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    I try to explain, it start but the line6 logo flashes..and it appears the helix rack logo..but I have the floor model. Tried to go in offline mode, safe mode, nothing.... I had almost all the pods and I never had a issue....no problem with updates..firmware... I' m in italy and the assistance is very far....damn....
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    Tried everything..not working
  3. massimosevero

    Helix Firmware 2.00

    I had the same issue of Inerzia....my helix won't start...tried every combination but crashed....now I have the image of helix and helix rack ( I have the floor effect)
  4. I wrote the manual, the output page is different in helix...I think I have to test it in a shop
  5. I understand.., but I hear no tone suck with the hd too...it's more like a different sound, not better or worse..just different. .because the direct out modify slighly the tone...( with my m9 doesn't happens, I know is a different gear but still digital) I don't know the out parameters of helix, if are like 500 it's a missed opportunity for line6..or maybe I'm the only one that hear that difference
  6. I'm a hd 500 owner, ( thinking about an helix upgrade) , my disappoiment with the hd is that when I want to use it as a effect unit with the amp the signal is colored, with every output setting. is the same with helix? it would be nice to have a neutral signal when the amp sim is off...is not about true bypass.. hope I've been clear...
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    Hd500x Has The Midi Implementation Been Improved?

    The only problem is the program change fixed..it would be nice to make this disable...cause it interferes with midi messages
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    Pod Hd 500 As Midi Controller

    Done, nothing is changed :-(
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    Pod Hd 500 As Midi Controller

    Hello, I have a problem with program change sending message with my hd 500. I want to control my glab midi looper and my randall head. I want to change the program with one push, Not to assign the program change to F5 or F6, but together with the bank change of the pod... I was able to change the channel of my randall rm100, but now I cannot do it....(the midi of the head works) Sorry for my english...
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    Hd500x Has The Midi Implementation Been Improved?

    Hi, I have a big problem with midi out, don't know if anyone else had the same problem. I observed that pod hd send a progr change fixed with every switch ( bank 1 A PrCh !, bank 1 B PrCh 2..etc) it's a problem cause it interferes with the midi data...I'm trying to set up the pod with a glab looper and a randall rm 100... no way now!!!!! ( until december everythin was finewith the randall, don't know why now it doesn't control the head) sorry for my english..
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    Pod Hd 500 As Midi Controller

    one more thing, when I send the midi data with cubase to the head or to the looper switch everything works fine
  12. massimosevero

    Pod Hd 500 As Midi Controller

    The cc is right...I realized that at every switch is assigned a program change, so, bank 1 A is program change 1, Bank 2 B is PrCh 2 etc....maybe this influences all the midi data...it's a new problem, everything was fine before.
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    Pod Hd 500 Fuzz Factory Noise In Loop

    Hello, I have a problem with my fuzz factory in the loop fx. When I use it before the pod no problem, if I use it in the loop there is a loud noise and the sound is terrible. i use other od/dist in the loop without any problem...so I think is the FF that is incompatible with the loop....anyone had the same problem? Thanks