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  1. I have a Helix rack and I use it with a SYN 2. Some of my modules are dual channels= and I would like to use the MIDI feature to switch between them. Say I have a dual Dumble OD. I can easily set up a patch for the cleaner side and then another one for the higher gain side. What I would like to do is be able to have it switch channels within the same patch. Right now I have a patch called Dumble Clean and then a copy of that patch called Dumble Gain that I switch to and it will switch the channel via MIDI. I would like to just have one patch with a foot switch that goes from the clean side to the dirty side within the same patch if possible. I hope this make sense....



  2. Thanks Phil. I got off the phone with line 6 earlier and they were also baffled. It did it on all loops. They are thinking I need to send it back. I tried your suggestion about changing the loop to line level and that did the trick. It also changes the tone considerably in that a lot of highs seem to drop out. Are you thinking that I could maybe add the highs back in the global EQ?

    The odd thing is I have been using this for a year without the issue. I noticed it after the new update. However, I really think it must be coincidental as I have not heard of this issue with anyone else. Obviously something happened and it should not be acting this way. I may have to send it back although I Hate being with out it for three weeks!

  3. Also if I run the Helix directly into my amp (guitar in to Helix, out via left mono out) there is no clipping at all. Does it sound like a bad jack in the Helix FX loop somewhere?

  4. Yep. Everything was set for instrument. So I did more trouble shooting....if I run the Helix into my FX return (Which would be bypassing the preamps section of the amp and using amp models) all is well. If I go direct into the amp, all is well. It seems in 4CM when I send the preamp signal to the Helix it starts clipping.

  5. On 8/8/2019 at 5:22 PM, rd2rk said:

    When you called them back and told them that you still had the issue, what did they say?

    They said they were well aware of the issue and that updating to 2.8.1 would fix it. It did not....

  6. Not sure about that....is that an actual switch on the back like older hardware or is it internal? How would I find that? That is a good suggestion as it is that kind of clipping.

  7. So I went ahead and set up a patch where the only thin in it was my loop so I could run 4CM. The clipping is still there. It is interesting that it happens on the neck pickup more and also if I give the preamp more gain. It is like something is being overdriven in the Helix when it is returned from the preamp. Like I said, I have used two different amps FX loops and the issue is there for both, so it is definitely in the Helix.

  8. PS I loved the line about “being a bassist it was a little daunting to get involved with the Helix.....”

    Kind of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing how bass players must look up to guitarists.

  9. So I have another thread on here about some input clipping which started in 2.8 and is still there in 2.81. I am wondering if I can do what you guys are saying and just restore my Globals if that might fix it? As I am not home my question would be if I do the above and get to the restore part, will I get a choice of restoring Globals to 2.71 which I backed up, or would I have to restore it to 2.8 which I also backed up?


    You guys are the best!

  10. Yep, that is it....if I want to open up a block it takes about ten tries to get it to work Once I get to the choices (I.e. amp, cab, Distortion, etc.) it works fine. I have not called them back yet. I had the problem in 2.8 and he told me that 2.81 would fix it. I would rather not go back to 2.7 but may have to. Like you, I thought something was wrong with the joystick. It was good to hear that it was a software issue at least. Check out my other post about clipping in 4CM. That also started with 2.8 but could just be coincidental.....

  11. I will check that out as I do have active blocks. When I get home later I will set up a patch with just the 4CM loop. I neglected to say that if I go direct into the amp, no noise. Also I switched out every patch cord at least three times. 

    Thanks for the hint and I can’t wait to try it!

  12. I am using the Helix rack with  an Egnater MOD50 and recently noticed some clipping. I thought it had to be the amp and spent a few hours trouble shooting it as it really sounded like a bad input tube, or jack. I then tried the Helix in another amp 4CM and found the same noise. I also tried and old Digitech GSP 1101 in the amp and it worked fine....no noise. So I am pretty damn sure it is in the Helix. It doesn't sound like a digital type noise at all and when I use more gain in the pre amp it definitely gets worse.

    I called tech support and they were thinking that maybe I had to send it back but I live in Montana and the nearest repair place is 200 miles away. Before I send it to California, does anyone have any ideas> I tried padding the guitar but that didn't help. And yes, I checked all of the input/output stuff and everything is as it should be. It just seems that something is overdriving something and it is in the Helix.

    Any ideas?

  13. I found that my joystick had become intermittent after upgrading to 2.8. I thought it was a hardware problem but I called the company and they said that this was a known issue with 2.8 and told me to go to 2.81. I did that and the issue is back. Anyone else on this?



  15. Thanks a lot. It makes sense.....I might stop on it with certain shoes with too much authority and then again later too little in order to compensate. I’ll try to pay more attention to it.


  16. I have the helix rack and pretty sure this issue would apply to floorboards as well.  I hit the up/down button and it often jumps ahead two or three patches. Same goes for the reverse. Something I can fix w/o taking it apart? Maybe squirt some cleaner in?

  17. The amp I am wanting to switch is a modified Randall RM50. I am not sure if it uses shorting or not. Pretty much any on/off FS works I think. The stock pedal has two switches and goes out into two 1/4 “ jacks. One is for a boost and the other is for the channel switching. I kind of think it must be just on/off shorting?

  18. I think you missed the question. I know how to import and export, but I am having the same issue. I save a preset and then I go back to it and it is not saved. I went to page 16 in the manual and that tells me how to import/export. So how do I save a preset in order to import or export it? 

    I feel jtsuth's frustration....

  19. Does none now any ultra simple step by step videos or anything to help me switch channels on an amp using my Helix rack? I want to  be able to hit a FS on my Rack controller and switch between two different channels on my amp. I am not using any amp models. It seems like it would. Be a simple deal as the rack even has an external FS jack. 

    pardon my ignorance, but all of the videos I have seen are a little more complex than I want to go.

    Something like:

    a) run a cable from amp to Helix FS jack

    b) go to.....etc.

    Thanks in advance.

  20. I have a Helix rack and am suing it exclusively for FX. Up until I got it, I had been using the GSP1101. There is a big volume difference between the two. Say I am running the master on my amp at 12:00 and then using 4CM, I have to run the Helix around 1:00 to get any gig volume. On the GSP I only have to run it around 10:00 to get the same volume. Is there a reason for this or am I doing something wrong?