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  1. what ? how have you done this without the mix being very low when the EXP is near the heal position ?
  2. There are Digital Outputs on the backpanel - It just controls the level of this. It is not for playback via usb.
  3. I see that i have not been very clear. The thing is that i want to be in "discard" mode. I have made 4 snapshots, that i want to use: Clean, Crunch1, Crunch2 and lead. I dont want any changes to happen in these as want to know exactly what sound comes when i recall snapshot 1. But if i end up i a situation where i want to add an FX-block on the fly. I.e. i could need a chorus. I add in a chorus-block an link a to an empty stomp-switch, so i can turn it on when ever i need it. But now all of the snapshots have this new block turned on even though it was not saved to them. My basic point to line 6 is this: Any new blocks should have their bypass-state set to "off" in the snapshots - as the new blocks have not been saved to them and therefor was not meant to be in them. Also: The change from "Discard" to "Racall" cant be made from the editor which makes it impossible to build patches in Discard-mode
  4. v. 2.0 When I am in "Snapshot-discard-mode" (No auto save of snapshots) and I add a new fx-block in the chain, then it is add to all snapshots in the patch - That doesn't seem logical...
  5. And you might want to try using a low cut on the repeats so that they don't mud as much on top og the actual tone and still being very present.
  6. What do you mean, when you say the a volume pedal kills the current sustain ? It is exactly the same as the Auto Swell - just without the auto. Of course you have to put the vol block before the delays...
  7. Could you post a pic? You probably have signal passing through another path og something similar.. Maybe you have set the input block on path 2 by a mistake...
  8. Could you post a pic? You probably have signal passing through another path og something similar.. Maybe you have set the input block on path 2 by a mistake...
  9. But the question is: what is easier. Some might think that it is easier now that every amp has (aprox.) the same settings...
  10. Nice Work, DI! But it seems as a PR stunt to say that the Helix way is "more" stereo than what you categorize as "other modellers" - Its the same thing :p But any way - it is a clear explanation :D Tumbs up :)
  11. You should probably post some sound, so we can have an idea of your problem. :)
  12. But you have another send to the FOH or? Why would you only want to turn that one down ?
  13. How do you connect that to your Helix ? Do you also use a PC or ? Does any of you know of a similar (And cheap) controller, that has continuous knobs, so the value doesnt jump ?
  14. Yeah of cause - If you are in need of isolated outputs then it makes sense. But I have never need that in my setups - guess I have just been lucky in my choosing of pedals to combine :p
  15. Hi! Am I the only one having the perception that the sweep of the Exp-pedal is weird. First of all it is fine that you can choose "Linear" og "Logarithmic" when using a vol.pedal-block but why oh why is Linear the standard ? But worse is that when using the Exp for other things - F.ex. blend a Y-split or Control the Mix of a delay - to me it really looks like something is messed up. A smaller sweep to go from 0-25% than it does to go from 75-100%. It gives some sort of Inverted Logarithmic Sweep which does not make any sense to me. The sweep is the same as when you use a Linear Pot for a unit that actually is meant for Log-pots. Does anyone else see this problem and can L6 tell if this is intentional or what is up ?
  16. Hmm! That sounds really weird! Can anyone come up with an explanation as to why this would happen ? I really dont see why this would create noise. My Helix is mounted in the same why as in this tread and to a Case, that is covered in alu, so it is conductive, but I dont hear any noise.
  17. Have you dialed the input block to the right setting. Bet it is called digital in.
  18. Well. It has to take of the 3dBs as a standard, doesn't it - Otherwise you wouldnt be able to use a Controller assign on the split block without the blocks on path A changing sound when you go fra "A100" to anything less what "A100". Or am I not right ?
  19. Are you saying that you can only toggle with Helix-switches or, that you toggle via midi - but only those that already has a switch - If the last one is the case: Oh my, that is stupid!
  20. That sounds really nice! How do you toggle a specific block via Midi ?
  21. That really has to be some very very hard tape to work. Lol.
  22. Hmm... It is personal taste wether it becomes better or not. The only thing that can be said with as an objective truth, is that it will certainly become more versatile.
  23. If you take of your shoes, it will do that :D - Due to the conductive switches But of course it cant be the same as M-series, because you can assign multiple stuff to the same switch :)
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