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  1. On 9/21/2022 at 10:57 AM, PierM said:

    Sorry hope this isnt throwing confusion into a easy question...:)


    All potentially correct, but a bit unclear if you are using Send or Output. HX Stomp output are L/R TRS balanced, but send jack is TRS unbalanced since it's just a single output port.


    If you are using the Send you can just go with a standard Y splitter cable (all 1/4" jacks) TRS to TS/TS, or a male TRS to two female TS, and then use two standard instrument cables to go into mixer.


    If you use the main ouput, then you are doing good with two TRS 1/4" to XLR cables.



    Yes im using the "Send", but the mixer only takes XLR

    The main outputs go to a stereo amp and 2 guitar cabs.

  2. On 9/20/2022 at 4:04 PM, datacommando said:



    It would help to know what HX product you are wanting to “Send” from?


    For example:

    Helix floor and Rack units each have 4 x 1/4” mono Send jack sockets

    Helix LT use 2 x 1/4” mono Send jack sockets

    HX Stomp and Stomp XL both use a 1/4” stereo Send jack socket. 
    HX Effects uses 2 x 1/4” mono Send jack sockets


    Then on your mixer input - are the inputs 1/4” Mono, XLRs, or does it have a dedicated stereo 1/4” insert?


    Anyhow, if you connecting 1/4” Mono pairs to Mono (TR to TR)in then regular guitar cables will suffice - you know what they look like.

    If it is Stereo out to 2x Mono in you need a TRS to 2x Mono TR cable. Likewise, if the Sends are going to XLR you will need a similar cable - Stereo TRS to 2x XLR, or 2x Mono TR to 2x XLR.


    Some examples:





    Finally after having gone through all this, I am confused by your comment:

    “I split my signal using a IR to the send out to my mixer but want to go stereo.”

    An example of your preset would help here, because it is not very clear what you want to direct out of the Sends.

    The audio signal that leaves you regular outputs is stereo (unless you have a final block which collapses the signal to mono?). If you want to route the output of the parallel path which contains the IR from the Send socket, it will be mono (there is no stereo IR) unless it later passes through a stereo FX block.


    Hope this helps/makes sense - because now, I’m confused.

    Yes; i want to route the output of the parallel path, with an IR and a stereo reverb after it.

    so, trs stereo to 2x xlr into my mixer at the xlr inputs

    its a HX stomp by the way,


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  3. On 7/22/2019 at 4:37 AM, codamedia said:

    The warning from the manufacturer is correct and will apply to either product... but it really doesn't effect the HX line at all. Phantom power will not DAMAGE the HX, it just degrades the tone. At worst.... the HX won't sound it's best for the first 5 seconds. That warning applies more to something like an old ribbon mic that would DIE immediately if it saw any power. 



    I'm sure you know this.... but just in case :).

    The Stomp uses TRS, not XLR so first you will need a TRS > XLR adapter... then attach the phantom power blocker to the XLR end - not directly to the stomp. The mic cable will then connect to the Phantom Blocker.

    is this really necesary? to use a phantom power blocker i mean.....

    i am planing on using a TRS to XLR cable from my HX Stomp into my mixer, which has Phantom power turned on globally (all its inputs).....

  4. On 7/30/2019 at 2:45 AM, codamedia said:

    The stomp has two paths... you just need to move the IR to the 2nd path then adjust the output block. 

    1. Place the IR as the last block in the chain, then DROP It to Path B.
    2. Leave the split block at it's default settings (split Y)... it should work fine.
    3. On the output block... pan Path A to Output Left and pan Path B to Output Right
    4. Plug Output Left (no IR) to your amp
    5. plug Output right (w/IR) to a DI to FOH


    delays and reverb do not sound as good before the IR.....(IR at last block)

  5. Can i get one output with a cab (ir) and another without? i want to send one to the loop return of my combo (the one without cab/ir) and the other one, with everything to front of house.

    How do i do it?


  6. i can´t get any sound out of my PC, i used it as a soundcard, worked fine for years but now i just cant get sound! everything seems fine, updated to latest driver in line6 monkey, and the Little speaker icon shows movement but no sound.

    I even installed it to another PC (my laptop) and cant get sound either! what should i do? get another interface?

    please help!!

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