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  1. If you make another path in path 1 (just like you did in path 2). Then you can move the "split-block" (move the joystick to the place where the line devide into two and press action - then move it down. The same thing goes for the "merge-block"
  2. It seems that there is a bug between Helix and OSX El Capitan. :/ Did it help to change buffersize ?
  3. In the videos you can pretty much see all the info you would need... At least for a starting point...
  4. sounds interesting, but I don't know the first thing about coding.
  5. Okay! Thank you! That's good to hear :) But i still don't see why it isn't possible to make an outputblock send to "Send 1" f.ex.
  6. Thank you. But that is still stupid... i have two signal-paths and want my guitar path to stay stereo. The other one should be sent to a bass-amp in mono...
  7. Yeah, I am using El Capistan... Do we know when this Issue will be fixed ?
  8. Yeah, of cause. But it would just be awesome that everytime I load up an "elephant man" (btw. thats a stupid name :P ) it would sound just the way that I want it.
  9. Is it possible (or will it become possible) to change the standard setting of an effect so that my favorite setting is already there, when I load up my delay f.ex. This would be an amazing feature! f.ex. the standard curve of a volume-pedal i set i Linear which might be considered as an actual Bug in the software.
  10. When I use Helix for recording and use it as Output device, it really sucks ? It makes weird clipping-noises all the time and some times it actually sounds lige some sick Ring-Modulator. Can Anyone explain this ? Is it due to the fact that USB is outdated ? or what is going on ? Sample rate is set to 44.1 in both Helix and Logic.
  11. Now it has happened to me twice that the helix has Frozen when scrolling through presets. Am I the only one this has happened to or is it a software bug ?
  12. Thank you guys! I had just googled for his tones and didn't realize that the site I came to was for POD and not Helix :p
  13. So... I watch to download Paul Hindmarsh's Tones from the online library, but they come i the format .h3e which is not recognised by the Helix App ? Is this the format of the Editor or whats going on here ?
  14. I cant customize a footswitch, that is set as a controller without assigning et for a block (On/Off) as well... Also: Why isn't it possible to make an output-block send in mono ? F.ex. sending one path on send 1. Of course I can put a send in the last block before output, but i dont see why we dont have a chance to output in mono ?
  15. Does anyone know if it would be possible to make a software update, where you can choose how much DSP-power you would send to each path ? I have a tele with an extra Piezo (which makes Bass-octave on the lower strings) Short story: I need to paths, but in one of them i only need af mute switch, which shouldn't take up that much power :)
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