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  1. I have no issues with the helix tuner, I have the polytune and boss tuner.... but really...don't need them in live gigs...maybe not the best tuner in the world but surely usable

  2. if you don't need the interface for a recording use there are many options like the apogee jam ot the irig ik multimedia.

    if you want a real audio interface the only advice is to look for something with a good hi-z input. quality depends on your budget

  3. they work great in both situation, my helix is floor model and kemper is in my studio rack, mostly for convenience. I tried kemper in live and helix in recording, but..don't know, maybe I'm used to this set up and I'm confortable this way.  in studio I mainly use amp sound, just few effects, and kemper is very, very realistic.

    on stage I love the the control of the helix and it sounds awesome. 

  4. The 712a is 700 and the 732a is 900. I just ordered the hd32a with the cover included for 900. My many months of research on powered monitors keeps bringing me back to the RCF. So many really good options like Yamaha, EV and QSC. I will post back when I have spent a little time with the HD32a and share my opinion. In the end it is just a matter of personal opinion I suppose.


    ah ok, I was talking about 710 or 712. the 732 is similar to hd32 (this one is better ). both are really good speakers.

  5. Of course it's all relative, but is it loud enough to keep up with a punchy drummer?


    many rcf speakers have the same amplifier,  they are 750 w rms, ( for sure all 7 series and evox) so the answer is yes, loud enough :-)

  6. Interesting Massimo. How do you like it? I've wondered about a line array for guitar, but between price and not many others using them for this application, I just let it go. Would be interested to know how it's working out for you. Just electric guitar?

    electric and acoustic, for me it's great, I also have 2 rcf 710 but evox sounds fuller, bigger and with more definition, it's expensive but very easy to set and to carry.

  7. Funny... I think I'd be much more comfortable using the Helix in such an environment than a laptop. But, anyway, if you can map MIDI commands to the BT board, then, yes, I imagine you'd be able to do what you want to do.


    I always use the helix, but sometimes the people is too close and I'm afraid someone kicks or spills drinks on my helix,


    it's obvious that I prefer to use the gear over the plugin, it's only a live back up

  8. but if I want to use it in live situation (in some crowded place I'm afraid to use my helix), I would like to control it with my bluetooth pedalboard and change the patches like I do with the gear...it will be possible?

  9. I think helix reverb is just sufficient, but when you try something better ( strymon for example) you see a biiiiiiig difference, it's like when you drive a audi and it's great, but if you drive a ferrari the audi looks like a yaris!!!!

    reverbs are a priority for me, I use many ambience presets, I'm fine with delays ( not the best but very good) and modulations, but need better quality reverbs.

    P.s.  kemper delays  get a different approach but they're doing a great job 

  10. it's a choice I don't understand, it's my opinion of course, because they do the same thing, it could make sense with a fx8 or better a h9, but another amp simulator not.

    I have a kemper too, but I don't use it with my helix..they start from different points but with the same goal, amp simulator with effects...so for me use helix and ax8 together is like to open a bottle with 2 corkscrews... ;-)

  11. try this, it solved the same problem. it's an old thread. ( thanks again inerzia)


    reflash the unit with 2.0 and 1.12 several times and it did not work, then I tried 1.01.2 and it completed the flashing, but didn't want to boot, permanently stuck on the patch rebuilding stage, no matter what boot option I tried, until it did work. Tried again with the 5 + 6 option and, where it always got stuck, this time didn't.


    it worked for me.

  12. i used the proper installer, so it's automatic no? it should detect the hardware and install the software,  maybe it was some problem with the computer or with the usb during the install, but now it's crashed and there's no way to reinstall anything, I need it for a gig tonight and I'm very very disapointed

  13. I try to explain, it start but the line6 logo flashes..and it appears the helix rack logo..but I have the floor model.

    Tried to go in offline mode, safe mode, nothing....

    I had almost all the pods and I never had a issue....no problem with updates..firmware...

    I' m in italy and the assistance is very far....damn....

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