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  1. I actually use two block to get to the right sweep. I have two in series both set to Log - this way it gets near the sweep i want... not perfectly, though.
  2. NOTE!: If you do this you will still get dry signal running through the path that is "inactive". You have to mute one of the paths - either at the beginning or the end - or anywhere in between actually.
  3. If the instructions say 2.11 and there is no newer Editor, you can trust that you can just use 2.11 !
  4. Did you remember to update your editor as well ?
  5. MIDI is the only solution, that would work. But if the on board switch is dying, you could probably get it fixed under the warranty.
  6. It is done, but as some say in this thread it is a quite minor thing, so it doesn't get much attention. The thing is that it doesn't take more than just change one value in the code, so line wont have to use several hours to fix this... Just do it :D
  7. Are you sure that it will free up DSP power ? I cant see why it would do that, as the DSP limit has nothing to do with the block being on or off.
  8. But any newer pedal has "spilover" or "trails" or anything other that means the same.
  9. I really dont get it - how many of you prefer to have trails off as standard. I do realize that there are specific scenarios where it is desired, but I just dont get it. Do any of you prefer it that way (for all Delays and Reverbs) - and why?
  10. Paste (cmd+v) of preset not working. On my mac running OS 10.11.6 and editor 2.11, I cannot paste presets in the editor using Cmd+V. Cmd+C does seem to work but to paste i have to right click and then pres Paste in the dropdown.
  11. I am no way near a saftware engenier. That might be why I have no idea what an SKU is. And I will admit that I cant estimate how much time it would take for you to make this possible. But a naiv idea may be that it was possible to make a "virtual helix engine". After all the presets contain nothing else than commands and values (I know that it might not be that easy, but it is my hope that it might be possible!)
  12. That is not my point - It would be nice to be able to set up setlist AND copy/past blocks and setup the basic routing for new ideas in new patches. Personally i have a lot of time on the train that could be used on work like this.
  13. I have been a very happy owner of Helix in more than a year, but i still can't get my head around why we can't use the editor alone. I have the experience to be able to make the sounds I want without checking the result all the time. And I dont see why we cant write a patch and then just load it to Helix later. There was a lot of talk about this when the Editor first arrived but I dont see a lot about it anymore ? Has anyone gotten an explanation from Line 6 that makes sense as to why this is not an option ? Best regards Magnus
  14. Yeah, exactly. Of course you are absolutely right. As long as there is no scale, the only stereo difference would be the mod. But a scale parameter would be nice!
  15. BUG: The parameter "Spread" does not work on the block "reverse delay". Some say that it works when the modulation is turned on. I dont have my Helix near to check, but i know that it doesnt work when "Mode" is "Off"
  16. Really ? That's weird, but thanks! Cant check right now but I hope you are right :)
  17. Hi! I find that the parameter "spread" on this particular block has no effect at all. I need to setup two different blocks on two paths to make a huge stereo sound. Is this really what Line 6 intended or is it a bug that no one has seen because its just an odd effect ? I really love it in stereo, so i would love that it was possible in one block alone! Best Regards Magnus
  18. Personally i wouldn't use the helix FX for mix unless there was a certain effect i did not have. If you want to do it, the smartest way (as I see it) would be to setup 3 paths on the helix with each there USB input and use them as FX-BUS 1, 2, and 3 in the DAW. This of course mostly makes sense wet FX and not to the use of EQ etc. If you want to use the helix exclusively for FX you would end up using a LOT of time re-recording the tracks with the desired effects and tweaks.
  19. What is it you are asking ? Do you want to use the Helix in the actual Mix-fase ? (After you have recorded all the needed tracks) Or am I not understanding it correctly? Of course you could do that but I would definitely prefer to use the ones in my daw. Mostly because of convenience.
  20. Yeah... I hadn't thought of the case with the pentatonic scale, but in the case of harmonic minor the interval from b6 to 7 is actually an augmented 2nd and not a minor 3rd. They sound the same but in theory it is still the interval of a 2nd.
  21. Yes. But when using halfsteps it is the only solution if you only want to use numbers. This is an actual harmonizer using the intervals of the scale. I havn't checked but i am pretty sure that the smart harmony does not use the system you are referring to.
  22. You probably wound't consider this a bug it is some i really think you need to change: in the Harmony delay the settings for "Voice Shift" doesn't make any sense in a musical way. Since no shift is labeled "0" you end up with "1" meaning the interval of a 2nd and "2" meaning a 3rd and so-on. 4 is a 5th. Well, of course i can learn that this is the case, but it would be better to give the values: Unison, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.
  23. Once you have done it in one patch, you could probably just copy that input block to you other patches.
  24. You canot connect an external controller for helix via USB you world have to use actual midi connections.
  25. Well. you have the answer yourself. If your socks are just a little bit sweaty, they won't insulate and therefore the touch-capabilities strikes..
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