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  1. I'm running a Helix floor into front of Marshall JTM45THW . Only using helix as effects board no amp sims . Is there an impedence output setting within the helix to adjust.  So it actually matches what would be same as guitar into front of amp alone ..

  2. Sounds like the HX effects might be the go , would that work well in front of a old school valve amp? I tried a M13 some years ago and wasn't overly impressed , so one would think the HX effects has come along since then

    I need more than just a couple of effects as I play in a covers band with songs that require more than just OD and delay.

    The analog pedal days for me are becoming more of a hassle than not. The amp on the other hand is a JTM 45 THW and it's a sweet sweet sound .......

  3. I thinking seriously of jumping onboard the Helix path and just wondering has anyone had good results running into a front of an amp.

    Using the amp sims as well as the effects? 

    My amp is old school and doesn't have FX send and return.


    Some have said I would be better just getting the Line 6 stomp box , though I have my heart set more of the full helix unit.

  4. I read and have been told that the helix has a bypass mode , is that true bypass ?   I would guess not due to being a digital unit but hey I could be wrong , and even if so I guess it would be buffered.

  5. Just looking for some feedback:

    I currently own a Marshall JTM 45 hardwired and been using a TS808 in front of it , sounds good but want more options such as effects and tones etc.

    Would a Helix into the front of this amp sound good even if I use some of the amp sims?

    This amp doesn't have FX send and return so 4 cable method no go.

  6. Enjoy. Hey line 6 do make fantastic products but for me its been a long journey of many pedals and amps including Line 6 M13 HD 500 , hey if Line 6 had made the M13 with true analog overdrive ciircutry just like the nova system then I would have got one and as and I finally got my dream amp the 1959handwired and I didn't want to change its tone with amp modelling / digital the Nova system leaves my amps tone as is and I am more than impressed just like. I'd hope you will be , I believe that if you want to run amp modelling into the front of a good tube amp then either your not happy with your amps tone in the first place or maybe you want multiple sounding amps all from your own. Cheers and all the best with your new rig

  7. Well yes the HD and the DT amps were made for each other, as for your other guitarists envey for your tone it just may be that he doesn't like his amps tone as the Nova doesnt model any effect or amp. has he plugged the HD into his amp?

  8. Mmmmm I'm actually thinking if heading over to the opposition the Boss GT 100. Had a good listen to one recently as was more than impressed. , I know a lot say the HD blows it away but to my ears the Boss sounds more natural. For all those one eyed HD owners who will be grinding their teeth at this post have you actually ever sat down with the GT and had a decent play?

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