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  1. Hi,


    Just got a POD HD PRO X and a FBV3 foot controller. Both have updated firmware and what not. POD is set to foot switch 5-8 mode. What buttons on the FBV3 correspond to the assignable buttons in PRO X edit?


    Also, the FBV3 registers effects and are turned on and off via Edit but the FBV can turn those effects on or off. Any advice?

  2. I own a 69 and 89F.  I notice that the models on my 89F sound radically differnent than my 69.  In general, all the electric models on the 89F sound thinner with more treble at a reduced output that the same models with the same Workbench settings on my 69?  I've tried altering the Workbench settings for my 89F (increasing output, switching the neutral body, changing pots, etc) with marginal success.  Any thoughts would be appreciated...




  3. Newbie questions:


    Can anybody give me a simple explanation of Sag, Hum, Bias, and Bias X affect my tone? I would also appreciate a few words on the cab parameters low cut, res level, thump and decay?


    While I've been playing for a while and am normally every comfortable with tech, I don't have a grasp of some basic concepts in amp design and function.

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