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    Fizz can be reduced simply by using impulse responses of specific microphones and specific location on the speaker.  Try impulses of R121 and avoid SM57 unless it's mixed in with  another mic or the impulse is based on the cone and not the cap.   It's honestly that easy.

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  1. Any device that's connected to a PC or Mac for editing will eventually crash (and those that are not connected will aslo due to power outages, etc etc. . I've had my HD500 crash on several occasions due to a patch getting corrupted. The good thing is that the  designers/engineers had a solution for this, you simply restart the POD while pressing the directional arrow (to the right I believe) and it was all good. Global resets procedures are there in Eleven Rack, Kemper, AXE FX  and I'm sure Helix will also have a way to reset to recover from a crash.

  2. Helix upgrade is not only for those who have Pods HD, it can be used in many ways which makes it a viable solution for many or all types of musicians and recording artists, Even if it didn't have amp modeling included, it's a leap forward in sound quality and intelligent design, but the sweet thing is that modeling has also improved.


    The effects sound stellar to my ears and I have no doubt that I will be able to make the amp models sound just as stellar. The tools are there for modeling. Impulse response loading, better cabinets.  you can also add your  tube amps to the Mix; if the amp has a line out, then it goes into Helix and you can experiment using the Helix cabinet/Speaker simulations...


    You can also wait if you don't need all of this till the scaled down Helix iteration show up. I'm certain this product will be  a huge success, so other scaled down versions will be be coming. I'm not waiting, because I know Helix will make a few things redundant in my home studio/man cave,  so I will thin my heard of equipment and Helix will seem like a bargain when all said and done.

  3. Hi DeanDinosaur! The problem comes when I have to switch between these sound with only one button. I don't want to do tip-tap because with my band I need really fast switching when I'm doing quite complicated stuff and I can't manage to press two or more buttons in a row.

    Like you said earlier, hopefully they can get scenes functionality in a later firmware or allow the effects or amps to be controlled by more than one foot switch so one foot switch can turn an amp and at the same time turn two or three other thing off always and not just toggle  (I guess that's the same thing as a scene effectively).As is though, it can still be workable to a certain degree since the delay can be assigned to the same foot switch that's assigned to the  Split > A/B Mix parameter to toggle between two completely different signal paths in the same patch and the delay will maintain its trails if its placed in a spot applicable to all the paths.

  4. This is like my POD HD500 works, right?

    The point is that I have 5 main sounds (1) clean; 2) clean+delay; 3) crunch; 4) distorted; 5) distorted+delay) and I need to switch between them (in no specific order) with only 1 foot-press and mantaining the delay trails if I come from a sound with delay. Very simple.


    This is possible with other machines of this (or lower) price-tag but at the moment this seems impossibile with Helix.

    This is very frustrating because, otherwise, the Helix seems the best multifx on the market. I really hope you can fix this because to me this is a very important/basic feature.


    Anyway thanks for your kind reply.

    If I understand you correctly, that can be said this way also, clean, crunch, distortion, delay. I can do currently using the HD500 in one single patch if I have to make sure that the delay trails are maintained.  I can't see why this can't be accomplished in one patch using the Helix. Using one patch you have upto 32 effects DSP prermitting, so I'm sure since the guitar can be feeding the four paths, it seems that one  would be able to put a different amp on each path with a delay in each patch and use the foot switches to turn on/off to get the desired effect.

  5. I would say that's entirely dependent on the success of Helix, Helix Rack, and Helix Control.  ;)



    Put your feet in cold water and start/continue working on the other new Helix formats. This thing is out of the park,  hi res impulse responses, multiple I/o audio interface, mad controller, Re-amping... this thing can replace the functionality of countless studio or live Gadgets and does a better job at the same time! Thanks for completely stopping me from considering a Kemper or AXE II. Helix is years ahead. Take that Kemper and Fractal.


    I wonder if it has the Input Z-thing.

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  6. Are the three current Helix products announced going to be the whole family or will the family grow a few more iterations :D? I know it might be a tough questions so I'll understand if it can't be answered.

