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  1. You should try using a compressor right after your IR block. It helps à lot.


    Also, your monitoring system can reduce or increase that effect. For exemple, I have a better "Amp in the room" feeling since I stopped playing my Helix on my monitoring system (Presonus Eris 8) and started playing on a FRFR speaker (EV ZLX 12).

  2. Several people had this issue when update process failed on pre 2.30 firmware (Helix floor showing glitchy Helix Rack boot screen).

    I can't remember how, but it can be fixed don't worry. Just contact support.

  3. If it seems to you that your strat doesn't sounds good and have weaker signal compared to your other guitars, don't forget to check it's wiring.


    I had this problem and after checking, I discovered that the jack plate wire was almost completely unsoldered.

  4. Many people won't agree with me but here's my experience.


    I got the Helix for 2 months, at first, I haven't been able to get a good sound with it and I was using stock cabs. Then I retried with Redwirez Ir's, sounded KILLER instantly.


    Since that moment, I've been able to get the greatest tones I was looking for. After that I retried the stock cabs and definetly, I found them not as good as Redwirez Ir's.


    But it's only my opinion and even if I haven't been able to make stock cabs sounds good, all the other stuff on the Helix is really great. Don't give up, it's a great unit.

  5. I'm truely amazed by this kind of posts. Looks like people only care about updates and not about what they already have.


    I read several times the word "expect" in the OP. If people buy a products only based on expectations about firmware updates, we're not done with that kind of posts (and be sure, these guys will never be satisfied).


    People should just go playing guitar.

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  6. Hello guys , I had same issue and even worse, my pod started crashing, freezing , impossible to play it and impossible to do anything with line 6 monky but I've SOLVED it!

    My pod is a POD HD Desktop (bean) I can't tell if it's the same for other pods but..

    I've powered off my POD, and restart it with holding down arrow key.


    It showed "UPDATE FLASH", then I connected USB and my POD and the Monkey founded it and showed it's firmware (before, it was showing "Unknown")

    I tried reinstalling same firmware, the last one (2.62) and it worked, but when I've restarted my pod, it just showed "UPDATE FLASH". So I retried, and same thing.

    So I tried a rollback and installed 2.02 version and it WORKED! Firmware installed, pod was working, not freezing anymore! After it, I've been able to reinstall last firmware and it worked well too..

    Hope it will help!

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