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  1. I just ordered a DL4 MKii, and have been scouring forums and the manual itself, and it doesn't appear there's a level boost available? I'm used to all the HX gear I've owned over the years, and also my Boss DD-500 and Strymon Timeline allow a boost. (Which is obviously what we want for a lead solo! LOL) 

    It's hard to imagine that a Line 6 item would be missing this,  so am I wrong that this isnt an option on the DL4 MKii? Hopefully I'm wrong ;) 

    I have a workaround as I can just put it in a bypass loop that has a boost but I'd prefer it on board of course. 


  2. Please please please give us a model of the Small Clone chorus.  That's all I wish for.   I have a REAL one but it has volume drop issues.   I have the model of it in a Zoom CDR70, which is spot on.    But would love to have it in the Helix!  :)

  3. I know this would WORK as far as the actual signal getting passed through, but does anyone smarter than me know if it's a dumb idea to convert a mic signal to line level, run it into a return input on LT, apply effects, then output it via XLR? 

    I didn't realize the LT doesn't have mic input til yesterday, DERP.  But really want to use it for a vocal effect chain alongside my guitar chain.  Seems like this idea would work, yes?  Or is there something scientific I am not grasping about levels and such?  Thanks!

  4. Can't help you with the 12 string question, but as far as the volume issue... you simply need to tweak the CHANNEL VOLUME for the amp model.  If the MASTER volume of an amp model has been tweaked at all on any given patch, it can cause the volume to change.

    There is plenty of info if you Google, regarding how to level your patches... but the way I PERSONALLY do it, on both the Atomic Amplifire and the Helix, is to simply keep my patches approximately as close to the same volume as the bypassed signal as possible.  So I start with the amp model, tweak it to my liking, then bounce between the amp model bypassed and ON - and get the "ON" state to be the same volume as when it's off.   As you add EQ and overdrives or whatnot - it may affect volume, so just keep adjusting as you go!

  5. Thanks for reply! I am in a HEAVY experimentation phase, LOL.  I have the tube power amp/cab setup.  I also have a Quilter mini head into a cab.  And then the QSC's.  I just got done setting up dual paths on the Helix, identical paths except one has a cab sim and is going to the QSC, and the other has cab disabled and running to the Quilter.  I can instantly A and B them that way.  Gotta say, I am thinking the powered speaker may be a viable option.  I was just looking at Altos today, online.  You are happy with Alto, yes?

  6. Ok so I have been using modellers for YEARS - ever since my Vox Valvetronix and early Line 6 stuff.   I have never gone the FRFR route, as I NEED the feel of a real tube amp and cab.  So generally I have been running through rackmount tube power amps.   Now I have the Helix LT and LOVE LOVE LOVE my setup - cab sims and IR's DISABLED, using Helix as preamp into my Peavey 50/50 power amp (EL84's). 


    BUT... it seems most users are doing the FRFR thing and almost everything seems geared toward THAT.  So of course I am curious.  I happen to have a QSC K12 (a pair actually) as I also DJ weddings.  So I tried it through that and found it "interesting".  I completely understand the concept of "mic'd cab sound" and all that jazz, and probably could go that route and be happy. 


    But ALAS, my question:  I have seen on numerous threads and forums (Line 6, Kemper, Fractal) where people say "no no no, stay away from QSC and other such "P.A" speakers as they aren't TRULY FRFR".  But isn't the whole selling point of FRFR that you are going to be hearing at home/ studio/ practice/ on stage EXACTLY what the audience is hearing? Don't they HEAR you through the P.A. SPEAKERS? Shouldn't we be dialling in P.A. speakers then? Because if you're going to tell me that my QSC isn't going to cut it, well this is confusing to me.  If I dial in my perfect tone on a TRULY FRFR speaker, and then say "THIS is exactly what the crowd is gonna hear! YAY!!!"... well isn't that inaccurate, seeing as the sound guy is then going to pump your signal in to a damn QSC K12 (or other such speaker) anyway?  


    I can see where this may sound like I am being snarky or already have my mind made up, or whatnot... but I promise you I am genuinely asking because I am confused  :)  It is making me want to just stick to my good old fashioned way of playing thru a real cab and mic'ing it, and not worrying about what the crowd is hearing, as we have done for decades, LOL. (but I AM intrigued by the idea of going FOH/FRFR and am considering getting a Friedman ASM-12 or ASC-12, but will; my QSC be just fine after all???)


    -The target for dialing in patches is a polished, studio production sound...not a traditional stage amp sound.


    -The most useful IR's are the ones that are the mixes of mics and placements, not the single mic versions.


    - Often Helix native dual cab setups can perform as well if not better than many IRs once you understand the nuances of parameters such as mic distance and early reflections.



    This is all ASSUMING the OP is going to use the helix this way. I personally use the Helix as an AMAZING pre-amp into a tube power amp (Peavey 50/50 with EL84's) and sometimes even into my other tube amp heads' FX returns.  (and then into a real cab)  Therefore I disable cab sims/IR's,  The results are heavenly.  And I retain my "need" for the REAL amp feel on stage  :)

  8. You described my exact problem! And on top of that I wasn't getting any sound out of the unit.  I was going nuts!!! I tried all the suggestions on every forum I could find!  (99% of which were something like "try a different USB slot" etc etc)  I finally fixed it when I saw somewhere a person said you could do a "reset" by holding the left side of the "nav" button down while you power it up.  As soon as I did that I had sound again and it no longer said "unknown" in Line 6 Monkey for "flash version".  I am happy again!

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