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  1. At the advice of one of our expert users here, I started an ideascale thread to get them to fix the bizarre midi implementation for non-fbv midi controllers to have the PODs intelligently understand whether the switch is set to "off" or "on".


    And I also added as an afterthought being able to assign the FX and Amp paramters to the FS parameters would be great as well, instead of just to the expression pedals!


    Vote this bad boy up! Please! Being able to use ANY midi foot controller without the headaches of having to engineer the presets backwards WILL be glorious!


    Link here;


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  2. That's some serious sadism! :huh: I will do as you say and post on the ideascale website, as that's obviously broken. I can't be the only one with a non-fbv controller scratching their head going WTF? Having to program all of the patches backwards boggles the mind. This is the first time I've ever encountered a company half-assing the midi implementation; EVERY other box at the very least can tell when a CC is ON or OFF, even if it doesn't let you select every parameter under the sun to modify it with.


    Seriously, code-wise a simple IF-THAN line added in would suffice; IF value = 0 THAN FS = OFF, IF value = 127 THAN FS = ON. Argggggg!!

  3. Okay, so I've upgraded the firmware to 2.20 on my HD Pro, set the CC numbers to correspond to the with FS numbers, i.e.; CC#51 for FS1, etc on my Midimate. It's the newest midimate rocktron offers so its firmware is up to date.


    Problem is regardless of whether the preset's CC is set to "on" or "off" it just toggles the state of the footswitch. The HD Pro doesn't "intelligently" understand whether the message is "on" or "off" it just sees "toggle state". So if the HD's patch's effects (like distortion, or delay for instance) are set to "on" then whether the CCs are "on" or "off" when I recall the preset, those patch's effects are switched off.

    When the effects on the patch are saved as off, then it receives the midi CC change to toggle it on.


    Once the patch is recalled, the corresponding CC footswitches will toggle the effect on or off, but I have to save the patch in the opposite state I mean it to be in. It's even more maddening to experience than it is to read the above explanation.


    Is there a fix for this that I don't know about? Something in the settings that corrects this?


    Thank you to anyone and everyone in advance who has helpful information regarding this issue!

  4. To Palico; I totally agree dude. Those mustangs have come A LONG way since they were first introduced. I thought the first gen ones were wayyyy too fizzy/hairy in the top end on the high gain stuff, and thought all the high gain models sounded the same, but they're catching up quick. Peavey's REALLY innovating on that front with the Vypyr VIPs and the Pros look stellar too! Revalver MkIV is looking pretty badass too.

    Makes me doubt the L6 official line that they can't/aren't making money in the mid-to-high-end modeling amp market and resorting to stuff like amplifi because these big companies (peavey, fender, etc) seem to be pouring a lot of resources into innovating in these categories. These big companies market research can't be THAT different from L6's can it?

  5. After reading that guide, I feel the opposite of the author; I actually find I like the Elektric better. MUCH easier to dial in a good sound; I find it easier to dial out the crazy bass of the Elektric then to try and dial in bass that I feel is missing in the Uber model. Strangely, the Elektric also uses more DSP (had an effect heavy dual preamp chain going, and swapped out the Uberschall for the Elektric to see if it worked better and the DSP Over Limit breaker threw). I think I'll be using the Elektric from now on in place of the Uberschall as I'm getting much better tones overall out of it now. In fact, I've been jammin' on it all morning feeling that sense of discovery that happens every so often when I stumble upon another great tone with my HD Pro!

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  6. I was looking for uberschall settings as I find the amp can be very picky to get good tones out of, and found a thread in the archive saying how in firmware versions 1.2 and preceeding the Uberschall model was the electric, and then got replaced with the current version of the Uberschall, and people petitioned to get the old one back and L6 brought it back as the "Electrik" model.


    That makes sense to me as it fits the Uberschall description better in that the Eletrik has that chest caving bass that the description talks about in spades, and overall is much less difficult to dial in satisfying tones.


    Never having played a real Uberschall in any of its revisions (twin jet, etc) which one is truer to the Uberschall amp? Are they modeled on the different revisions? The model that's now the official one, are real Uberschalls that difficult to dial in?


    Any and all info is appreciated!

  7. I'm find the intelligent pitch shifter, and the pitch glide effects are warbly as !@#$ since I updated to 2.20. Anybody experiencing this? I used to be able to use pitch glide to poly shift down and it sounded really decent/good, but now warbles like a mother trucker, and even single note lines with the intelligent pitch shift are unstable. And YES, I did tune the guitar first.

  8. Dean-o, I strongly disagree with the "beat any modeler senseless" comment. Once you introduce a great, or even a good, poweramp and a good/great 4x12 cabinet, and then push both those components you wouldn't be able to perceive the difference between the modeled preamp and an analog one. The tube power amp distortion, coupled with the speaker distortion smooths out the faint digital aliasing to the point where it's a non-issue.


    Anyone who says they could tell with definitive certainty that they could tell a real JMP-1 preamp from a modeled one in an Axe II, when they're both running through a Marshall mono-bloc 9200 crankin' into a 1960A cab blazin'-loud is either a liar, or a computer with a built-in audio spectrograph in a rubber human suit. :P 

  9. I get why, personally. Amplifi was not the reinvention we "pro-thusiasts" (got that term from another thread, and I like it) were hoping for. But a L6 rep/affiliate/somebody-in-the-know did say over on the TGP forum ( I know it's not THIS forum, but at least it's A forum, and it was SOMETHING) that we "Pro guitarists are not forgotten" and we just need to "wait".