  7. .....The power amp section of the model cannot be accessed independently of the power amp section. It's not outside the realm of possibility, however.


    Thanks, if this ever becomes possible then the Helix can be a direct replacement to the Torpedo Cab!

    Still, it's a formidable product, that can do many things. I keep wondering and  hoping that the vibe effect in Helix is better than the M-Series or HD unibive.

  8. 1- I know there are preamp models. but, does anyone know if the Power Amp can be a separate block? Even as is, I can plug my tube amp line out and use the IR loader and record my amp! Very nice.

    2-Can the input/out  be discrete that I can send one output that includes drive/distortion/effects to My amp and then send my amp line out, into Helix other input to process using the IR block and record my amp that way? or will that cause a feedback loop?

  9. This is revolutionary!! :) Congratulations line 6. This reinforces my early impressions of line 6 delivering extremely smart products that lead and push the industry forward. "Brilliantly simple, simply brilliant "  this phrase should be used to accompany this product literature. 

    Igloo, your presence here is very crucial in keeping customers feeling connected (at least to me). Is there a list of the amp models that you can divulge?


    With respect,



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  10.  Line 6 operates in the United states and all these issues are regulated by law (UCC or uniform commercial code), it's not arbitrarily that most companies in the U.S have 30 days return policies. They're not required to have 30 days policies but if they don't have a stated policy in some states, automatically a 30 day policy is imposed by law, so it makes sense to have such policies. .The way i see it if there's a moral obligation that anyone has, it would be line 6 to lower the price, refund 30% to all who paid the full price and keep the discounted price as the regular price


    Getting back to topic, I hate to say that even at the 30% discount I opted out. My favorite amps are already in the HD500. I'm not really interested in anymore amps, what I'd like to see is at least one Power Amp model, and splitting the cabinet from the AMP, a stereo compressor with release and attack parameter not just threshold! Also the Global EQ is great but it wouldn't hurt to offer it as effect that way it can be saved with Presets. I'm sure these amp model packs are great, but there isn't many HD amps to warrant the price! I would have paid for  more modeled stomp boxes such as guvnor, any of the fultone drives, electric mistress flanger and the list goes on and on. Shiva, 5150, JCM800 are the only HD amps and to me, that doesn't qualify as metal pack! I know some really like their X3 older amps but at 99 dollars you're very close to getting a digitech rp360 with 55 AMPs of the same old generation modeling + 85 stomp effects!! and USB interface. Sorry line 6, I love what you do,  but I'm not seeing the value here.

  11. Dean, I'll happily accept the challenge. Give me some time. I have to move things around to get back to doing any recordings, but I promise it will be the first thing I get to.




    you're a good sport and awesome human being. I think it would be fun.  I'm personally never offended by anything in the course of a discussion and that's all this is, a discussion. I happen to think that advancement in modeling in the last five years created a new league of modelers and software plugins that are capable of producing very good guitar tones. I think that most important ingredient will always be the performance and that's why those who demonstrate all new gear are usually very skilled performers.


    I'd be willing to bet that if we have direct tracks of demos, and re-amp in most modeling gadgets nowadays, the results will be very similar. I think Pod Hd is right up there with the big boys, might need a little more work and experience, that's about it.

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  12. Don't forget that Kemper is a GmbH - based in Germany which is Euro and subject to currency variations compared to the US (thanks to some Euro members not balancing their books). I am not saying the Kemper isn't just out to get as much money as they can make, just that it might be partially down to currently rates...


    The dollar was weaker at the time of Kemper release. For united states customers, Kemper should have dropped in price if it was based on currency exchange alone, but many "small and boutique" companies do this introductory price thing.  They up the price  if demand is very high and they can get away with it. Currently "AMPLIFIRE" from Atomic is at introductory price of 599, but from clips I'm hearing it's not better than the HD but who knows, some folks like to pay more.

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  13. .  to sum up, the Kemper sounds about $4,000 better than the Pod HD.  



    Kemper introductory price was $1500 and you could get one brand new for 1400 or 1450. One year after release and based on demand price went up to 2190 but  this week it's trending down to 1980.


