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  1. I play in a Yes Tribute band and there is one part where I am in a preset using my lap steel with a lot of echo and I need to quickly change presets to my Variax with a Leslie effect. I really need the trail of the last steel note to hang on even though I am changing presets. Can it be done, or is the Helix the only way to accomplish this easily? I might have to make a preset with both the steel and  the Variax on at the same time and just switch the effects with trails on and not change presets. I thought I was done programming this show a year ago. Oh well.

  2. I am having extremely good luck using an Ampeg B115 bass amp. I took out the piezo tweeter to avoid shrillness and digital cracking. It has great thump and knock if you know what I mean. It's a little bit on the heavy side and being a kind of cube it's weird getting into a small car. I'm seriously thinking of getting a 15" Neo speaker to knock off some of the weight. Try one, I think you will love it.

  3. I've been using a 500X for a couple years now. I had to quit playing for a while because of my back and other arthritis complications but I'm stating up again. The problem now is, I sold my 1966 Pro Reverb and the only amp I had to play through is a 1960's Silvertone 1482 combo. A great amp for pedals, but not so great for the 500x. I've been searching for something to use for less than $1600 (what another '66 Pro would cost) so just for the fun of it: I hauled my Ampeg 100 watt combo bass amp over and plugged into it. Very, very promising except there was a harshness on some notes when I was doing the lap slide stuff. I yanked the grill cloth off and discovered to my complete surprise there is a Piezo type tweeter. I pulled that sucker out of there, put a 100 watt heat sink resistor load on and WOW!! sounds better than my old Pro reverb and it's FREEEEEE!!!!!

  4. I've had my 500X close to a couple years now and this tool still amazes me. I recently quit the band I was in because of arthritis problems. I've slowly started playing again for fun and this morning I plugged headphones in for the first time. What a great sound, and the ability to practice without waking everyone is priceless. I'm finding it very useful for fine tuning sounds and setting balances between pre-sets.  LOVE IT!


    If I could find a sound system that could come close to replicating the sounds I'm getting in my good headphones, I would be thrilled.

  5. I originally got my 500X to make my live stuff easier to deal with. The band I was in did a lot of songs that would use multiple guitars, effects and complete soundscape changes in a single song. My arthritis has gotten so bad that live playing is not in my future anymore. I decided to set up my home studio and do some recording so I hooked up my 500X just to see how it works as a recording device. WOW!! I am impressed. I think it will be an even more useful tool for me as a recording interface. Just for fun, I wanted to get a Return To Forever vibe going for a song and by the time I was done tweaking, I had a useful Al DiMeola sound on my left and a unison Stanley Clarke sound on my right. What fun.

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  6. I just want to say how much I love my 500x. It seems the forums are always complaining and bitching about what's not there. I want to say, what a great tool, that makes my life much easier. I've been wanting to switch to the Helix, but I had a long talk with myself yesterday and it was decided the 500X does what I need, and does it well.

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  7. You know a good designer would have included a built in receiver for the newer Line 6 wireless transmitters. For $1500 it needs a little bit more than just a color display.

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  8. I just want to say how much I love my 500X. It makes my life much easier. I do all the guitar stuff in a Yes Tribute Band and let me tell you there are a lot of dramatic changes needed during each song and the 500X lets me get it done. My only problem is I have a very elaborate  set list programmed and every time the band decides to change the order of songs, I need to spend hours manually re-assigning presets into their new slots. LOTS of work.


    Is there any way to do this easier with Edit?

  9. I play guitar in a Yes Tribute Band and I've gotten my 500X programmed to the point that I only needed three of the Gigwrx labels. They arrived very quickly and they are just what I need to help identify those switches quick and easy. Thanks Gigwrx

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