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  1. It's a just-noticed spam technique that is not (yet?) being blocked by Line 6 spam filters. It's been brought to their attention.


    The spam-bot is able to quote anyone's earlier post and edit it, placing the spam link inside the quote (in this case myfedloan). Very tricky!

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  2. 49 minutes ago, silverhead said:

    They act as FS7 and FS8 and can be set to control the same things as FS1-6. 

    fyi.... I got this info from the POD Go Cheat Sheet which is available in the Manuals section. It simply says that they operate as FS 7 and 8. Since it makes no other distinction I'm assuming it means exactly what it says - hence the same as 1-6.


    https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a401768f5e1cad99573f1/application/pdf/POD GO CHEAT SHEET - English .pdf

  3. 2 hours ago, kevell99 said:

    In his first-look video, Paul Hindmarsh said that 2 further footswitches can be added using a y-cable to the EXP2 - what can these be set to control? 

    They act as FS7 and FS8 and can be set to control the same things as FS1-6. 

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  4. You can also try downloading the folder again. To do that, click on the Support tab at the top of this page. Scroll down until you see Account Services; click on that. Then click on Helix Marketplace from the list on the left side of the page. You should then see all your Marketplace purchases and be able to download again.

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  5. The title of your post suggests you are using Helix, although you posted in the POD sub-forum. Assuming you are using Helix:


    - Headphones: check Global Settings -> Ins/Outs page 2 -> Volume Knob Controls. Make sure the Volume knob is set to control the headphones.

    - joystick: check Global Settings -> Preferences -> Joystick Encoder. You can set the joystick rotation to either change models in the current selection or scroll along the signal path to select the adjacent FX block.

  6. All true. Again, I'm not disputing any of that. Simply pointing out that there is one situation in which you don't need to manually track IRs.

  7. There are all kinds of reasons...


    1) You are hearing a recording. What was the recording process? What is the quality of the tools and equipment used? Was any post-processing done? Was the sound recorded 'direct' from the amp's line out or was it a mic'd amp? If the former, it bypassed the physical amp's cab so reference to the cab John was using is irrelevant. If the latter, what mic was used and where was it positioned, exactly?


    2) The guitar may be the same, but of course two different guitars of the same model from the same manufacturer can sound different. There's no such thing as two identical guitars in terms of the tone produced by each. Also, what exactly were the settings of the pickup selector, vol, and tone knobs that John used at the time of recording? All of these will affect the tone.


    3) Your monitoring equipment (speakers, amp, ...) plays a huge role in the tone that you hear. Again, this goes back to the tools and equipment used for the recording vs. the tools and equipment you are using when listening to the playback.


    4) Playing technique. The tone is in the fingers, as they say. Unless you are playing with exactly the same technique, and the same fingers/picks as John, it will sound different.


    .... and I expect there are other factors as well.....

  8. Hmmmm........... here's a thought that I haven't tested but just might work.


    As of firmware v2.80 Helix is able to control Variax string level on an individual string basis. I wonder what would happen if you used a dual path Helix preset with the Input block of both paths set to Variax. In each path you could set different string levels. So for your bass amp path set the level for the 4 top strings to zero, meaning only strings 5 and 6 would be processed. Similarly, set the level for strings 5 and 6 to zero in your guitar amp path. Might that do what you want?


    To avoid confusion you would probably need to select the same Variax Model for both input paths.

  9. I have already moved this topic to the proper forum.


    Check the parameters on the Tuner display screen. Make sure it is set to Mute.

  10. Well, the fact is that the hardware configuration of the POD Go is not going to change at this point. It has no XLR Out. No amount of debate here is going to change that. You can add this request to Ideascale for a possible POD Go V2.


    If an XLR Out is a strict requirement for you, then the POD Go is not for you. If you're willing to work around it you can.

  11. Just be aware that Line 6 does not support ASIO4ALL. It is not a fully compliant ASIO driver and has been known to cause problems with Line 6 devices. If you encounter any issues Line 6 Support will, rightly, tell you to use th Line 6 ASIO driver and call back if problems persist.

  12. Again, I agree with you. But perhaps we should let the OP decide for himself what he might find helpful. That's not up to you to say. 


    I and rvroberts have offered him something. While his current question pertains to a very specific circumstance who's to say our suggestions won't be helpful in another context?


     I agree that the info you provided is very relevant. But there are other considerations and information that he should also be made aware of. He may share your opinion that there's nothing he can do. He may not.

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