    With a little math the roughly $500 increase was just to see how much more they can get. At $1500 they were probably profitable, but the 2k price puts it in  a Category that attracts those who love to buy expensive products (cars, bed sheets with high thread counts, etc), basically products priced at several multiples of what they're actually worth.


    Line 6 should have made a deal with Kemper to sell him the POD HD500 stripped down to a controller only, have them painted at a different color and sell it as a controller for the Kemper at $1000. I guarantee that many will buy it and swear by it.


    but your idea of $4000 price tag might appeal to Kemper, even though I'm sure they would have already been charging 5k for it they knew they could.


    I personally like to support companies who charge a fair price and don't gouge unsuspecting consumers, That's one thing that I highly respect and admire about line 6 but I still buy gear from many other companies also.


    With all due respect to you and for the sake of debate and argument, can you please provide us with two tracks of a short performance, one of them being a DI track using the Kemper, as per my other post so we can try to Re-amp your performance and see if the Kemper is truly  $4000 better to the rest of us and not just you. In other words to eliminate the personal preference because to me personally, the kemper doesn't even sound one single dollar better than the POD HD and I'm referencing real tube amps that I own. So as you see, it's my word against yours until, you prove to everyone that what you're saying isn't just a personal preference to a specific expensive tool!

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  14. Here's a quick Scientific challenge to prove that the POD HD is just as capable as Kemper or AXE II


    and No it's not a challenge of playing Skills either.


    Anyone who's reading this thread who has an AXE FX or Kemper can post  a downloadable link to two small files of MP3 quality of 160kbps or above of a short performance using their favorite patch in that device (Kemper or AXE II). The two tracks should be of the same performance, one of them is a DI track,  so I, or any POD HD owners, will re-amp that track using the POD HD  to "Tone Match" or "Profile" the wet track using only the POD HD and human ears




    I personally guarantee that I will get you a sound that will be very close and if not identical it might be better and I will post the HD 500 Patch. If you keep posting different sounds, I will keep posting corresponding  patches using HD500 until you have enough to consider whether you want to keep your Kemper or AXE. If you're interested  that  we get closer patches, it would be nice to give little information about the amp or pedals used.

    Fair enough?  I think it's more that fair and it's the only way that will give an accurate representation of what each unit can do.


    Any other approach involving two different performances by two different players will be skewed for very obvious reasons (more skilled player will sound better regardless) . Anyone who has a Kemper or AXE II should be able to provide a direct track fairly easy, but I have a feeling that no one will provide direct tracks because sadly people in general don't like to face reality head on. I don't think someone who spent 2500 or more on AXEII is interested in having his direct track Re-amped using the POD HD coming out sounding the same and better. Make no mistake about it, it will sound just as good or better using the POD HD.

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  15. No mate,......., if you own said product you tend to get defensive..I own an Axe 2 and seen plenty comparing the two, not worth the money, etc. It's all debate mate. Enjoy what you've got, if a thread upsets you, feel free to look at another.


    Paying customer of Line 6, Fractal, Gibson, Boss, Fender, Marshall,,,,

    This thread is not upsetting me at all, I'm just trying to be helpful to those who do and don't have the money to buy a Kemper or AXE II by confirming to them that the POD is more than capable. The upgrade is marginal at best!  I have about 15 guitars and 4 or five tube amps and as I said above instead of the Kemper this last Christmas, I decided to get a small tube amp  and build an ISO Cab. Also Have Eleven Rack, with Few software plugins. I most definitely can do everything and more with the POD HD500 alone with one guitar or two at the most as I'm comparing my Pod to the tube AMPs "in the room". I can afford to buy the Kemper or AXE or both if I wanted to, but they both try to simulate "the Recorded amp" but  I already have a POD HD and an Eleven Rack with a bunch of tube amps and I'm getting every sound imaginable! I don't need 90 percent of the gear I have to get 


    It's not just a debate but the facts are very clear.


