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  1. The tuner shows up both on the Rack's screen and the Control unit. The Rack Screen is bigger, brighter, and allows for better accuracy, but the Control Tuner display works just fine for me!

  2. I dunno. I think the knobs feel and respond the same as before the update. I don't think they've gotten more sensitive (at least, I haven't been informed to be more gentle when turning and tweaking them...)



  3. I have plugged an Eleven Rack, a  Pod HD,  and I suppose I could plug in my Android phone in the morning.

     Any of the unwanted "blanket over the sound" side-effects?

  4. Anyone try one yet? I have no interest in it being Pod X3 technology, but anyone try one going in to the Aux input from the HD500 headphone out?


    At $400, the 75watt might be a good solution for jam-along and home use, but with the only stereo input being 1/8" I'm not sure about any loss in quality.


    I mean, it's a more verstaile rig than a $200 set of studio monitors....

  5. new version of garageband etc...

    no problem with the line6 stuff. (or any other problems as of yet.)


    Have you tried recording in the new GarageBand? GB's new Drummer feature sounds exciting, since I can never get the right feel from loops. But the Line 6 POD HD500 to GarageBand is my lifeline to my current projects...

  6. I've run the 4cm method with the Pod and the JC120, but I spent too much time getting the preamp settings to mimic my home-studio settings. Plugging into the FX return (bypassing JC preamp and only using the more than ample power-amp) my sounds sound great in studio direct mode with very little additional tweakign needed (or none at all depending on the room and the amp model I'm running). If I'm far from a wall, I might increase my mids on a patch, maybe some bass, but that's it. Of course, this is my mileage, and what works for my ears.

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