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  1. Nice. But you should definitely use some EQ on that Mic as well. :)
  2. Hah! Yeah! I just expected that it was how you had put it up, because it would be the logical way to me, but you are exactly right!
  3. Hmm... But my guide was on how to switch directly from you normal FX-chain and down to the Swell-chain in one click ? It wont take up any more DSP than already used ?
  4. You can assign up to 8 blocks/assigns to each switch. Biggest difference from what people call scenes is that you cannot have multiple switches controlling the same block, But you can just put in two identical blocks if needed and allowed by DSP. If you setup the split-block in path 2 to "A/B", you can make a controller assign, that changes from path 2A to 2B in one click - and with spilover. 1. Go to splitblock 2. Dial joystick to "A/B" 3. Press and hold knob 1 "Route to" until the controller assign menu comes up 4. Select the switch you would like. 5. Set the values: Min: 100A Max: 100B 6. BAM! Besides that i would put my vol. pedal after the amp for swells. But that is just personal taste.
  5. But some amps cant go all the way to 100% wet on the FX-loop (Dry signal will still go through) and in that case, you would have to set al of the wet FX in Helix to 100% mix and then control the amount via the Dial on the amp.
  6. If I only use one, the mix is about 55-70% i think. I havnt found one yet, that does not take out a lot of lowend, så I use the mix, to bring some of this back. The level is just where I find it fitting volume wise. Its about the -18dB. When is use 2 IRs i set the mix higher as the purpose of the Second IR is to bring some of that bottom end back. I Think one of them is at 100% (The classical) and the other one is at 85%-ish or higher.
  7. I run two IRs in parallel. One of them is actually for classical guitar - that one sound very dark and muddy by itself, but when you mix it with your favorite it becomes rich and full. Then you can even pan them a bit to create some stereo image...
  8. I certainly do not want to hear an example if anyone has a patch! :mellow: :D
  9. Hmm... I havnt checked the sounds, but Run Like would probably be Run Like Hell... Pink floyd And Reign In = Reign in Blood...
  10. I would love to help, but it is hard to know what is wrong from your description. Can you make a video with sound explaining how youve set up and what the sound is like ?
  11. Yeah. My bad... Didnt realize that this output was specific for the Rack-unit... Then I dont know anything about it :D
  12. Exactly. And it is not a Dry Signal, but if you would like a dry signal beside your processed signal, you can just you one of the Sends in the unit.
  13. I dont know where you find this, but my guess is that it would mean that an empty signal chain would either be buffered or "true bypass"... But only if the chain is empty. (Or all blocks turned off)
  14. I cant get my head around why the preamp-blocks both have Gain, Ch.Vol and Master parameters. Does anyone know ?
  15. How does this work ? How do you assign that Switch ?
  16. It just seems stupid that the mix knob on the amp turns down "Return". If it just turned down the Sens instead, there wouldnt be a problem. But honestly I cant say that the preamp of the actual amp sounds any better than the ones in Helix - On this amp at least.
  17. Hi guys! Just for comparison I am checking the Helix out with an amp using 4CM. The thing is that the FX-loop is parallel which causes some problems: When the FX-loop on the amp is turn all the way up, where is some serious phase cancellation going on. But if I turn it down it just turns the Return down, so I cant send anything in to the poweramp from Helix. Are all parallel-loops made like this, or is it a stupid amp or am I missing something... Or... Anything else ? Its a Bogner Alchemist - not mine.
  18. I Agree! Mine wont go to 0 either.. only down to about 2%... Manual mapping could save me from this lollipop :)
  19. Yeah it is insanely strong. That is why i didnt use it. In my opinion it is easier to remove 4 bolts that that stuff. Especially when it is such har large unit - When it is big, you cant get an angle and have to remove the whole thing in one rip.
  20. How did you mount it ? I bolted mine to the board. It shouldn't go anywhere :)
  21. Of course. But I dont see the Editor as an excuse for not perfecting the UI when it can be better.
  22. Actually i find it really hard to make a fast spin at all on the middle knobs - And i actually have quite slim/skinny fingers compared to many guitarists, so i would really love an adjustment on this. I imagine that it is a thing that somebody is glad the way it is and so. The solution could be something like 5 different stages that could be chosen in global settings.
  23. Just wanted to hear you guy's opinions before i post anything to IdeaScale (and maybe it is there already.) When adjusting a paramater, that has a lot of values (ie the Time in Delays) it is really a pain in the lollipop to go trough all the values. When you turn the knob fast the value scrolles quicker, but you have to turn the knob very quickly for this to happen - and then you have no idea how much you increase. Am I the only one thinking that there could be a much smoother transition between these states ? Of course you should be able to hit every single value, when your turn it slow, but to me it could start skipping some values when you increase the speed just to normal scroll tempo. What are your thoughts ?
  24. You will not end up with a guitar, that sounds like a banjo, if that is what you are referring to .
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