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  1. My AMPLIFI 75 always defaults to its very low level of volume each time I turn it on. It does not save or store that setting I last used on the Master volume or any tone bank I may have been using. That also reverts to the first Bank, #1 position. I don't consider this a defect. It just is what it is. I put the volume up to whatever I need when turning the amp on each time. No biggie!

  2. I have used my AMPLIFi with a friend's powered Yamaha H5 small studio monitors ($300 for a pair in and the sound blew me away! I could play a small venue with that set up! Also, the stereo effects were killer!and you do not need an adapter as the Yamahas have a 1/4 inch and/or XLR out jack for standard PA's

  3. The email I received this morning (UK) advising me of the updated IOS Amplifi Remote App (2.6) also referred to new Firmware, but I cannot find any other reference to an update beyond 2.50.2.





    The article by Line6Will is misleading! It says you need the newest firmware to use the newest remote app software, 2.60. Most of us already have the newest firmware, 2.50.2. But there is no newer firmware or update to 2.50.2. If you have that you can download the update to the remote app.


  4. A Line 6 tech posted something about downloading the 2.60 firmware for the Amplifi, but it does not appear to be available. Is there a timetable for the release, because that is not stated in the forum article. In the settings part of the remote app, it does not state that a new firmware is ready for download. Same with connecting by USB with the Line 6 Updater. It only shows the 2.50.2 in the list of available firmware downloads.


  5. I would love to have a PC editor that connected to the Amplifi with a USB cable. That would make me happier than a pig in a pen....

    After several months of owning and using my 75, I realized that while it was a really fun toy, that I'd rather spend the hours on improving my skills and technique than playing with all those tones...just sayin'


  6. True: all the l6 devices using a remote app such as the Amplifi and Firehawk work this way. You cannot add or delete blocks. You can exchange existing ones, for example a mod can be switched to a delay. And you can change their locations in the signal chain to some degree. You can edit and save blocks as I described earlier. But you can only work with the assigned blocks that appear in the app for each tone.


  7. I remember amplifi advising not to upgrade mac to latest OSX coz of new driver incompatibility. saying that my mac pro retina was latest osx etc and it worked fine in garageband and logic. I sold my mac now tho so can't really help anymore...

    After I wrote a ticket with L6, they immediately suggested I upgrade my Mac to the newest operating system. They had very little knowledge of USB 3.0. But another user on these forums reported having no difficulty at all with their same year Mac using USB 3.0 on El Capitan operating system. I plugged the Amplifi into my daughter's 5 year old Mac laptop and it worked perfectly. I recorded directly into Garage Band within seconds as a test. Go figure!


  8. Hi,


    Does anyone know how the hell to add an effect/mod block to an existing tone which doesn't already have an effect block? I've watched a lot of the videos and asked Google but nothing obvious shows up. A full manual would help but seems as though line6 can't be bothered with this!

    Thanks for any help - you can probably tell I'm getting really frustrated with this!

    Assuming you are using the remote App. Right? If you do use the app you will see your tone by name. Press "Edit." It takes you to the parameters of all the various effects blocks. You can select a block such as mod and look for the on/off icon. The effect must be turned on the on will light up when it's on. You can choose a different effect or edit the present one using several built in parameters. When you finish editing your tone you must save what you did once again using the app. Your choices include saving to My Tones, saving with a new name to my tones, or saving to the Amplifi. It will then ask you where you want to save your tone on the amp. You can overwrite any of the existing tones by saving your edited tone to the amp. I tend to save to both My Tones and the amp. Have fun!

    Ps you can also edit any tone you download from the Cloud. (still have to save after editing).


  9. I have a amplify 150 with latest firmware 2.50.2

    I have a Samsung tab a with audio evolution mobile

    using usb out of amplify with a adapter to mini usb into the android.

    when I record there is a tone or squeal that appears on the track.(not always in the same place.)

    I contacted audio evolution and we tried several things.

    they say that the usb descriptors tell them that the line 6 is not fully class compliant.


    has anyone else had this issue or and point me in the right direction?



