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  1. It seems like, if you're going to get the equivalent to all these stomp boxes, you might as well get an HD500X so you can mix and match and route them the way you like (if the price isn't prohibitive for you).

    I've got one of Brian May's guitars, which, due to its pickups, will probably require an EQ on every flow. If I understand this right, that would tie up FX1 on the HD300 and HD400, making the use of anything else in the FX1 effects inventory impossible.

  2. one particular frustration that people have with the 300 is that they can't use say a compresser, overdrive, and eq at the same time because they all exist in the FX1 slot... that's a limitation of the device... which is reflected in the version of edit... 


    That sounds like the paradigm used in the Spider amp I have.


    Is slap-back echo and reverb at the same time is a no-go?

  3. I play guitar at home as a hohby. I have an old Spider III 30 watt amp and am looking at options for upgrading my sound.


    Would there be any drawbacks (such as fidelity) to feeding the output of a POD HD into the line input (CD/MP3) in the front of my Spider, which I assume is designed to be uncolored, which is what I'd want? Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts?