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  1. The helix is designed as a practical "brain" for your whole setup, it can do this easily.


    For what you want though I'd get the rack helix though so you can put it all in one rack and not have cables running back and forth from helix to JMP1. Plus maybe keep the quadraverb if you want.


    It costs a bit more but I've seen more second hand and discounts on the rak version than other places.

  2. Or rather, I don't understand why the swell happens BEFORE your dry signal, meaning it effects your entire signal.


    I thought the point of a swell delay is that it swells before your repeats, giving your REPEATS a bowed, pulsing quality but leaving your dry signal intact.


    I understand this is how the line 6 DL4 did it, but surely the inclusion of a seperate Autoswell block makes it redundant? if I want my whole signal to swell into a delay, I could just do autoswell block > delay block.


    I put it up on ideascale if anyone else agrees



  3. I used send 1 as an output that went direct to my guitar amp for monitoring before it hit the IR slot to PA.


    Then I found a more effiecient way of doing it using the stereo paths. So now I use the R 1/4 out for that.


    Considering putting a whammy in the loop. 

  4. I'd consider the helix rack as an option. If you're using you're octave pedals you could stick them in a rack tray then for convenience. Then you could save even more on weight if you were willing to replace both heads with single a two channel solid state power amp like the matrix.


    Also I've seen more discounts at stores for the rack than the floorboard.

  5. The celestion IR's are the most "balanced" sounding IRs I've found. Drop em into a mix and they just sound nice, there are only a dozon or so of them in a pack but they're all nicely tuned.


    3sigma really needed a basscut to be usable in my mixes.

  6. I personally don't care much about 'boutique' stuff since most boutique stuff is just tweaked versions of mass market circuits anyway. A diezel would be nice, but its another variation on hi gain, I could live with the archon if I wanted something close enough.

    If lots of people's pedalboards have a particular pedal = get it in there. The common 'industry standard' gear should be the first to go in IMO.


    Look at it this way: when I bought the Helix I had a friendly argument with a fellow musician who balked at the idea of dropping over a grand on a guitar pedal. My response was "no no its cool! I replaced my entire pedalboard with it!" if I have to add the disclaimer (except for pitch effects because those aren't so good so I had to set aside another 300 to buy a POG I can patch in) that kind of weakens my argument somewhat.

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  7. There are basically 5 things I want to see in the helix then I could happily glue up the USB and never update it again.


    1. Better pitch shifting


    2. More filters. Basic LFO controlled, S/h, lpf, hpf stuff.


    3. More reverbs. Mainly a modulated verb that stands alongside the boss rv6 or strymon flint. Reverse verb.


    4. Roland space echo


    5. Boss hm2 for swedeth tones

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  8.  Really, how many popular guitar songs are there that use pitch shifting? As a percentage basic, it has to be tiny. I'm actually surprised EHX has done as much with it as it has, in a way.


    Not as many as say, wah since its a relatively new effect that was only invented in the last 10 years, but off the top of my head the White Stripes (Blue Orchid was apparantly part of a race on jack whites part to be the first person to put a POG on a song) literally every song by Royal Blood (who line 6 are obviously aware of since theres a "royal duo" preset in the helix) lots of new school indie rock (you see a lot of POGs), anyone who wants to fake downtuning their guitar for one song etc...


    The POG is basically a modern classic pedal. And if you play one its not *that* precise, there is a little bit of warble. I find it hard to believe the Helix wouldnt have the gas in the tank to replicate it.

  9. My helix software crashes every time I try to import an IR into the helix now. 


    Also the helix hangs about 25% of the time I power it up, this is with usb connected though. I havent tried it yet without USB connected wnough to establish frequency

  10. I have to say, more than I want new amps, I'd like the ability to have the Power amp models as seperate from the amp models.


    Being able to run a pre amp of my choice into a power amp of my choice would give 100x more flexibility than having another mesa boogie model or similar.


    (not that I wouldn't also like a mesa mark 4 or something in there)

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