    I have complained about this on many previous forums and spent countless hours with the techs at L6 and Apple. No one can figure out why my Amplifi 75 can be read via USB on many older Macs that I've tried but will not work at all (cannot be read by) my 2014 iMac running El Capitan that has USB 3.0 ports! Those ports work fine for other devices such as printers, portable hard drives etc. but not the Amplifi! I don't know what it means to be "class compliant" but this may also be why I cannot use the USB features of the Amplifi with my setup. Anyone? Thx.


  10. I have same problem...I spent a fair bit of money on this stuff and can't update the way they want me to. There has to be a solution, is there no one at Line 6 that looks at these problems?

    Did you try updating exclusively with your Bluetooth device? It's possible but takes nearly an hour. Go to settings within the app to see if an update is recommended. Then just follow on screen instructions to update firmware. But sure you are not already updated to the newest one!


  11. Hi Antii. I'm really enjoying mine too. The cloud has some surprisingly great tones that you can save to My Tones or to the amp. Some are too radical or gimmicky. You can also play through a powered audio system and play backing tracks or even YouTube videos through the amp. Have fun


  12. I got one more very basic Q. It might sound stupid, but just to make sure. Is it like you can update the Amplifi Frimware with iPhone from the "beginning". The idea is, that you shoulnd't need a MAC for that, but a bluetooth connection and an IOS-device should be enough? I can find my Amplifi with my iPhone and the bluetooth works okay, but I just can't upload the firmware, like I said before, and because of that, I can't control the amp with my phone.

    When I first bought mine, the USB option for updating would not work and still doesn't on my Mac, but the iPhone synced immediately and the app alerted me that an update was available. I just followed instructions and the new firmware loaded into the amp, no problem. It took nearly an hour, but it worked fine!



    And one more, it would have been nice to have the usb-cable with the amp, if it's that much needed.

  13. Hi. I tried using the FHFX (before the intro of the FH1500) through the Power Amp In of a standard Fender amp and was greatly disappointed! Sounded like a Xerox of a Xerox! If as mentioned above you are going through the FOH you will still need a powered biamped monitor to hear yourself and the myriad of HD tones availabile. You will still be completely dependent on the quality of the house PA for what the audience hears. Take into account the stage volume of your monitor mixed with the PA to further confuse your band mates!! If you're deducated to a few warm and slightly overdriven sounds for blues and jazz, why not just go with a Fender Blues Jr, HRD or Princeton Reverb and a pedal or two like the Fulltone OCD? All you need IMHO!!


  14. I've had the 75 for a couple of months and agree with squeegy! This is a great bedroom, basement or practice amp. You would never use an Amplifi to gig with IMHO. The Bluetooth is unreliable and it simply does not have the huevos to compete with a loud drummer. For gigging I would much sooner go with the FH 1500 and an FBV Floor pedal to control it. If you're a rich maniac techy, you might opt for a Helix/DT 25 or StageSource setup. The Amplif is what it is. People who are disappointed usually have BT connectivity or software issues. I don't and I'm enjoying mine.


  15. Hello, forumers!


    Please help me if there is anyone who knows the solution.


    First, I updated the Line6 updater program (v 1.09) and I connected it with my amplfi150.


    It does not recognize the device.


    It shows "select the device" and just the blank.


    I did the factory reset but it's not still working.


    Thanks in advance!

    Hi. Even though Line 6 says it the Amplifi does not support USB Hubs, the only way I could get mine to update was via the USB 1.2 port on my extended keyboard. This is a hub but it worked and even allowed the Amplifi to be recognized as an output device for playback (not input unfortunately). I updated to newest firmware using this port.


  16. I have a late 2014 iMac retina with El Capitan. I used the usb and line 6 updated. All worked fine. Line 6 does say that the updates won't work through a usb hub though. I tried. No dice. Plugged the sub direct to sub 3 port on the back and all worked great. Hope that helps

    Nada! After spending many hours with Apple's techs no one could determine why I was having this issue. They just said bring the amp and computer to a Genius Bar and good luck! Line 6 wouldn't even respond!! The Amp works fine via USB on older Macs!


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