    Kemper has thousands of Profiles and AXE FX users have thousands of IRs with probably more expensive converters etc, but when you see what many owners of the HD are doing with their PODs and if you consider  the POD HD is probably on more records than Kemper and AXE II put together (heck POD 2.0 is on more record than anything) and you still conclude that your sound can't be done with a POD HD and you must upgrade, it's not because the POD is incapable, it's a personal thing where you (not you personally) were unable to make it work or you simply didn't want to work with it.


    I just like to give credit where credit is due without the fan boy mentality.

    Consider what the engineers at Line 6 are doing with minimum hardware to keep prices down for the average working musicians and you will realize that neither Fractal nor Kemper will be able to do anything that resembles the POD HD if they were to use the same hardware line 6 is using.On the other hand Line 6 has the ability to run more detailed algorithms that rivals Fractal or Kemper but that target market is very small and isn't representative of the majority of guitar players by any stretch. If I remember correctly the POD 2.0 was 16 bit at 32khz sampling rate and up to this day, it's still has usable sounds! Pod HD is 24bit 48Khz and those engineers at line 6 are squeezing every bit and hz for maximum efficiency balancing sound quality with unbelievable precision that in a blind test, hardly anyone will be able to tell the difference between the POD and the recorded tube amp tone!


    For everyone who was unable to use the POD HD successfully, there are hundreds of happy Kampers who are gigging their Pods with Stunning results. All I'm saying in a nutshell is before you decide to spend 2000-4000 on Kemper or AXe system, ask yourself, how come there are too many success stories with the PODs, but you were/are unable to make it work. Spending more money might not always be the best solution.

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  16. You don't need a Kemper or an AXE FX to get a good recorded guitar sound. Pod HD can be just as good in getting a satisfying usable guitar sounds .  I'm very far from being a fan boy if you've read some of my posts in this forum. If you don't believe that just go to youtube and listen to hundreds if not thousands of guitar players who are getting amazing sounds out of the HD.



    If you can't do it it's not because it's not there, the sounds are all there inside the POD , you just need to simplify your approach.  With all due respect to meambobbo ,  after he bought the Kemper,  he’s still writing long posts in the Kemper forum about struggling to get certain sounds and how and what not do with EQ etc.


    Again, with all due respect to everyone, if you give a POD 2.0, POD XT, J-station, ZOOM G3, Digitech RP anything to a any “session player†and watch them play, they will knock your socks off.


    You give’m a POD HD, they will blow your mind! If you close your eyes it will sound just as good as the best recorded real amp with a microphone! Sure there will be some marginal improvements if you get the AXE or Kemper, but it's only marginal. You can get a Kemper or AXE or whatever 10k amp and you will still sound like yourself.


    There's no quantum leap by moving from POD HD to Kemper or AXE and if you use guitar cabinets, the difference becomes negligible and the better speakers will sound better regardless of what's doing the pushing. 



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  17. rather than trust mr DI (who can err like everyone), trust your ears..

    put res at zero, and you will hear that the thump and decay parameters will do nothing at all at any setting..



    Dean thanks to some of your old posts regarding the POD internal IRs, and certain statements of DI, recently I have been stimulated to investigate in more detail the cab dep parameters and found that the resonance (resonator) is actually an effect, and is applied by default to all the cabs..


    in my signature below you can find an interesting doc on the "res" topic, and another one on the amp master volume parameter..



    Thanks hurghanico:


    You are correct, I just listened and confirmed once the res is zero thump doesn't do anything.  Getting back to the topic of this thread I almost bought a Kemper this past couple of month but somehow I ended up with a Black Star  HT-5r 5 watt tube amp. I turned a closet in my home Semi Studio into an isolotion CAB using Pro quality insulation and sound absorption. A small 1x12 cab goes in there with a mic. I get amazing tones for recording and too many options as I also added a DI that sends a signal from the tube amp speaker out into Cubase where I've been experimenting with IRs. So it's real tube amp into Daw with IRs. The HT5-R emulated output also on it's on is an amazing cabinet emulator. I was pleasantly surprised that The POP HD 500 was pretty damn close and so was the Eleven. In a mix, it would be almost impossible to tell which is the real amp from the POD from the Eleven Rack. 


