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  1. After I installed the latest firmware, the very first column of pixels (to the far left, are offset by one or two pixels)

    And on the top left corner there is a pixel flashing purple, overtime I move the joystick...

    Anyone else experienced this? Tried reinstalling, didn't fix it :/ Hope it won't get worse...

  2. why not just make a settings option to disable the joystick encoder when working on the homescreen? as soon as you press it, you can scroll thru the lists again... making it react after 2-3 turns will just make the UI feel slow/sluggish

  3. cool, thanks for your reply! It could work, since, if I remember correctly, the loop on my friedman smallbox is instrument level!

    I just thought it might be a little tidier to have one path for pre fx and one for post fx ;)

  4. When using the helix with a normal (MONO) guitar amp, could I setup the Helix like this:

    Path 1:

    Guitar -> Helix Guitar Main Input

    Helix 1/4" Out Left -> Amp Input

    Path 2: 

    Amp FX Send -> Helix Aux Input

    Helix 1/4" Out Right -> Amp FX Return


    Of course I would have to pan the appropriate signals hard left and right for this to work...


    I just thought it would be a cool way to setup the 4 cable method - this way you could still keep all four effect loops!

  5. can the footswitches be linked, so that when I press one, another one turns off? For example one would activate a compressor and a chorus, and the other switch a drive block and a delay? I could then switch between those two combinations with only one foot-tap ;)

    It would also be cool if more than two could be linked together.... like a row of four switches, where only one could be activated at a time.

  6. Yeah, that would be the easiest way. You can also use any of the 1/4" returns as inputs. You just have select whatever input you're using for each tone path.

    are all 1/4" inputs on the Helix the same in terms of soundquality? On the Axe Fx you have the main input with it's "secret sauce" (whatever that might be...) and then an aux input on the back, as in they are different. What about the helix? Same quality converters and such on all inputs, with the same 123dB dynamic range?

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  7. How many parallel paths can I create on the Helix? I read it has four stereo paths... can I split my guitar signal to the four paths and for example run four choruses in parallel, and then sum it to one single output?

  8. couldn't it be that you just want line 6 to post all those "metal sounds" you haven't heard from the helix, just so it'll make the wait easier?

    I get the feeling it's more and more becoming about each persons different taste in music, rather than about specific tones. For example that first Isis clip... I heard absolutely nothing special in that tone, and I'm sure it's easy to replicate with any of the helix high gain amps... and lots of those other modern high gain chuggah chuggah riff clips are gated and compressed and eq'ed and edited so hard that it's impossible to tell what the actual amp in the studio sounded like when they did the recording. I'm pretty sure that with the Amps included in the Helix you'll have more than enough Amps to cover pretty much every tone you could ever need - asuming you know how to dial in the amps. A marshall with some eq and a drivepedal has ben the basis for countless metal records. There is a reason they have become sort of an industrie standard.

  9. Since the Helix has such a great display, I thought it would be a cool idea if you could store somekind of "post-its" or notes together with each preset or switch, which would then appear on the screen below the patchname. I sometimes work in different top 40 bands, and there are some songs that I don't play very often where I can never remember the chords for the bridge or something... would be cool to save a little leadsheet together with the related preset - just as a little help to keep you on track ;)

  10. I feel exactly the same way as you... but at least we still have the opportunity to use the pre FX section in the loop of for example an Axess GRX4, and the post FX section in a suhr MiniMix. That would be a workaround. The Axess is midicontrollable, so you could save it's loop status in a preset, and the MiniMix has a controll in jack, which allows you to kill it's dry path, if you for example need some 100% wet sounds from the Helix, like Amp Models or a Whammy... I guess we'll just have to see how much it actually colours the dry signal or not.

    If it does, but the FX sound great, I'll just use my MiniMix with it, and have it in the Loop of my Friedman - as a start ;)

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