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  1. 2 hours ago, CeSaRiOs said:

    Bert_Peters, I have reinstalled on two different machines with the right of Adiministrador, one with Win 7 and 10, and another with win 10. In both it gives error still at startup. Do you use x64 or x86 system?

    I'm using x64, have you got the latest drivers, there was a update a while back. 

  2. 6 hours ago, StationGrey said:



    Could be a question for another post, but is there any benefit of the 120 over the 60, aside from volume?


    I'm looking for something purely for home use I think, so looking towards something that'll sound good at low volumes. I'd have looked at the 20 even but want all the features that only start with the 60 so that's what I've been aiming for. From what I know, the only additional 'feature' of the 120 is XLR outputs, but assuming the bigger speaker and wattage makes it better for gigging.


    Is it worth looking at instead of a 60 for home use? I'd be paying more and taking up more room...

    I've got both of them the 60 at my working desk and yje 120 in my living room both with the fbv 3 pedal. I'm very happy with both of them sound simular but 120 more power. Like the master volume to play with all the settings at lower volume. Nice to crank it up sometimes. 

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