    The real tube amp into a DI once Cranked (in the ISO booth) and fed into the DAW is the simplest purest option and no matter how fatigued your ears get, the tone will almost always be good. The HT5 is loud enough to hang with a drummer even at 5watts,so with the ISO closet, I only hear the Mic signal going into the DAW into the studio speakers. I have to admit even though the benefit is there, the POD and Eleven Rack can also  be made to sound and feel very similar, but the amp gives a good reference tone and helps in making presets that actually sound exactly like a miced tube amp. I also bought additional drive and distortions pedals to add more variety. I spent around $700 for amp and Pedals and with the POD or eleven going into the real tube amp, there isn't a sound that I can't get. I'm very happy with my decision not to get a kemper because using the tube amp as a reference, I'm able to make the POD HD sound as good as what I've been hearing from the Kemper or AXII.

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  18. If you have the resonance at zero, thump and decay effectively don't do anything.

    That's what the manual says but I read a post by D, Iglo (who has been extremely helpful  recently by disclosing this information) where he says that he sets resonator at zero and lowers the thump. Why do anything with the thump if res is at zero according to the manual; but I trust Igloo over the manual!


    Post number 891 in this thread




    "Only said I preferred the resonators at 0 and thump at half whatever it's currently at. It's simply my personal preference, which some people may share, that's all. Others may love the resonators.


    Kinda like how djent guys generally eschew sag.


    That said, we're making a few new presets to go with 2.6, and the ones I make will have those particular parameters set lower than default."

  19. Line 6 sometimes shoot themselves in the foot by not disclosing facts about the inner working of gear. For those who have a hard time dialing the HD series, recently line 6 disclosed that the CAB block default setting has enhanced bass and treble ( I call it  a Sonic Maxizer ON by default). So to get a standard   Impulse response (IR) , in the CAB parameters you need to lower the Res to zero! and the the thump  to about slightly under 9: o'clock from it's default 12:00 o'clock. 


    So they added thump (bass) and sizzle (res) and made it default  :rolleyes: , as  result everyone struggled with boomy cabs and sizzle that created undesirable Fizz. I didn't know this but non of my patches had the amp bass past noon and presence and treble were were always under 12:00 o'clock and I was relatively happy with my patches. Now I'm happier just using my new default to Cab parameters (zero for Res and 9:o'clock for thump)


    Go a head start a new patch from scratch, lower res to zero and thump to under 9: o'clock and your POD HD will sound much more natural and if you like the BBE maximizer sound then by all means use their default of 12: o'clock for thump and res...Sonic Maximizers kill tone so imagine for those who actually increase res past noon and do the same for thump and what they end up with. Sonic Maximizer should be outlawed because slight overuse is detrimental to tone, unless your deaf of course.

  20. I have a lot of wish lists for my POD HD 500, I will soon probably buy a Kemper,  already have an Eleven Rack, but I'm keeping my HD500 for many reasons, I can still get amazing tones out of it with unbelievable functionality (controller, dual chain, freedom to put effects in almost any order).


    It amazes me that some are unable to get good tones out of the HD series!! I hate to be mean, but this is a fact:


    If you can't get good a usable tone out of the HD series maybe electric guitar is not your thing! Did you ever consider that?  Why do people come into the company's website to insult and taunt the company is beyond me! It must be "the bravery of being out of touch" as Roger Waters eloquently put it. As much as most effects processor/Modelers need improvement and need to evolve, I think many people have a dire need to evolve too and hopefully join the civilized world! If you're unable to evolve get a sense of humor at least and don't take yourself that seriously! :unsure:

  21. Your pod is not broken. I think you're experiencing ear fatigue and the major problem is that you're using Headphones. I listened also through headphones to your recordings and they sound fine.  Keep in mind that headphones are far from Ideal when listening to guitar tones. They're used in studios as a compromise. Even when having the best real world amplifers, mic pres and, most guitarists hate the sound of the best headphones. Don't judge your POD based on Headphones sound. If you don't have studio monitors,  even using a home stereo will get much better results than headphones. Also remember when you dial your sound for headphones, you need to add ambiance and once all said and done, something that sounds spectacular through the headphones, usually can sound pretty lousy when played through real speakers.

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