    I was ready to jump ship and buy a Kemper... Until they jacked the price by 450 bucks up to 2229 at my local Long&McQuade literally OVERNIGHT. Now my HD Pro doesn't look so bad. Heck, it looks real good. And truth be told there's only like two amp models that it's missing that I give a rat's @ss about anyways, and who knows, maybe that'll be in this update/new-box/whatever is coming down the line.


    Considering they said to "wait", I'm thinking summer NAMM they're going to drop HD V3.0 or something. It'll be about 2yrs since the last meaningful update they did, which from what I can recall, is about the amount of time it took between such an update on either the XT or X3 (someone who's keeping track or knows of the top of their heads will clarify, and/or correct me if need be.)


    I'm getting killer tones out of it, and it's inspiring to play. L6 said when they introduced the revised "X" versions that they weren't done with the platform, so I'm going to sit back, enjoy what I got, and when they're ready to drop whatever goodness they're going to drop, I'll be there with an open mind.


    With the instant-gratification culture we're living in where there's a new I-whatever dropping every other Tuesday, and software/OS updates every other Wednesday after that, I get how we're all up-in-arms towards L6. And also I admit no one is more guilty of this entitlement-insanity than I am! but the markets change, and business models change, etc. etc.


    I think there's at least one more big drop coming, so we should just sit tight, enjoy what we got in the mean time, and just all 'round chill the f*ck out! hahaha!

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  10. Someone on the TGP downloaded the app, and posted screenshots of the amp model names, and they're all X3 names, so unless they've spent the last year and a half upgrading the X3 models with HD algorithms then this is effectively a VETTA II (yes a friggin vetta TWO!!?!) with a couple of tweeters and iphone app. What a @#$%ing joke!


    Reinventing the guitar amp with a 10+ year old vetta II amp... Someone needs to give there head a shake and come back to reality... FFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.......

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  11. about 2hrs until NAMM starts, and we find out one way or another what this is. An X3 in a FRFR enclosure would be such a let down! lol I mean, they almost kinda already did that with the Vetta II, didn't they?! lol


    And I still maintain that the last firmware update where they introduced the SLO 100 was about a year and a half ago (the original drop for the 300/400 was, and very little new was added to the drop for the bean/500/pro in OCT, so I don't count that date as significant) so a whole slew of new HD models seems feasible to me, even if it may only turn out to be wishful thinking.


    ... A guy can hope, can't he? lol


    If a single dude at fractal can come up with new models for the axe practically every other week in his basement (hyperbole/exaggeration. It's the internet; have a sense of humour whydoncha?) I believe line 6 can come up with 30+ new amp models in 18+ months! :D

  12. If it's X3 amps, that would boggle my mind. Seriously. I can feel my mind imploding at the very thought of that premise.


    And yes,  it was a mis-translation, but again, we're quoting some UK website for the tech specs, so it could be another one of those cases where they got the description wrong.

  13. Well the description says "70 amps and over 100 effects" and further down it says "up to 8 simultaneous effects". While they may not have used the buzz-word "HD", that sounds like POD HD routing to me. I could be wrong of course, but reading between the lines it sounds like POD HD software to me. I'm burnin' to know what all those other amp models are!

  14. Been googling as you suggested, and a blurb/product description they copied/asted on the says "more than 70 AMPS and 100 effects". If it is based on the HD platform we could see a REAL firmware update doubling our available amp count. That would pretty spectacular.


    Hopefully it's not another marketing flub like the "double the power" adds we were seeing for the HD X series, which only turned out to be 20% more power, not 100% more. :P

  15. In a perfect world now that Yamaha's going to own L6 there'll be enough R&D money to throw around to all the various projects; POD and New Combo Amp alike. :D


    I'm only concerned because it seems like it's a product targeted at the same market the POD is. Like they're stealing their own thunder, or worse, believe their HD X was poorly received. Maybe they think their consumer base has such bad ADHD that they need to throw another product at the same target market segment barely 3 months after the last one. :P And THAT feels like the 32X! hahahaha

  16. 32X lasted close to 2yrs I think. It was an incremental hardware update to the Genesis that was promising, but never gained traction and was abandoned in favor of a new unit (the Saturn - which did alright, but was hurt by the modular three headed hydra monstrosity that was the Genesis/Sega CD/32X )


    All the hype around the new amp they're unveiling at NAM in a couple of days feels like they're already ready to put the HD X series on the shelf support-wise, which is crazy considering how big a push there was for the rebranding and upgrading of the X series. I really hope the forum speculation is right, and it's just HD guts in a FRFR enclosure with an EQ match like the Axe II, because otherwise it's a kick in the nuts to everyone who got pumped for the HD X series and all the promise it showed for that platform.


    I guess I'll know in three days whether holding off on running out and upgrading my HD Pro to a Pro X a few months back was a good idea or not. :P

  17. Not sure how many of you grew up in the 90's and remember Sega's follies in multiple hardware drops that were abandoned shortly after release, but Sega made add-on after add-on for the Sega Genesis that created product gaps and severe customer confidence loss in their brand so that when they came out with what was their best console (Dreamcast. Loved it then, love it now. :-P) they crashed because people didn't have any faith in it or the Sega branding.


    I'm throwing this out there because all the hype around the "next big thing" that they're about to push seems like it's going to leave the newly redesigned HD X series on the back burner, making effectively their version of the 32X / Neptune hardware.


    Anybody else get this feeling / have this suspicion that this is what's happening? Just throwing it out there....

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