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  1. Hi, I'm having some issues with my PodHD 300.

    I plugged in today and all the display showed was a row of squares. My tone was still active and could be used, but I'm unable to change to any different presets, use the tuner or anything that requires the display.
    It still works perfectly fine when plugged into a computer.


    I can't factory reset it as this requires the display (awesome).

    I did update all the drivers and update the flash memory/firmware thing with no results.

    I'm not really what else to do or what even can be done.


    I live in Australia, and there doesn't appear to be any Line6 service centers where I could get it reapied.


    Any help appreciated.


  2. Is there a soultion for this?
    My pedal is doing the exact same thing, the display will only show a line of squares.
    I've had the unit for 2 years, from brand new and I plugged in today with it only displaying squares.. Also not able to change channels/presets..


    I've had a couple minor issues with the pedal before hand with things not working how they should same with the other guitarist in my band.

    Doubt I'll buy another Line 6 pedal again.

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