Guitarcenter.com.  That's what I need right?  A PA speaker?  How much do I need to spend?  Any features that are needed?  I will just be playing in my house.  Maybe with a couple friends.  No gigs or anything.


    Thanks for the help 


    Actually now I'm reading about frfr speakers and all the problems they are giving people.  Hmmmm.  This is getting complicated.  

  11. Still a little confused about something.  Is the proper way to use this directly to speakers or directly to an amp?  


    Which is going to sound better?  Won't my amp affect the sound, considering this thing models other amps?  



  12. I'm already sitting in front of my computer when I play, or it's nearby.  Usually learning a song or playing along to something.  What would I rather use, a big screen with mouse and keyboard or a little smartphone?  It's just another device I now have to deal with and will be dependent on.  


    Sounds great for playing live, or if you have a damaged calf muscle from playing football at the weekend ;) 


    If there was a windows app I would buy it today.  Can you control it any other way but bluetooth?  Can you connect a cable to the phone or tablet?  Sorry, I just like options.  Had a few bluetooth devices that were spotty.   

  13. So the only way to use the FX is with a phone or tablet?  There's no way to use windows?  So if somebody doesn't have a smartphone or tablet this thing is useless?  I do have an android but I would hate to have to use that rather than my computer right next to my other equipment.  


    Thanks for any help.  

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