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  1. I wonder if this also means there will be a POD HD PROX as well?   I have a POD HD PRO on backorder currently and perhaps I should just cancel that?   Might save me the trouble of returning it within 30 days anyway if they issue a new release of the Pro.    I certainly hope they do.


    Yeah, I'm interested in a Pro-X. I'm very happy with my Pro, but extra horsepower could be useful; hopfully makes the pitch-glide and intelligent pitch shifter track better. Not that they don't do a good job now, but a good-as-or-better-than a Morpheus drop-tuner for a pitch glider would make my life easier, and eventide-y pitch shifting would be nice too.

  2. I just tried Amplitube SLash, the finger response is not as good as the HD but if you can get used to that, it sounds as good if not better than similar amps in the HD. I'm actually anticipating Revalver and Amplitube 4. Fortunately there are many companies and we'e not limited. I'm sure line 6 will refine these amps simply because they have to keep up with the competition and if they don't, they will be left behind, it's that simple.


    Amplitube's got a lot going for it; the SLO100 and ANGER (ENGL Powerball) are both VERY usable, and pleasing to the ear-holes. :D And Revalver is amazing, especially when you've got all the settings maxed on it, it's darn near indistinguishable from the real thing. Only gripe with it is that when you've set all the settings to max, depending on what else you have running in the DAW it can make things chug( and not in the thrash context of the word). I know revalver MkIV is in the beta testing phase right, and according to the Peavey forum thread has been in development for the past 2yrs and completely overhauled, so I expect some great things from it, and amplitube is a KILLER sim and use it all the time. It's been a few years since they introduced 3, so 4 might be on its way, but considering how they've got their current business model built around the custom shop and current architecture I'm a little skeptical that it would anything other than a re-skin of their current product.

    The sim that's really impressing me at the moment is Overloud's TH2 - I find most of the factory presets very usable right out of the box, ESPECIALLY the metal banks, and it sounds pretty spot on - I mean, I've heard some clips made from a kemper, and I've been able to recreate them with TH2 with uncanny authenticity. It needs to get more press because it's as good as they come my friends.

  3. I think everybody is reacting all willy-nilly is because this is L6's "ultra" to the current gen "standard" (see axe fx gen one units) and unlike the aforementioned comparison, which isn't fair to start with when considering what the axe standard and ultra originally retailed for, from the available info it's just not much of a leap forward all things considered. to paraphrase what someone said a few posts back, it seems like this hardware is reactive instead of being proactive. By reactive, I mean it's a reaction to complaints such as the DSP wall, and effects routing (and hopefully routing full models out the XLRs, and just the PREs through the 1/4s), and failing to be proactive in that it appears it has failed to address future concerns and move the platform further ahead, such as additional effects blocks to utilize the additional DSP, more/better amp models/modeling, user IRs, Global EQ/FX, etc.


    That's what I initially reacted to - the emphasis on correcting past shortcomings without implementing features and improvements that advance the platform and keep it relevant moving forward. Hopefully L6 actually does read these forums, and in the same way Microsoft heard the cries of the people and have made efforts to fix XBONE, L6 will hear these comments and concerns and implement them into what could be a very exciting platform going forward.

  4. If this is true, and it probably is, a pro/rackmount version is probably a good ways off (post holiday season / 2014 at the very least) so it's not that exciting. And for everyone doubting it's legit, do some research and apparently this is almost identical to how L6's last few product lines got leaked. If I were a betting man I'd put money up that this thing will be out by August/September.


    If you read all 5 pages of that thread, the feature set isn't anything to get worked up about either. Still only 8 effect blocks, which when you consider you need usually half of those to dial things in right (mid focus to dial out top-end fizz, a parametric EQ or two for tone sculpting, and a OD and noise gate for most higher gain patches)... To quote Shania Twain "that don't impress me much". Give me another 4 effects blocks at the very least, and all that DSP would make more sense, and be much better utilized. Being a rack guy, I usually just use the preamp models, so doing dual rigs doesn't eat up the DSP for me the way it does for all you guys using the full models, so without additional effect blocks above and beyond the 8 I give it a "big whoop" grading. And the spec list says "25 amp models", which was also a big let down - not even a new model or two to entice me either. Give us the XTC green/blue/red, VH4 channels 2/3/4, something/anything.


    As they said on that forum, from the sounds of it, this is closer to what the HD500/Pro should've been to start with, but imho still could/should go further than just adding some DSP and LED rings around the footswitches. Needs more effects blocks, more/better amp and effects models, and I hope to high heaven that they fix the inability to send full amp models / cabs to XLRs, and the Pre-only out the 1/4s.

  5. There are several amps that have been on previous versions that are ommited from the HD and people have been screaming for.  5150 (or 6505) and the 5150 III, Deizel VH4, Bogner XTC, Plexi Variac'd, and the Roland Jazz Chorus.


    Yeah, and hopefully since it's coming up on like 9 or 10 months (maybe more?) since the big update hit for the 300/400 series ( I don't start the counter at Oct. since they didn't really introduce any new models that weren't in the low-end release months before) it seems like they're working one something big, so maybe we'll see a major drop of some long hoped for amp models.


    I hope I don't offend anyone here but you should try the ELeven hardware. If you have a friend or a store that carries them.


    The XTC simulations are amazingly close (to my ears, they nailed them ) and there are three of them, BLue , Red and clean, instead of 3500 you might get one on ebay for less the $300.


    300 beats 3500 hands down, but the hope is that we don't have to buy yet another 2U rack device and put it in an already crowded rack, or have to swap units in and out just to get a couple more amp models... and considering the XTC is something they've modeled in the past, we can hope that it's something they'll model again in the not-too-distant future.

  6. I prefer my HD Pro rackmount rig to analog. In fact, I haven't run "analog" gear in probably close to 5yrs or more. I went rack, and never looked back! If you know how to tweak it, it's every bit as good as "the real thing", and in my opinion better; No tube replacement/servicing, no worrying about finding the same type/kind of tubes, or variations in tubes, all of which can change your tone for both the better and worse. And having a single foot controller, with 128 presets at my feet, literally, (midimate) and a possible 128 different pedalboards, amps/amp-channels/etc. is a complete game changer. I've even switched over to a solid state poweramp (rocktron velocity 300) and will choose that over my tube poweramps because it's lighter, a single rack space, and consistent in its tone; I know 6 months from now, a year or two from now, it's going to sound the same (as long as I want it to anyways) without having to worry about other variables. I'll take all these pros over the con of a hypothetical 5-10% "improvement" in tone any day of the week.

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  7. Yeah, a thunderverb 200 would be sweet. I'd like to see the Bogner Ecstacy and/or Shiva get the Slo 100 treatment. And the Deizel VH4 get the same as well. !@#$ I love the SLO models!


    As a side note, anybody else shocked when they did some research on the SLO for the first time and realized that it's a $4200 amp? Blew ma mind... 

  8. Selling my 2:90. The thing is cherry; very very minimal rack rash, the faceplate is really clean with a few tiny nics here and there. Selling because I have two velocity 300s and a mesa 2:100, and since this is still in production and the 2:100 isn't, making it harder to get if I ever wanted another one, this is going up for sale. What I want for it is very reasonable considering the market, too.


    Any takers?



  9. While I'm jamming with my band, it's like my tone starts to fade into the background. I'll turn up, and i'm good again for about a minute, then start to fade away again. Boosted the mids, and again i'm present in the mix again, but then seem to fade into the background.


    Thought it was the poweramp, but have tried two different poweramps with the same result. I vaguely remember this topic on the old forum, but I could be imagining that. Does anyone know what's going on with my HD Pro?

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