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  1. Thank You guys for all good advice. I found some time and spent more time on reading any valuable information but still i have some question if You don't mind: 1)When i switch ON my amp i can see output mode is changing straight away on STACK PWR AMP should i keep this output mode or change for studio/direct? i checked both and for me S/D sound much better 2)I found some video on YT dude is saying to use only PREAMP models and switch off CAB modulation. Well it's sound logic. But what should i do when i want to record something? Change for combo and studio/direct? or Stayed with Stack Pwr Amp and PRE amp model? 3) Like i said i've been watching a lot of video on YT and I think that was one of Line 6 dudes who shows POD 500x can be use as a footswitch for DT50. I hope that wasn't my imagination.... If You be so kind help me please with my question. I am closer than further to start doing something. It's very advanced device. I deal with Link 6 which i am very grateful for You helpl. And i decide to stayed with only amp EQ. SO far sounds ok. But it will change probably when i start record something. So one more time thank You for your, effort,time and patient :) I'm an idiot :)
  2. The_Edge_Jr

    500x + DT50

    Hi I have some questions about combination of pod hd and dt 50. I spent last few days to find solution on Line 6 support and google as well but there is no one or solution is not quite clear for me( english is not my native language) So.. i am trying to find some expert or people with an experience of pod hd 500x. I have read manuals and very helpful guide form guy called MeAmBobbo but stil have some question. So if You will find some time and would You like to share your knowledge about 500X i will be very very grateful. 1) Like i said i have 500x and dt50 head plus cab. The problem is i do not know what output use? I found on google that if You will conect dt50 to your pod, dt50 setup straigh away for STACK PWR AMP but i found as well suggestion it;'s good to set for STUDIO/DIRECT. I checked this and it's sounds much better then stack pwr amp so the question is: What should i do? and which one option is good for me? 2) i have some problems with understanding EQ. I do not know how should i ask You question but... The Guitar, amp and EQ should be base for any patch. I would like to play something in my house, practic with band, record something... SO !! question is :) How many diffrent, which one (global eq some extra eq) i have to use? and how to "build" that? SO far i have only 2 question. :) i hope i haven't insolt anyone buy my weird questions. Seriously i spent hours to find something... But i have no much time ( small evil boy - my son) and technology is so advanced..... So thank You for Your efforts guys :)
  3. Thank you so much. It's working as you said. I checked yesterday. Had in the option. Well i just setup in option only line 6 ans since then. I do not have any problem. Thank one more time.
  4. I have no idea what You just said :) Like i said before i am an idiot not musican :) so i do not know how exactly should i do this. DAW= digital audio workstation? Disable sound card in audio software? I am using adobe audition 3.0 should i change the setting there? I am using my POD HD as a main AUDIO CARD si that ok? Sorry for stupid question
  5. Hi First before i start my question i would like to say i tried already to find anything on forum and google.com so i am sorry if topic what i am talking about already exist. I do not know how to start because i am not professional musican but i will try to explain You my problem. I have pod hd 500x and dt50 head plus cab. Both devices are great and working brilliant but the problem start when i connect to PC. WHen i am recording or playing at the night i am using headphones AKG K44. I know they are not professional but enough for me and what i am doing. So i am connecting pod hd to PC, start 500x EDIT and making new path. When i using only AMP for example VOX (everything o 12) i can hear reverb and delay vewy vewy qwiet When i device is disconnect pod from PC everything back to normal. Only clean sound of amp what i set upon 500x edit. Exactly the same is with any path when i add something more when amp overdrive delay whatever sounds diffrent when pod i coneccted to pc and disconnected. I am also saving any pathes on hardrive and whatever i creat on 500x edit sending to POD obviously. I hope whoever is reading this can understand me :) and i hope You will be able to help mi find solution for this weird problem. Try to understand me it's wasting of time spending hours trying to find very similar sound to original sample and when pod is disconnected form PC i have to do this again. So Thank You for any efforts guys and sorry for my english
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