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  1. I just brought this up in a different forum but yes! I do seem to get a cleaner less distorted sound on the patches that have no amp designation. If I use the fx block to utilize my amp's pre amp then I have control over my own amp's volume and channels like plugging into the front end directly. I think 4CM gives you more options if you love your old school amp. Some people are saying they prefer powered speakers.

  2. I'm curious as to how the patches that have no amp such as a few of the acoustic patches still yield a usable sound bum using the 4 CM with my fender hot rod deluxe but the volume knobs are offline. Am I therefore just hearing my power amp stage with no pre amp? The sound on those patches is crystal clear and cleaner than just plugging into the front end of the HRD! Thought I discovered something!

  3. I have had a similar problem, but with a second Line 6 Expression pedal connected. The volume/wah built in pedal stops working after a while and the second pedal takes over the volume/wah control! The manual states that the second pedal will be immediately recognized once connected and will allow tweaking of all parameters. It does this at first, then I'll notice the built in pedal stops working altogether. Also, is it true that you can only tweak one parameter at a time? My M-9 allowed me to use the expression pedal to tweak several parameters at one time. Anyone? Thanks!

  4. I'm beginning to think it's easier to tweak my own tones from the available blocks on the FH. After a dozen attempts at downloading tones from the Cloud, I've yet to find a single usable tone and they mostly sound like plexi's on 10 with treble on 10, no bass or mids and maxed out distortion all of which are sent over a tinney transistor radio! Anyone else having these sonic issues?

  5. The volume levels made by the big knob are not saved with the preset. The idea is that you use the level controls within the presets (e.g. Amp and channel volume) to balance all your preset levels. Then you use the big knob at the beginning of each session to set the overall Firehawk volume to match the room/band/venue. You set this just once at the start, then leave it for the duration of the session.


    You can save your editing changes by using the SAVE feature of the app. I think it appears as a square block with an upward arrow icon, consistent with iOS look and feel. You then choose to save the modified preset to My Tones or to the Hardware (the Firehawk device).


    There's lots of info in these forums about 4CM. I don't know what you mean by 'not much depth'. If you have things connected properly you'll have to be more specific about the issue.

    Thanks Silver. With Th 4CM I'm not sure how to get just the sound of my amp. It appears as an effects block that gets adjusted like a stompbox. Also just plugging into the front end yields terrible results! Sounds like an old transistor radio! I must be doing something wrong. My M9 just worked like a stompbox. Sometimes I want to just hear my clean amp alone. Or be able to use one of the presets. All the videos show this device used going into a computer setup for recording. The 4CM produces good results so far but then I don't know what I need to do with the app. You are really helpful thanks!!

  6. I love the tones but I'm concerned about lack of experience. I do not see anywhere in the manual or in these forums any info about saving new tones from the "Library". It says I don't have any tones in my library. I thought I could go on-line and download them.

  7. Has anyone had any issues with the vast differences in volume control from one patch to another. I've only had mine for a week and I love the ease of use with my Bluetooth phone and the remote app. But, it seems that even if I try to adjust the volume of a patch, I'll go back later and it does not save my adjustments. I'm using the white and pink volume adjustments. It only seems to make a difference when you go into an amp to edit, adjust the volume, then save. Also, why is there no save option in the app? I have seen some L6 videos that show saving your edits. I do not have that feature. I have to save manually by using the footswitches, etc. Also...I would love to be able to incorporate my own amp's tone into the patches, and I have used the 4CM. But it does not seem to have much depth and I resort to using my wonderful amp as powered speaker for this thing. Thoughts anyone?


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