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  1. If you make two parallel paths and put a Tremolo on each (The new from 1.6) and set the waveform to square. Ideally it would be possible to use Tap-values for the speed - Cant remember if this can be done right now. You could have one set to 4.- notes and the other for dotted 8. to create the rythm know from multi delays... You could also try more than one tremolo on each path to make some less predictable patterns.
  2. A tremolo slicer, or what are you referring to?
  3. Actually this switch cant do any controller assigns at all. Only toggle. I have no idea why, though.
  4. Yes. Unless you use a vol-block to cut the volume or it might be a controller assign, that just turns one amp's Ch. vol down and the other one up.
  5. Okay, now i think I understand, what you are asking. But it stil dont quite get. Why would you think that you are overloading the input, if you have nothing in front of the unit ? As far as I know changing the Impedance would not change this. ? By the way, you are saying that the signal is half volume - so you are not over the treshold in which case you wouldnt hear any difference.
  6. Threshold should be set to minus something (a lot) to be invisible... Turn et down til you don't hear a difference...
  7. In stead of using that Vol-Block you could just assign a Controller Assign to FX Loop-block, That only sends signal when engaged and everything is good! :) This way you godt need to have it in parallel either. Although any like this you could have a situation where it is not possible if you want other specific routings.
  8. If the mix is not 100% it might give some Phase-problems, which might sound like a flanger... or... well.. a phaser...
  9. Are you sends 100% wet - so dry signal doesnt go through ?
  10. Glad you liked it! I can do so, when I am connected to the unit again! And it can do a lot better than this take Tacking-wise. When the arppegiator is on it is a bit tricky to control, but without it it works very well with triads. (Major chords are better than minor!)
  11. This is just a thread to share all of your weird/original/lollipopedup sounds that are fun to fool around with in this devil. I created this synth patches that I am pretty thrilled with! You can just sit mesmerized for hours - MAGIC! But i will admit that it is not at all as mesmerizing when not playing your self, cause it just sound like a synth :) Show us what you have come up with - There are literally tons of possibilities in this little devil! :)
  12. Cool. Then it makes sense. From your first post i just got that you would keep it anyway. But if you want to use the two mics as a paired set of stereo, you would need two preamps. Using two different preamps would actually kill the point of the paired set. I dont know how much, but it would definitely take out some of the point.
  13. But if he going to keep his focusrite anyway, I would use that in stead.
  14. It is just for recording, yes ? You could just use focusrite and make a send to helix. I dont know why you would use helix for recording with mics... FX are not better that the ones in your DAW and if you need some specific FX from helix you can just send it through after it has been recorded.
  15. All this is so true!! Do something now!
  16. It does not make sense that they havn't changed this already. In the beginning everyone was angry at that stick. Of course you become better at operating it, but it is freaking annoying that you have to be carefull all the time! I'M IN!
  17. 4k is right where our ears are most sensitive, so it would make sense, that these frequencies hurt your ear. But be sure that you can stil cut through mixes and so on, but I bet you already have that in mind.
  18. Hmm.. That is really weird! Have you tried changing the Channel-select på the amp - Some amps need to be on Clean og Crunch to work properly. Is the led-shift the same as when you use the normal Marshall-switch ?
  19. I know that you write Example, but switch 12 is tap tempo and would probably not work - guess you have tried another ? And just to be sure - you know that you cable is fine ?
  20. I haven't played with that feature at all, but if there is only one button, you should probably use a normal mono cable, and there would be no ring. Only tip and sleeve. What cable are you using?
  21. At point seven I'm guessing his point is that you should tweak your sounds on FRFR instead of a slobby old monitor wedge...
  22. If you set the split-block to "A/B" instead of "Y", you can make a controller-assign, that chooses either A or B og any combination of the two...
  23. Depending on your computers horsepower, you might get som Latency that way - Your soundcard should have direct monitoring - look in your manual (I dont know the MOTU8, really) If not you could send the playback sound into AUX in on Helix, but to make this work you would have to have a clear path just for this signal to go through Helix and out of Helix' Headphones out. Edit: But i Have recorded with another MOTU device, that had a software in which you could control direct monitoring, Reverb, etc...
  24. ​If you want to pan them, you can do it in the Merge-block. But unless you want seperate control over the amps on the mixing board, I see no reason to pan them.
  25. But you could also use the Headphone out for monitor ? That would be easy to adjust - Havn't done any testing to know if there is a sonic difference, but it would be nice and handy...
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